It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood

This morning the sun rose with beauty.

I pulled my duck boots on with my winter jacket and walked out into the fields behind us.
The frost has arrived and I mentally patted myself on the back for getting my flower beds tucked away for the winter.

Today, it's quiet on the farm. Tablecloths and napkins to wash, floors to wipe, and memories to enjoy. We celebrated the birthday of our eldest last night.
Today, we thank the Lord for our son, we love him, we are proud of him and we rejoice with him in all the wonderful things he has to look forward to this coming year.
I do hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Aren't those sunrises amazing? I can't capture enough of them.
    It looks like we both had the same thoughts. I snapped a picture of our first frost!!

    But Yipee, we're off to escape the frost for a few weeks.

  2. Happy Birthday to Terrance. I can remember many of the childhood parties you planned for Terrance. So good to see you still have a party with your family for your sons birthday! This next year does hold some new beginnings for him and his family. He will soon be celebrating parties for his own kids. Keep enjoying life Terrance! Kathy

  3. finally our internet is fixed-up and ruinning...looks like i missed alot!!!!the other morning we had an amazing sky similar to this one. i got all excited and in true fashion, lovella style i said with great anticipaction get the camera kids.........arrrrgh the battery dead on the digital. that's o.k. get the other one....low and behold----NO batteries, well i missed the boat, oh well. i am able to enjoy these beautiful pics. you have had an eventful week lovella. i hope that today you can really enjoy relaxing and having a wonderful weekend.

  4. We sure have had some beautiful weather the past couple of days! I didn't look outside early enough to see the frost (although I was up early enough), so I missed that.

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  5. Beautiful sunrise pics Lovella...I love to see the sun rise. It's a splendid view over and over again.
    I cleaned up the last of my flower pots today.
    Happy Birthday to your son!

  6. Well Happy Birthday to Terrance. Our oldest's birthday is in October too. He really does have an exciting year ahead of him.

  7. Happy Birthday to Terrance!!

    Oh, I NEVER get tired of the sky !!
    How beautifully you captured it this morning!!

    Celebrations are so much work before and then the clean-up afterwards but the lingering memories make it all worthwhile!!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! Glad you were able to celebrate with your family. I think we never really outgrow birthday parties. :) At least I never want to.

  9. What is "frost"?

    Did you take a quick peek at Terrance's baby pictures, and remember the day before he was born?

    And didn't we all not have even a clue about what was in store for us the day before our first child was born.

    Quite a dawn and a day worth celebrating. Thanks for sharing the joy with us.


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