be safe . .

I'm adding these two bonus pictures to today's earlier post.
Since we live in the country and virtually have no trick or treaters, I was ecstatic when one showed up. I have never seen a cuter lion.
He made no bones about it . .. he was coming in.
Never mind taking his treat and leaving . .. he wanted visiting time too.
Don't you just love his mane?
Check out his tail. I think he may be sitting on it funny.

Thanks for coming Julian. Next year bring your little cousin.

I do hope you and your family stays safe tonight.

You never know who will show up . . ..

I'm off to make some doggy treats.

I love my grandpup. He's a little koook.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. You too Lovella, stay safe. Do you get many trick-or-treaters out there?

  2. Well just look who trying to be orange...

    Tiggie, FOC

  3. Im getting ready for tonight...we get tons of trick or treaters. I love it! Praying for safety for everyone, those little tricksters get so excited they do sometimes forget the safety rules!
    Your grandpup is so cute!

  4. That is just too cute! Have a wonderful night filling the bags of the little trick or treaters!

  5. Oh, he is so cute! Are you grandpup sitting? Love the little t-shirt.

  6. Corinne, we don't get any . .that is why this little guy gets extra treats.
    Tiggie, Tobbee knows class when he sees it.
    Nancy, nope . .Tobbee will be keeping all the little tricksters in their neighborhood at bay.

  7. what a cutie!! i was at starbucks tonight and there was little jack russell terrier puppy running around (apparently that's ok at starbucks in europe, who knew?). He was so cute and I almost took him home with me. He had on a cute sweater too, but not as cute as the one your grandpup is wearing.

  8. can't say that tonight is one of my favorite nights, but the kids do enjoy dressing up and we'll just deal with ALL THAT CANDY later. for today let them eat until they can eat no more. i just on the evening news a party for pups all in costume and having a party just for them with bobbing for doggie treats and all the rest of the fun.....i thought that was pretty funny. i pray for safety for ALL the ones out trick or treating..

  9. what a little cutie patootie.

  10. He is a cutie pie!!

    We live in the country as well but we had 50 visitors!! Last year we only had 28. It was touch and go with the those little bars . . . :)


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