Yesterday as part of my get well process my beloved man packed me up and took me for a drive. He had to go pick up another batch of parts for Miss Ella and needed some company.
Everyone has weather days that they enjoy best and yesterday was one of mine.

The sky was full of lots of cumulonimbus cloud which is pretty much my favorite. I know driving . . .opening the window every few moments for the photo op isn't the wisest during flu recovery, but my heart prevailed and the window came down.

We did a bit of a sidetrack and visited the closest Macy's store for some baby shopping therapy. I know a newborn can wear only so many things but baby clothing is so so much cuter now than it was 28 years ago.
At one point Terry suggested I just stand up and let my head poke through the sun roof. Silly man, that would be ridiculous . . .wouldn't it?
So, this morning I feel really quite good. I'm so thankful to feel well again.
I ran outside to harvest the ornamental volunteer gourds that I always throw haphazardly over the fence into the neighbors berry field.
In Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend . . .oh so much to thank the Lord for.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to have my roots looked at.


  1. Well I am glad you are feeling better and that you are up and about..and you know I would have thought it quite okay to stick your head out of the, would that be a rush!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Lovella and Terry and your family...there truly are a lot of things to be thankful for.

  2. So good that you're feeling better. Yes, I got to visit a new little peters yesterday- and he's very cute. I think we'll be able to make it through Turkey dinners before baby arrives...but you never know! Too bad there's no plans of a wiener roast this would be perfect weather!

  3. Very nice pictures. I love the clouds too. Today is another beautiful day. I'm having my roots touched up tomorrow. Have fun.

  4. Beautiful photos! I know that after being ill and cooped up, getting out for a drive really does help.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Terry and your growing family!

  5. I echo the relief that you are feeling better!!

    The clouds were spectacular yesterday... We had to drive west between 6 and 7 in the evening...and I could not admire enough the beauty of the God's glory on display as the sun was setting!!

  6. Glorious. Happy Thanksgiving to you! may your blessings continue to abound...

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Lovella! I have memories of Canadian Thanksgiving's at my grandma's house. All the relatives --- turkey roasting in the wood cookstove --- cousins and so many people. Great memories! May your holiday be blessed!


  8. Glad you're feeling better my friend.

  9. What a beautiful drive... thanks for sharing it with us..'
    glad you are feeling better!!!


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