and after that?

Yesterday while I was in the middle of my quilting frenzy I turned Oprah on. I don't normally watch her show unless something of interest is scheduled, and yesterday was one of those days. She had a guest, Dr. Randy Pausch a college professor who shared the last lecture with the audience that he had shared with his class. The gentleman is dying of pancreatic cancer and has been given only several months to live.
I was immediately drawn into his lecture because he had a very enthusiastic outlook on living. Essentially he had prepared this speech not for the millions that would see it but rather for his children when they are old enough to understand it. At this point, he is still strong and feels really well. He came with his ultrasound pictures which certainly leave no doubt as to the validity of his condition.
As I expected he encouraged living life to the fullest, every moment of every day. Don't assume you will have years and years to fulfill all your dreams.
Oprah asked him interesting questions and really the interview was fascinating.

Now, maybe I was concentrating on my quiltin' a little more than I realized but the question I expected her to ask never came. Please if you saw the show and I missed it, correct me.
I would think that Oprah would have asked about what his plans were for after that? He spoke so freely about his dying but I never once heard anything about his plans and dreams and hopes for eternity.
It seemed so sad to me that all his efforts and energy are for the next few months and certainly his zest and passion for a life well lived are important. I wanted to call in and say .. .and then?
I had a conversation recently with a friend about how I would be if I was in that situation. You already know I'm a processor of my thoughts. I know would be talking just as much about what would happen to me after those few months were completed as the present.
When I look up at the sky . . . I see my future. As sure as the fact is that someday I will die I am equally as sure that someday I will live. Really live.
The bible says in the book of John chapter 3 and verse 16 . .. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone that believes in him will not perish but have ever lasting life."
You know what? That just gives me goosebumps. Seriously, we can talk willy nilly about this earth but someday I'm leaving it, and I'm glad there is a plan for what happens after that. I sure hope you do to.
Okay, I'm off to work in my flowerbeds one more time before the frost hits. The sun is shining and I'm liking the idea of adding a few squint lines to my smile lines.
Have a great day my friends.
PS . .at noon, still thinking about this and I just can't figure it out . . .really . ..wouldn't everyone think about the later part? What do we have to lose by planning for that part?
Okay, got to go check my quesadilla . .


  1. Great insights Lovella. I love the assurance of a better life in heaven!

  2. What a good question to ask..."and after that??" I have that assurance that I will spend eternity with my Lord and Saviour.

  3. That is the critical question everyone should ask. At one time Oprah had the answer, now she seems waylaid into all kinds of invalid paths.

    I'm sure where I am headed, and look forward to that place. Glad you are getting a little sunshine and flowerbed time. Hugs to Otis, I am sure he is being a big help.

  4. I was at a bible study today and one of the ladies mentioned this interview by Oprah...I will ask her if the question of "after death" came up...
    I would love to have seen the interview...

  5. You are just so sweet. I missed your post yesterday but I read it today. The days just go by so fast around here. Lovely quilts.

  6. I love your question. As wonderful and glorious as this life can be, as beautiful as the created world is, we are only living in the shadowlands, and I find it so thrilling (goosebumps and all) to think of what comes after.

  7. Well said, Lovella. I too look forward to eternity with my Saviour. What blessed assurance!

  8. I watched it too. So interesting, because as I stood staring into the face of a man who was actively dying on the television screen, I too thought "What about afterward?" What then? Yes, I believe we need to live life here and now to the fullest. But my fullest living is going about life fulfilling my purpose, my calling and my God given passions....because that is what he created me for. What about storing up treasures in Heaven? I'd be doing a whole lot of that. I'd tell everyone and anyone about God who would give me the chance. I'd live my life with the sole purpose of dying knowing I'd be seeing the Father with a big huge grin on his face.

    And I try to do this now. Just interesting how staring death in the face changes your perspective on urgency.

  9. Your fall colors are beautiful. We have been in a drought so our colors are not bright......yet. God is just now sending us the rain we need. When I look at how nature takes it's course I cannot help but wonder how anyone can say there is no God.

  10. Good would it be, to live with no hope? I'm so glad I know where I'm going when my time on this beautiful earth is done.

  11. I also watched the interview and the question was never asked. The interview before that was with a young woman who was also living with cancer. I found it very interesting that such possitive people were introduced as "DYING from cancer" rather than "LIVING from cancer". Both guests seemed to be living life better since their diagnosis. I know what my future holds, it's sad to think that so many don't!

  12. Dear lovely Lovella,

    Excellent post today! Profound thoughts and of great importance. I didn't watch Oprah (I do some, but find some of her shows quite depressing because they lack depth and perspective). . .but. . .I agree with all you said. My mother in law passed away at Thanksgiving, six years ago. She had breast cancer and we spent much time with her during her last months. The focus was always on the future. Two years later it was my own mother who died of Sarcoma. Again, much time and much, much talk of plans for the future. My mother would chat and talk about her heavenly cottage (she didn't want a mansion) and the beautiful cottage gardens she would plant there. It is so reassuring to know that we will all meet again --- and a great tea party is planned!

    Thank you for your insights and thoughtfulness.


  13. Beautiful pictures and beautiful post! Don't you wish you had been in the audience to actually ask the question!

  14. In some ways we all look pretty much the same..until we face the end of our earthly life.
    Then we who have the hope that the best is yet to come can look death in the face and smile!!

    Thoughtful post, Lovella, we hit a common thread again!! smile
    Love your fall trees!!

  15. Well thought through Lovella, I love how you added your pictures, especially that last one...
    Life is so good, it depends what perspective we come from and how we choose to live.
    Thanks for sharing about God's Care

  16. Yes, I too get goosebumps when I actually stop to ponder life in heaven. With such glorious scenery as is evident by your pictures, I can only imagine life with perfection. Wow! There is an instinctive desire in every person to experience life to its fullest, even after Earth.

  17. Amazing post...a truly beautiful expression of a hope that I am counting on, too.

  18. I watched the show, too, and can't believe I didn't notice that that question was missing. I sure am glad I know where I'm going.


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