fun and festivites

This is the most beautiful carved pumpkin that has ever graced our home. Thank you Bea.Waiting for dinner and focusing on something else besides the smells of the Turkey in the oven.
It did not however stop Stuart from asking every 5 minutes . . .is it Turkey yet?

Jenga with warped blocks makes the game more exciting. If you haven't played this game, the object is to remove rectangular blocks from the cube according to what your have thrown in the dice and then replace them on the top . . ..don't topple the tower.

After dinner the caramel apple making festivity began.

Who can make the most perfect caramel apple without losing the caramel when it sits later.

They turned and twirled the caramel around and around waiting for it to set.

Then they were left to set up for a treat later.

Oh Oh . . .someone has smartie slippage.

A fresh British Columbian apple covered with Kraft Caramels . . .
It's a good tradition.
Have a wonderful day my friends . ..the sun is out and we'll venture outdoors to see some autumn leaves and maybe crunch a few.


  1. Your Thanksgiving festivities looked like MUCH fun and the magnificient pumpkin centerpiece --- WOW! It's beautiful!

    I've joined you in 'flu-land'. It's not a fun place, is it! It looks like you are feeling much better --- and that gives me hope!

    For now, I'm having a jammie day and am sitting in front of a blazing wood fire!


  2. Hi Lovella. I made your maple twist recipe this morning for our thanksgiving brunch. Everyone loved it, thank-you.

    Have a great day.

  3. May I ask where one could buy that handy apple slicer?
    My children eat oodles of apples and I'd love a fast way of slicing them!

  4. Corinne . ..Oh I'm so glad they liked it . I'm hungry for it again.
    Rachel . ..Oh it's the best little tool. I got mine at Linens and things. Don't get one that is to flimsy ..

  5. I'm hungry for a caramel apple!
    Oh well peach yogurt with peach slices will have to do!

  6. I actually thought of making caramel apples for Thanksgiving but decided that I didn't need to burn any of the kids with hot sugar so opted for your apple pie instead. It looks good... I will blog it later, after we get to taste it :)
    I have been married 15 years, bake alot and have never made a pie from scratch. You have inspired me, you make baking look so easy!

  7. Ahh it all looks so lovely. Yum caramel apples what a fun thing to do together...

  8. It's so fun to see how others celebrate the holidays! Thanks for sharing your day's looked like a good time was had by all. The caramel apples look yummy!

  9. I'm glad that you had a good thanksgiving! Thanks for's so neat to see how each family celebrates the holidays.

  10. oh that looked like so much fun Lovella! I've actually never had a caramel apple before. I bet all the food tasted wonderful too. Hope that your feeling back to normal again.

  11. What a fun and yummy tradition! I haven't had a caramel apple in eons! I may just be picking up some caramels this weekend!


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