off and running

Just a really quick post today. I'm off to get my teeth cleaned again. Yikes that six months goes fast. I just can't believe I'm heading back to the chair. I'll spare you the pictures this time. Oh and this is my clematis still blooming.

A couple of evenings ago, Todd and Nancy and their little guy Ethan stopped in to help us eat the Maple Twist. (helpful hint here . . .when you make something yummy . . .don't eat the whole thing yourself . . .that's the key . ..share, share, share).

Their little guy is so funny right now, I'm sure he'll see permanent spots from the camera flash.

He seems to be teething and this is his new favorite face. The more we laughed the more intense the faces got. Oh we laughed.

Yesterday, the old keyboard got sent to the garbage bin. It seems I've worn off quite a few of the letters and my poor husband sent me off to buy a new keyboard. He was complaining that most of the letters looked like "l" .. .I'm now using the new Microsoft Wireless that has a comfort curve. Wow, pretty amazing how a slight curve can throw off my brain to find the right keys. I'm sure in a few days, my fingers will be knowing where to go, but in the meantime, it feels strange.

Last evening we babysat our grandpup. Practice, practice, practice. He's pretty funny and adores my little yellow ball. It's my first official favorite thing at grammies house. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have something that my grandpup loves. (I know . . .grasping at straws).

Have a wonderful day my friends, I hope your day holds some excitement.


  1. Can't wait to see your dazzling smile, not that it wasn't already bright!
    Ethan is a riot, I am laughing out loud at his expression. Be sure to tell him about regular dentist appointments now that he has a tooth to consider.
    Your grandpup is a lot more interesting than my grandcat. Sigh. Mine won't even run after balls or wear a cute tee shirt!
    Once you get the hang of the curved keyboard you might find it really is comfy. Then when you go laptop, you will be back to flat again. No win on this one!

  2. Oh Ethan's expressions are priceless, but you better warn his parents...that pucker looks dangerously plantable on the first pretty girl that walks into his view!! smile

    I still have a flat keyboard. When I got my new computer this one came with it .. but I do hope you enjoy your new state of the art curved wonder!!!! smile

  3. oh Tobee's so lucky to ahve such an adoring grandma! Ethan is soooo cute!

  4. Ethan is too cute. Cute puppy too.

  5. I love that pic of Ethan! Looks like he's had a taste of a lemon...or he's looking for a smooch!

  6. Ok, the baby's pictures had me giggling out loud. I love that I can come to your blog, sit back and enjoy some laughter and some inspiration. You're doing a fabulous blogging job.

  7. Thanks for the delicious maple ring Lovella ... we loved it! We laughed when we saw Ethan's face on your blog ... I don't think we've taken a picture of that face yet, but I'm sure we will before too long. So much fun at Tanta Vellie's house!


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