vine maples

Yesterday I had to run (meaning . .get in my car and drive) into town (meaning . . the grocery store) and pick up a few (meaning . . .$80 dollars worth) of groceries for the impromptu (meaning . . "do you feel like having some one over after church" . . . "I don't know, who were you thinking?") dinner party we had last night.
This excursion allowed me the opportunity to capture a few glorious vine maple bushes.
A few days ago we were heading to one of our kids homes and I saw some beautiful vine maples starting to color and I quickly pulled my camera out of my bag and tried to take some pictures at breakneck speed. This is the reason I need a camera that takes pictures quick. I cast a disparaging look at my good man and said . . ."I don't think I caught them" . .(meaning the vine maples) . .and he said . ."nope, I'm sure you didn't".
He suggested to me that real . .(meaning . ..people that make money from taking pictures every few moments) photographers go out driving just for the purpose of stopping willy nilly when every they see something that warrants a picture, rather than trying to take pictures from the freeway.

So . . .yesterday, I stopped not once but three times to take pictures . . .
all by myself. The vine maples are the first to color and drop their leaves. They are just so beautiful.

Well, I'm off to warm up the Green Bean Soup for our lunch. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. I have to say, it was well worth the stop... to take these pictures... they are beautiful... and you cannot help but say a little word of thanks to God for such beauty....

  2. Beautiful pics Lovella. Gorgeous colours!!

  3. I'm so glad you did stop and take photos of these colorful leaves! Your story had me laughing too, sounds kinda familiar!

  4. I'm so glad you've told me what those trees are called that I love so much! I fell in love with these trees our first autumn here, but I didn't know what they were called. I have some outside my kitchen window that I've been watching for the past couple of weeks. I love their varying shades of orange and red - just gorgeous!

  5. Love the pics!! And yes, it is true that you often get better pictures when you stop to take them!! :)

  6. Hi Lovella!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet a fellow Canadian...we Canucks in blogland need to stick together!

    Love the fall pics...


  7. So beautiful! I love taking drives when the vine maples start turning! You've inspired me to get in my car and do just that soon!

  8. I would not be the least surprised if the Abbotsford Newspaper started a local news and color blog and asked you to do it, for pay! Poor Terry would have to hit the brakes a lot after that. Hmmm...better stock up on brake shoes.

  9. I love vine maples... We had so many of them on our property and I never tired of the gorgeous leaves every fall.

    I understand about not being able to stop... Vic was driving the other day and I saw a sparrow taking a splashing bath in a puddle of water beside the road..I was grabbing for my camera saying, "Stop, stop!" but Vic said, "I can't, there's a car pushing me from behind."
    Some people just miss so much being in such a hurry !!!

    Beautiful photos and humor !! You started my day with a smile !!

  10. My hubby also knows all about the sudden stops to take pictures...not always that easy on hills or on freeways. Tell Terry 'thanks for stopping'...that may be the only splash of colour we see this week!

  11. I love the trees - thanks for stopping :)


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