the weather girl

Those that know me well, know that I just love watching the weather news. When a storm is brewing outside my heart does a flutter and I run back and forth between the television and the window and even outside to assess the wind velocity. I get goosebumps just thinking about the upcoming windy season.

While we were at the fair, we walked past the local News station and I realized that they were allowing mere average joes, to take a crack at television reporting. It took me no more than a moment to jump over the fence, bulldoze my way through the crowds and smile sweetly at the people in charge. I assured them they had their girl, and on stage I went to be televised . . .doing . . . .weather . . .. now that was fun. I loved it.
I couldn't find Terry afterwards and I feared he had split in sheer embarrassment, so I looked around the other television show sets, and there he was doing a Corner Gas photo shoot. What a guy, my very own star. Watch for him on the Canadian sitcom fall schedule.

Later on, we were walking back again past the local television news section. They are doing the news live from there every evening. When they saw me coming from afar, they waved at me and asked me to come in and invited me for a screen test for the upcoming 2010 Olympic games. They will be needing plenty of reporters and obviously had already noted my fabulous job at the weather station.

I begged them to look for someone else since I already have a job of importance in blog land. They were not easily persuaded to let me go, and finally after what seemed like hours we agreed to do one brief screen test.

I confess that as soon as I sat behind that desk my confidence grew and if I wouldn't have had such a full slate of teleprompter responsibilities I might have taken on my queen wave fun.
After, the screen test was over they handed me a CD of my audition and told me that I nearly certainly would be called upon to come back for the short list.
Oh goodness, I'm excited. Sadly, when I tried to download the CD onto the computer, my skills seemed not as advanced as my celebrity and I failed in my attempt. I do however plan to have my clever boys over this weekend for brunch and perhaps they will find a way to put it on my web album and you can be treated to a real a snicker and a chuckle to boot.
Well, all for now, thanks for allowing me the fun of practicing . . ."when I was middle aged" Grammie stories.
Have a fabulous day, I've laundry to hang out in the sunshine.


  1. That's so exciting. Our very own TV reporter.... how cool would that be!! Way to go girl! :)

  2. Thanks Grace, I appreciate your support of my alter ego dreams.

    Unfortuanately there are several thousand fair goers that are telling their friends the exactly same story.

  3. A thousand or a million wannabes..who cares, we know Lovella is the one...the new weather girl!
    By the way you look like you fit right in! There are great TV opportunities in store for you, the weather girl today, the anchor woman tomorrow!!
    Think on that as your grandma story..

  4. There may have been thousands, but you will be called back 'for the short list', right? smile
    I think I might even start listening to the weatherman if you were the one reporting .....I know you would change weather reporting would become MUCH more interesting with you behind the desk --with a recipe or two slipped in on a boring weather day !!!! smile

  5. should read ---I know you would change weather reporting - it would become-- ughhhhh...hate typos!!

  6. when you are telling your "grammie" stories remember to tell them that you WON out over thousands of other contenders..
    and YOU were the one who actually did the weather (after all you have already passed that test- right?)
    that's the really great thing about grand kids... they think we are wonderful whether we come in first or last !!!

  7. Wow, we know someone famous! You looked right at home on that TV screen. Can't wait to see it on video.

  8. Sooooo fun! I love brushes with celebrities .. and now I know one. :)

  9. You look like a natural in front of that TV screen! What fun this was! Maybe they really will call you...

  10. You would make an adorable weather girl!
    They may just call you yet, don't give up hope...although B. and I have noticed that on the Weather Channel here in the USA the weather girls keep getting pregnant. It is so hard to see the hurricanes and tornados and all that stuff with their massively gravid condition blocking the weather map.
    Maybe if you get called back in, you could slip a pillow under your blouse.
    That ought to do the trick...doesn't everyone want to see a preggers granny announcing the weather?

  11. Jill, that's too funny! Doc and I keep commenting on the contagious pregnancies among the Weather Channel girls, too!

  12. What an exciting day. I'd love to have a crack at reading the news. No weather girl for me - nope - I wanna go straight to anchor. LOL

  13. Oh how exciting for you! I am sure you enjoyed every minute of your first 'broadcast. Maybe this will relly go saomewhere. How fun would that be! Kathy

  14. Good grief I need to learn to spell. I just realized we only commented on you not Terry. He looked perfectly fit for the gas station ad. He just needed a big juicy hot dog in the other hand. My nephews girlfriend is the new girl on the 7-eleven slurpy cups, so just watch out Terry you may get a call. It relly does happen:) Kathy

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  16. How fun! Lovella, you look like a natural... really, I could see you sitting behind the news-anchors desk or as a weather girl :)

  17. That is so fun! Don't forget about us in blogland when you are famous :)

  18. Hilarious! A blossoming anchor woman! And your kids just thought you were only a Mom! :)


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