my men go out to the bush

Baking up a batch of cookies for my men . . . a couple of bucks
3 chest protectors for my superheros . ..(Terry took a long time to heal from his last incident)

One superhero model . . .priceless

This weekend my menfolk took away my toy . ..(aka . ..our camera).
For weeks they've been planning to take their quads and dirt bikes up to the mountains with a group of guys.

The weather didn't completely cooperate so the campfire to eat the lunch I packed them was very welcome. Stuart took off his boots to get some feeling back in his toes.
These are the pictures they bring me. Take my word for it . ..they're in there.

Terrence . . . .Terry . . . .Stuart
Our superheros came back unscathed and the womenfolk back home couldn't have been happier.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm going to be sewing up some receiving blankets today.


  1. wow, to have your own camera crew when you can't (or wouldn't want to) be take pitures for you is really quite amazing!!!!

    Is that SNOW on the ground??
    Please, it is only a couple of days into fall!!!

  2. PS , OK, I'll admit that your new blog profile does look very nice!!!

  3. Ken is jealous! I hope the boys had fun.
    Oh, I love the new page did you do it?
    You probably have quite a few sewing projects on the go, grammie!
    That reminds me, I should post my latest little mini project.

  4. I absolutley love 4 wheelin'....hope everyone is safe and sound...cute men in you life!!!

    Pass me a cookie please.

    Stop on over and share the BD fun!

  5. Looks like the perfect male bonding trip! My middle son has been hunting this weekend through today and due back tomorrow. It's always nice to see them back home unscathed...

  6. Snow??

    I hope only in the mountains!

    It's a little cooler here today but only beginning to feel like fall.

  7. Looks like your guys had a blast. Is that snow? Really? It is 80 degrees here today. I've almost forgotten what snow looks like!

    I can just taste that cookie now. YUM

  8. and a great time was had by all !!!!
    I guess they will say they knew there would still be snow on the ground and they wanted to go snow mobiling right?
    are you sure you wouldn't have liked to be there to take the pictures yourself??? :=)

  9. And where was Lovella while the boys were at play...
    out in the barn collecting the eggs of the day?

    Brrrr...I don't think I can handle snow just yet!

  10. judy . .nope shopping for baby things.
    mimi . .nope . .I was happy shopping for baby things

    about the snow . .it had been raining and then at the top of the mountain it turned to snow. We don't have snow at our farm yet . .and hopefully not for a long time.

  11. Hi ;+)

    Lovella- love the black indeed makes your pictures and text pop, good job my friend!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  12. What a range in the weather on their trip!
    BTW, I really like the new blog look!

  13. My guys would have loved the trip! Looks like lots of fun! Is that snow from THIS autumn? Already? Yikes!

    Thanks for sharing this fun time with us!


  14. Ooooh, that cookie looks too good!

    My son-in-law is a 4-wheelin' fiend. He's out every weekend if possible. The funny thing is that his cohort is his pastor!

    It sure looks like the guys had a great time!

  15. That looks like a lot of fun!

    I like the new blog look too - very spiffy!


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