cleaning up the yard

Yesterday was a glorious fall day. The drizzle and sometimes outright rain took a bit of a hiatus and allowed the sunshine to warm the air and lift our moods.

I took a break from the yard work to take a few pictures of course. I was amused at this last magnolia bloom. The leaves are turning yellow and yet this little bloom refuses to give up.

I asked my beloved if he would get the wheelbarrow out of the barn for me . . .I heard a racket and the wagon was delivered. Fun times.

While I cut back perennials, he yanked the last of my saliva's, geraniums and begonias out by their roots and raked out the soil.

I had given up hope that I'd be outside in a Tshirt for the rest of the year and the warmth was so welcoming. Now if we could just have it stay for a few weeks, I could read a book and pretend to be sitting poolside at Palm Springs with the rest of the Canadians that seem to be leaving the country.

Once the beds were cleared , the blower came out to get the dried bits from the edges of the house and under the plants . .. onto the lawn so that JD (lawnmower) can pick it up and be done with it.

I ventured out to the back of the field to visit Indee.

I admired the rows of tiny blueberry plants that have recently been planted behind us.
Who couldn't love this view?
Today the rain has returned, and as we sat having our morning coffee we kept saying . . ."boy . .sure glad we got that done yesterday."
I'm off to clean house for the parties we're having for the next couple of days. . ..stay tuned.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Work divided is twice the fun, is it not??
    Beautiful photos and yesterday was as close to perfect as an October day can get.

    I wish you a wonderful day!

    and I'm still sad about Indee too...I think about you often.

  2. So fun when you can do the work together!
    Beautiful sunshine here and we are to get some real warm weather tomorrow.

  3. Yes it was the greatest day yesterday. A lot of lawn mowing happened here. That is a beautiful view. It seems everyone is planting blueberries these days. Are blueberries just a BC treat or a Canadian treat? It just seems that everyone wants them. Well back to the rain today but then it is supposed to get nice again.

  4. You have views everywhere!
    There is the trees, the mountain, the yard guy (oops, I mean Mr. T.)
    Hug yourself and say "Yippee!"
    I am surprised to see that much snow on Baker though.

  5. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures! What lovely scenery! Your pictures always bring encouragement.

  6. It was a gorgeous day yesterday...and you captured it beautifully! Guess what I was doing? Mowing up the flower beds...packing away hoses...and eating grapes in between. Is that it for lawn mowing this year? I'm off to read my book out in the sunshine of AZ...and I will miss you, my blogging friends!

  7. Those are some lovely photos and I particularly love the acorn! I was going to ask if that is Mt. Baker in your gorgeous view and I see Jill already confirmed it for me in her comment. I've only seen it from the other side...oh, your surroundings seem just heavenly to me!

  8. It really was a gorgeous day, a little gift for our week. I got out there to do a little yard maintenance too. Happy partying!
    P.S. Ethan got back on the blogging band wagon.

  9. Well I can tell that you really take advantage of the weather..It won't take long and you'll have those sweet grandbabies helping you along and it will take twice as long but it will be twice as fun as doing it alone. Enjoy this time in your life.

  10. yes yesterday was beautiful. The perfect day to clean up a yard! Good to see the sun again.

  11. That's a beautiful view of Mt. Baker...brings back memories of the trip Doc and I took to BC/WA (and YT and AK, all in the same 3-week-long trip) and makes me wish I could return soon.

    Your Fall photos are so pretty - I do miss crisp Fall days and even the falling leaves. We sure don't have that here in Florida.

  12. Oh, it was a gorgeous day, wasn't it?! I was just so sad that I had to be inside, and then inside in the late afternoon to watch my son's volleyball game. Let's hope it holds out for Saturday, or I might have to higher your handymand and his beautiful helper to clean my yard! Any hope of that?


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