this is breaking news

(Please do not be gullible for the next few moments and allow me a few moments of jest . . . )

. . .So, fabulous news . . . .apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Only days after my imaginary television debut, our son Stuart was called to the anchor desk to discuss the major news stories of the day and the upcoming Winter Olympics.

I know it's hard to tell from a still photo . ..but truly, he speaks with a smooth and deep rich baritone not unlike his father. My head is so swollen with obvious pride . . .( I know that's shocking)

Since it is nearly news time in our neck of the woods, I ask that you (in your own mind) . . .imagine my clever and witty . . .talented son . . .sitting at the news desk.

Alrighty then, enough silliness for one night, I'm off to bed . . .to watch the nightly news . . .with a smile on my face.
. .. I love being a mom .. . .

.. .this is Lovella signing off.


  1. Sooooooooooooo when your entire family become rich and famous will you still remember us little guys????????????? ;0)

  2. Too fun! He does look like he would fit right in, and seeing as he is an expecting father he really does fit the bill:) A mother/son news tag team... you might have something here. Keep chuckling!

  3. That's neat! Maybe the news team will all be changed to the whole Lovella family.

    I got guess bumps from reading your Sunday post. I love Church picnics and it was neat to hear that clip of the band singing.

  4. You know, an awful lot of American newscasters seem to hail from Canada. Send him on down, we could use a Christian to do some reporting down here for a change.

  5. You are a lovely mom and I bet that handsome son of yours knows that! Blessings...

  6. Well, your post may have been in fun but you know full well that if Stuart really wanted to be a newscaster, he could do so no problem!!!!
    Actually, my neighbour friend DOES have her son and daughter-in-law in news broadcasting and when she wants to know what they are doing she just 'tunes' them in!!!

    Have fun today.... hmmm...I called the house to talk to you, you weren't there but Terry told me where you are!!! smile

  7. Can I get your autograph, think I have an autograph book somewhere...hold on and I'll go find it ;-) lol
    I think I can hear your son's voice, if I close my eyes really, really hard! Very nice and very handsome.
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. Yes, and then imagine your son being on the news screaming NASTY CAT!

    Also, when is our dear Karlee due?


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