Saturday, September 15, 2007

opening my cedar chest

Twenty five years ago, when I folded up the blankets and tucked them away in my cedar chest I'm sure there was a thought or two that someday I would be blessed to have the opportunity to pull them out again and wrap a child safely inside.
I'm still a few months away from "grammiehood", but I'm doing my part to prepare for the special time ahead. Some of the blankets had yellowed a bit so I spent some time bringing them back to their original white.
As I hung each one of them out I marveled at the love that had gone into making them 49 years earlier by Terry's great Grandma. I wonder if she whispered a prayer for the grandchildren that had not yet been born.

These blankets that will hold our dear sweet grandbabies, held their Grandpa and their Great Auntie, and their Daddies. These blankets have been washed many times and yet there is still so much life in them. They'll be used for a season and then safely tucked away again.
As I pulled them off the line, gave them one more ironing . . .(there won't be time for ironing once they're in full swing) I prayed for the tiny little people who are loved so much.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends, see you on Monday.


  1. Lovely! The crochet edges are so dear, and you are right, there is love stitched into those dear little blankets. I can just imagine how sweet and fresh they smell now, and even more so with a baby tucked inside.
    I still have my own baby blankets, my children were wrapped in them, and my daughter has slept under a quilt stitched by her great great grandmother. I'm hoping for another generation...imagine, a quilt from a great,great,great grandmother!

  2. How very special for the baby to have a blanket made for and used by both his parent, and grandparent,

    wow such memories as you hold and rock them and sing to them the same songs their great grandparent sang to their grandparent and so on and so on....
    lucky little one

  3. Oh my goodness...I had the identical baby blankets made for me by my mom-in-law (Terry's great-aunt)34 years ago before our firstborn arrived. I ran to the cedar chest to see if I still had some, but I guess I passed them all along when my first grandchildren arrived (they were twin girls). I love the clothes on the line! I've been without a clothesline for a few years, but I'm getting a new one soon.

  4. oh those blankets are beauitful i love the detail on the edges and the history! so very special!

  5. I found a drawer at my Mom's this weekend full of all of our old "blankies"

    even the smells evokes memories

  6. Lovella, this post got me all choked up. What a lovely heart you have for your unborn grandchildren. They are blessed to have you in their life.

  7. I'm sure when you tucked the blankets into the cedar chest you wondered how long it would before you would need them didn't take long, did it!

    All babies should be born into the love of generations ready to enfold blessed are those who do.

  8. So beautiful. . .such precious memories. . .and many warm and happy moments ahead! God is good!


  9. Lovella, I am in love with how nostalgic you are. You are a primo grammie.
    What a beautiful thing to pass down - I can almost smell them all fresh from being on the line.
    You are way cute.
    You are going to have so much fun with your grand babies.

  10. thanks for the help! I had used blogger and not picassa.
    Its straight now :)

  11. Very special to have kept those blankets and to use them with your grandchildren!!

  12. Oh the sweet smell of line dried blankets, hand sewn, and tucked in a cedar chest. Fragrance is a powerful memory restorer! I am certain those newly created grandbabies will forever have the aroma of their grandmother's love imprinted in their hearts! I am sure it must be akin to the scent of Jesus! :)

  13. my mom crochet edging on recieving blankets that she gave to tristan. they're my "special" ones and i get so many compliments on them! knowing that she spent so many hours on each one is so special. she isn't close enough to hug tristan very often, but with the blankets he has, he sleeps wrapped in her love every night.

  14. lovella, that was a "HOLY" act of "LOVE" you did for your grandbabies. i love how much you are capable of loving!!

  15. what a great post. i can't wait to see your posts after this grandchild appears. soooooo much love!

  16. There is nothing sweeter than a baby wrapped up in an soft blanket. Looking forward to those pictures. Isn't it fun to dream ahead. You are going to enjoy these little ones so much.

  17. I'm just catching up here and I know I'm late on this comment, but just have to say how happy I am for you becoming a Grammie soon! Dare I say, if children are a blessing for the Lord, how much more so "grandchildren"! When Julene came home from the hospital with her firsborn, I had the big doll cradle (that Opa made when she was little) set up with receiving blankets and outfits pulled out from the distant past - all ready at her house, and she said that it was the most welcome and beautiful sight when she came home from the hospital. It's so much fun to remember the joy of cradling your own babies and seeing the joy passed on to the next generation. I am so thankful for this privelege. God's blessings on you as you wait.

  18. OOps, I meant to say "from the Lord".

  19. What a rich heritage your babies will have and what a wonderful legacy has beenleft!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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