calling in sick

I said to Terry this morning. . . .I think I'm going to have to call in sick.
This amused him for some strange reason.
I've got the cold/flu . . .. .I'll be back.


  1. Oh Lovella, you have my sympathies..crawl under those covers and rest..oh and be sure to have some tea with honey!
    Do you have any leftover green bean soup? That would be good too.
    Hope this flu is only the 24 hr type..

  2. Oh, feel better soon. I had that bug a week ago- it should be gone in a day or two. Take all the lovely sleepytime drugs that I wasn't able to and drift away!

  3. I love that you posted anyway. Hope you feel better soon. (Ethan and I feel very badly that we may be responsible ... so sorry!)

  4. And you still took the time to take a picture! Yes, I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you have a restful day. I went through that last week with 2 of our kids. Not too fun but take this chance to rest.


  6. Hope you feel better!! And I also like it that you stopped to take a picture to add to this post! :) Enjoy your day of resting today!

  7. gute besserung!!!, meaning that I wish you better health real soon. i bet your beloved mr. t is pampering you.............aren't you mr. t...........hint hint

  8. oh that is just like you lovella......i just noticed your "give thanks" napkin.........
    give thanks for all things. even when you aren't feeling well you find someway to glorify our God. Thanking Him for "just" the flu which will soon leave as something which could be worse.....blessing to you!!!

  9. do take this blogging work seriously! Hope you get better soon and that you have a good book or movie to go with your tea.

  10. Eat some chicken soup... take two aspirins and call me in the morning!!!

    (Isn't that what the doctor told you to do?)

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh, I so dislike feeling under the weather. Take care, gets oodles of rest, and get better soon!

  12. I do hope that you feel better soon! Take care and God Bless!

  13. Sorry you're sick, and I hope you feel better soon! It's a perfect day for sleeping, though, with all the rain and yuck out there! ;)

  14. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  15. Hi Lovella,
    I'm sorry you are not feeling well!
    I hope that old bug doesn't hang around long.
    I enjoy your blog so much and it is a blessing and inspiration to me each day.
    Hope you are feeling better real soon.
    Joy in Jesus,
    Diane in Alabama

  16. So sorry to hear you are sick.
    But enjoy your's the only part that makes illness worthwhile!
    Blessings, Judy

  17. Take care and we'll see you back online when you're all better!

  18. So how many sick days DO you get a year? We blog readers would hate to see you have to dip into your vacation days to cover an extended illness.
    Let's hope this is IT for the rest of holiday colds for you that would bar you from visiting your dear grandbabies!

  19. What other job is there that you can call in sick...and then enjoy every one's condolances the rest of the day ??

    I do prayerfully wish you a speedy recovery !!
    The world needs you !!

  20. Sorry you're feeling under the weather. Hope you can get back at it soon.

  21. Wish I could tuck you up under the covers and make you a cup of steaming hot tea.


    I hope you feel better soon


  22. I'm so sorry you are sick! A bug just seems to be going around that doesn't want to be beat! I hope you feel great again soon!


  23. I'm so sorry you are feeling miserable and wish you a speedy recovery! But take good care of yourself and stay warm and cozy with your tea and kleenex and cough drops till then . . . I'm praying for you.

  24. Hope your feeling a little better today. The sun is trying to cheer you up also. Don't feel guilty about taking it easy. Mary

  25. Lovella;

    May your rest be sweet and may God show up and bless you richly


    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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