babies at Auntie Vellie's house

Last night our family welcomed the two newest baby boys. The bungalow was abuzz with chatter and laughter and smiles. What a gift to be able to spend this time together. This post is especially for those that couldn't come because of the miles that separate us. We missed you.
Natalie and Liam sat happily beside Colleen and Kaeden. Those two little guys have no idea how much fun they will have together chasing each other through hallways in about a year.

The grandmas were oh so proud. The gifts were just cuter than ever. The gluten free cake was quite good. I don't think anyone would have known had they not been told. So that's a good thing.
I have baby sheets in the wash, I emptied the little garbage can beside the change table and I'm back in business.
So, that was party number one and tonight I have another to get ready for so I best get back to my kitchen.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. So you have another baby shower tonight? I love how your daughters-by-love are holding something infront of their tummies. The guacamole looks sooo yummy. Have fun tonight.

  2. That's the heart beat of the family. There are so many out there that wished they had this family connection, but circumstances make it very challenging.

    May we count ourselves blessed to share with our families always giving thanks to God.

  3. What a fun time you had...getting together with family is so precious. Those babies...such cuties! No pics of you holding a baby??
    I see those little cream puffs...I must ask, did you make them?? I know you can buy them but just checking if you made them. I keep wanting to make those tiny ones and then when I make cream puffs I just do the large ones..maybe I'll do it for Christmas.

  4. Baby showers are sooo much fun! (so are wedding showers too!) I'm glad that fun was had by all!

  5. betty, sorry to dissapoint you but the cream puffs came frozen in a box. I also make the big ones and fill them with yummy things.

    I was holding the babies lots but of course I also am the one usually holding the camera.

    Corinne, no baby shower tonight, its a birthday party.

  6. Wow, busy busy lady... but what fun! Those little guys are too cute.
    Have a great party again tonight!

  7. I was so sorry I couldn't make it, Lovella...but it looked like a huge success!!
    The two little stars of the show are soooo cute..They could almost be least on the photo they look alike!
    Even with being the perfect hostess you still had time to wear your other cap too!! Just so we could have a glimpse of what we missed...
    Congratulations to the new moms!!
    and have a great Birthday party tonight!!

  8. Babies, Food, Grandmas, presents, what can be better...

  9. babies are such a blessing. My two grands were born just a few months apart and its so much fun to have them for a visit together

  10. What a great evening! Thanks so much for a wonderful party. Liam will be such a well-dressed little man! I can't wait to celebrate the next batch of arrivals! Thanks again!

  11. Sounds like it was just perfect! The first picture of chubby baby wrist and a mommy's had just melts me.

  12. Oh, that looks like it was so much fun! And the food looks sooooo good. Wish I could have made it! If you ever feel like cooking gluten free again, give me a call!!


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