the fragile crate

The other day I was outside taking a little break from my baby shower preparations when I heard my beloved coming onto the driveway. He had gone to town to do some business and when he arrived home he had a rather large crate on the back of his trailer.
He backed that puppy up towards the shop and I have to say he looked quite full of beans. I wondered if I had gone and ruined some early Christmas shopping. The box did indeed look rather large. It had fragile stickers pasted all over it. I mentally went through my wish list . .. yes indeed fragile would fit the bill . .. though, perhaps a lot of packing paper.

He seemed oblivious to my snooping and set about unleashing the crate from the trailer.

While keeping a safe distance, I observed grunting and groaning and a lot of manhandling.

My curiosity got the best of me and I delurked, knowing how much delurking is appreciated.

Rather than shoo me away with a burst of deflated surprises, I was immediately invited in to the celebratory event. The drill was utilized to unscrew the lid.

There it sat . .. beauty in the eye of the beholder . . would seem.
Having spent countless hours listening to the men folk yak about truck parts . .

I proudly announced . . .it's a transmission.

My beloved lovingly glanced my way . .. proud that I've listened, observed and studied well under his tutelage.

Miss Ella, ever silent . .. knows her days of being in pieces is eventually coming to an end.
Let the menfolk deal with her innards, its the discussions of her color that keeps me tuned in.

I'm off to make some cookies today, the bags of little chocolate bars are becoming slim pickings.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh Lovella, you had me at the edge of my chair in suspence....
    A transmission?? Well, at least your Christmas surprise was not spoiled, and since I have a soft spot for Miss Ella I wasn't totally disappointed !!
    I'm sure she will be happy to have something to shift gears with.

  2. Since I noticed he didn't mind you lurking and taking pictures I was almost sure it wasn't your Christmas gift!

    So proud of you that you recognized what was in the wonder hubby was pleased!

    I am cleaning closets today!

  3. A transmission...oh be still my heart!
    Miss E. will be running through her gears in no time. Maybe in time to go pick up a Christmas tree!

  4. I LOVED your "story" today! i couldn't wait to find out what it was, and, since I have not been privy to the conversations at your house, I was a bit dissappointed to find a transmission! :) But, I can imagine how happy your husband is. :)

  5. well I guess a transmission is a good present surprise for someone...
    now once it is inside the truck... then it becomes a great surprise...
    now me... I would be more interested in the cookies you are going to make...:-)

  6. Good for Miss Ella! And good for whoever gets to enjoy those cookies! (I wish it could be me!)

    I'm glad that no Christmas surprise was ruined!

  7. I would not have known - good for you.

    it's funny- colour is the only thing I tune into when it comes to vehicles too :)


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