excuse removers

When I was little they looked a little like cages with wooden doweling around four sides. I'm not sure if my mom even had one and I certainly don't have any miserable memories of being in one if she did.

When I became I mom we hunted and shopped until we found a really good barely used play "pen". It was the basic netted side version that collapsed into a two ended rectangle that could be maneuvered into a trunk.

Now, we don't call these play "pens" anymore . . .Grammie and Grampa call these "excuse removers" . . .We don't want to hear . . .anything remotely close to there is no place to lay the baby down. Our bungalow may be small but there will always be a place to sleep at Grammies house.

Last evening after a day of shopping with the girls for essentials my beloved and I ran out to pick these collaspable cribs up. This time around we headed straight for the store and purchased two brand new play yards. We could have shopped around for almost new . .barely used. . . . been there, done that . . .

I'm sure that sleepovers are many months away but a nap or two may be sooner than that.

By now you are looking and wondering . . .twins? . . .

We won't be having twins exactly, but our daughters by love both seem to be curiously concealing something. Woo hoo. By the end of November and the middle of December or thereabouts . . .life on the farm will never be the same.

Well, I'm off to do some Saturday cleaning and then later on we are heading to the big city to have dinner and go to a play . . .

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. one would almost think you are preparing for Grammie Hood!!
    and that is a wonderful Hood to be in I'm telling you for sure and certain!!!:-)
    if you think you are excited preparing for them... just wait until you smell those little new born heads, wrapped in the blankies you made for them!!

  2. Oh, how perfect... yes the nap times will come first but for your babies to have their own place right from the start will make them feel so 'at home'... which is what you want!!

    Have a fun time out tonight...sounds like it is planned that way !!

  3. Yes, you had me thinking there were going to be twins when I first saw the picture! But your 'almost twins' announcement is very exciting. The room looks perfect...and all ready. Enjoy the anticipation.

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  4. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

  5. You are making those little babies so welcome!

  6. A room of their own, beds of their own ... what could be better? I think you will be THE most amazing grammie. Love the blankies as well.

  7. I'm so glad that you are making your home almost as comfortable as the babies' home. My mom always had a crib set up when we had babies and a highchair and bibs and diapers and food so that when we came over we didn't have to bring anything extra. It made it so easy to stop in or stay late. The babies were comfortable there right from day one and that was so nice for us. Way to go Grammie.

  8. You're going to be a GREAT Grammie...I can tell. =)

  9. oh its so sweet, you are way to cute, your daughters by love are very lucky to have such an involved Grammie.

  10. How sweet of you to provide these for your new babies to come!! I remember jockeying for crib position when visiting my mother in law...since my twinnies and their cousin were only two weeks apart in age. Oh yes, that first Christmas was memorable with three little ones added to the mix!
    I have one of those "play yards" ...had two and gave one to our son and DIL for traveling with their little ones. They are very nice to have for visits.
    Can't wait to see the photos of your wee grandbabies.
    You are correct! The farm will never be the same again!

  11. Oh, Lovella, it looks like you are on the "get set, get ready, and GO! mark! Your room will only look better once those beds have sleeping heads in them! Have fun!
    Also, I will have you know that I am thrilled you learned how to make those blankets! Now I will have someone to teach me when my time comes. Thanks in advance!

  12. Such exciting news! Congratulations....the room looks lovely and you will be the most amazing "grammie" ever!

  13. What a sweet little room you have made! You are going to be such a fantastic Grammie. Not long to wait now... yay! Just in time for Christmas. What gift could be better?!

  14. Love seeing the room up for new duties. I had two cribs for my kids, as perhaps you did too...powerful feeling seeing two cribs.

  15. I love watching your excitement for your new grand babies. It's just overwhelming to be able to have a second chance.
    Please let me know where you got those collaspable cribs. I need one..Our second one is coming the end of Nov. Maybe we'll have some twins amongst them all. Who knows?

  16. How exciting! Those collapsible cribs are really a great idea.

  17. Oh so awfully wonderfully exciting! TWO grandies! You are a lucky grammie-to-be!

    :) LaTeaDah

  18. Hi Lovella,
    I was glad to see that you bought the ones with the higher bed height for when the babes are first born to about 6 to 8 months. This new feature is so much better than putting a little baby down almost to floor level.
    Great choice, and I love the room.
    Soon you will know what it feels like to have your heart jump like mine, when you hear your granchildren are here. No feeling like it.

  19. What an exciting time for you and your family! You're about to embark upon such a fun adventure, Grammie!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog. Your blog is so warm and cozy. I think I'll have to stay for a while.

  20. I smiled when I read this post as just today we purchased a crib for our grand-babies for when they are hear to visit, which I am happy to say is at least a couple times a week and even more fun is that I get to see my own children with them.
    enjoyed reading your blog. Your profile picture is just like a few of my own, with my "babies" in their pram

  21. Oh, what fun you are going to have! Your life is about to change forever and you won't regret it a bit, I'm sure. We recently welcomed grandbaby #6 into our arms. What a precious treasure he is, as are each of the other sweet grands. You've inspired me to get a crib (again) to welcome my new grandson when he visits. ~Adrienne~


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