chicken noodle soup

Lipton Chicken Noodle soup will do in a pinch but if you need soup for medicinal purposes as I recently did you'll have to put a chicken in the pot.
You'll need a few spices . .. .
Maggi seasoning is not essential but it just a few drops adds a better flavour. . . maybe 1/4 teaspoon . . .its really to taste.
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon of peppercorns.
1 star aniseed . .you can find these by the specialty spices from other lands
I forgot to put these in the picture but . . . 5 whole cloves
a handful of fresh chopped parsley
1 teaspoon of salt or to taste.
The soup itself is very simple, no extra veggies . .. .(add onion and carrot and celery if you like)
Just put a small chicken in a soup pot . .just cover it with water.
Bring it to a boil and simmer for 3 -4 hours.
Take the chicken out and let it cool enough to remove the meat.
I generally find that if I take the breast meat and save it for sandwiches . . .the rest of the meat is plenty for a soup.
Add the spices to the pot and let simmer for a half hour.
Add the meat back to the pot and let simmer another half hour.
Cook some really good quality homemade style fine egg noodles . ..
Put the noodles in each bowl and cover with soup . ..enjoy ..
I don't add the noodles right into the soup because if there are any leftovers the noodles just do what noodles do in liquid.
So, that's it for today . . .If this feels like a rush job . . .you are right .. . the truck is leaving and if I want to observe mudding again . .I have to catch my ride.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Could you help a poor city girl out and tell her what Mudding is? and if you explained it somewhere already forgive me for missing it...

  2. Hey...I wanna see mudding too!

    Uh...what is mudding anyway? Are you making clay pots or something? Probably not if the menfolk are involved. I just can't see Mr. T sitting at a potter wheel with "Unchained Melody" playing in the background.
    What ever it is, it sounds messy, but fun!

  3. stay tuned for mudding details tomorrow . ..

  4. talked about 2 things today that I don't much care for "chicken noodle soup and mudding"
    I believe very few people agree with me esp on the chicken noodle soup!!

  5. The soup does look good. I only started to appreciate homemade chicken noodle soup a few years ago. I understand Betty. And I do not know what mudding is either even though I grew up on a farm and live around farmers and smell farming almost every day. I can only imagine it has to do with something we have an abundance of here in beautiful British Columbia...MUD!

    Have fun with that!

  6. Looks yummy. I'm so glad you add Maggi to your soup, I thought that was only a Dutch thing (and I don't have any in my fridge - that'll have to be remedied). I'm looking forward to hearing what mudding is too.

  7. Now this looks like my late mom-in-law's recipe for chicken noodle soup...I can almost smell it from here. It is definitely in a class above Lipton's, but far too involved to make when you're sick on the couch, Lovella.

    PS Are you just observing the 'mudding'...or are you getting your hands dirty?

  8. Your soup looks lovely..Vic's all time favorite meal is home made chicken noodle soup --especially with home made noodles... I'll have to try your secret spices next time...

    I know what mudding is, of course, having grown up knowing what it is...but I shan't tell and let eveyone tune in tomorrow to hear your creative and I'm sure pictoral explanation !!

  9. Thank-you so much for those spices. I'm just making the remains of my turkey broth, but why not try the spices. I have to run out and get the Maggi.
    I made the Papaya salad on the weekend and the Easy Peasy Pie. They were runners up!! I am allowed to make them again!!

    What is mudding? I know about tailgating, but mudding except taking quads/motorbikes to the river?

  10. Hi Lovella! I came over to your blog from Kori's blog after reading about the Easy Peasy Apple Pie. I have a feeling I will be checking back here often since I love to cook and bake also and am always on the prowl for good recipes.

    By the way, your soup recipe is one of my favorites to make...and eat. I always serve the noodles seperate as well, but only because that's the way my oma used to serve it. I'm not sure why she did it, but as a kid I always thought it was great that I could put in as many noodles as I wanted!

  11. I asked Rudy what he thought mudding was and I think he has the right answer. I won't spoil the suspense though.

  12. that soup looks absolutely amazing!


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