do you advertise for someone?

Don't be alarmed . . .this is not my kitchen refrigerator. Nope, this one is in the garage. It holds the food that the two people living inside the house can't fit in their inside fridge. That in itself is embarrassing. Mostly it holds drinks and extra produce, and when we entertain, I couldn't manage without it. (at least that is what I've convinced myself)

The garage fridge has become a haven for the stickers and emblems for several years now. Anytime we purchase a new vehicle, motorcycle, the first thing my beloved does is remove the emblems. I don't quite know why .. he just does.

No, you won't see any outer advertising on us folks, but oh .. . I do hope and desire that even without a fish sticker (sign of a Chrsitian) firmly planted on my forehead . . .people will see Jesus living in me. I'm still a work in progress . . .stick with me.

I do hope you have a blessed Sunday . .. see you tomorrow.


  1. I hope you also have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I hope people can see Jesus living in me without me having to publicly announce it.

  3. Now that's a great looking fridge!

    Lovella, your faith shines through very clear on your encourage me over and over again.
    "walk the talk"..I'm thinking that's you!! And that's what I strive for in my daily life.

    Today our family is going to have supper with our mentally challenged son in his home.

  4. Terry: That "Remove All Emblems" policy will keep you from ever getting to be a driver in NASCAR.

    I'm just sayin' is all...

    (B.'s boss, also named Terry, sat next to me at dinner on Friday night and talked about his son who has his very own NASCAR team. The family is from North Carolina. Everywhere I go, another Terry who is into NASCAR. How weird is that?)

  5. I'll second what Betty R said: "Lovella, your faith shines through very clear on your blog."

    Your post reminded me of my step-dad. Today would have been his 82nd birthday. Years ago, when Doc and I bought our first ever brand-new car, it came with the dealer's name on the front tag (Kentucky just puts license tags on the rear end). For some reason, we never removed it in the 14 years that we owned that car. My step-dad always teased us about the free advertising we gave that dealer. (He was right - we should have removed it.) Thank you for the little memory on a special man's birthday.

  6. We don't always stop to think what we are advertising, do we?
    Often I read people's stickers on their cars or on their t-shirts and I wonder...what are they advertising?

    Isn't it a privelege and responsibility that God put His 'emblem' on us so that we can advertise Him where ever we go?

    And yes, I agree with the above comments that you do shine Jesus in your life and on your blog.

  7. What a great thought Lovella!
    I hope I'm advertising Jesus in a wonderful way!
    Blessings on your week.
    Oh and I love my garage referigerator also!

  8. Our garage fridge is now our basement fridge, but I also do not know what I would do without it. The extra milk, produce, and cheeses go down there. Now if I could just remember to get them out before the turn to mush!

    "And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love. Yes, they'll know we are Christians by our love!!!"


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