mid September treat

The end of summer promises a tasty treat for the farmer and the wife. Every year we look forward to the invitation to come to the feed mill for their annual Chicken Barbecue.
Just follow the signs . . . .park behind the mill, in the way back . . . .on the grass . . .no further . . .

Hello to all my Canadian prairie readers. If you are wondering where your corn and wheat was heading . . .here it is, safely tucked away . . . .ready for our chickens . . .Thank you.

There are always plenty of feed trucks around on BBQ day at the mill. Feed shipments are conveniently timed around the noon festivities.

There is the farmer in his plaid shirt with the best ever feed salesman (also wearing a plaid shirt) in the world. We LOVE him. Hey Ken. He's also a fantastic big brother.

Get out your scratch and sniffers . . .. inhale. How they do this without burning one piece and cooking it to perfection is always a mystery to me.
"There you go little lady" . . ..shoot, that IS a picture of me holding the plate? I was going to bluff and say that it was my farmer but no, that won't work . . . he's not into manicures.
I lost Terry mid way through the event and when he finally caught up to me he explained he had run into someone who's wife had been reading my blog. That didn't happen at last years picnic.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. You have quite a knack at finding wonderful adventures!! That plate smells wonderful.

  2. Now I know what I missed out on...I was at home playing with my little grandson. I'll have to join my hubby at the 'feed mill picnic' next year & maybe we'll get to meet in person (unless you are at home 'playing with your little grandson'). I guess you never had to cook dinner last night...after such a yummy lunch!

  3. I just love it when my blog friends take me along to places to eat! That plate looks delicious, and what a fun way to get together with folk.
    Barbeque hunting is a great past time...I want to spend a weekend in Memphis some time, visiting their top three barbeque joints. Wanna come along? Wouldn't that be a hoot?

  4. 9:45am and I'm drooling. NO JOKE! Hahahahaha. Busted on the manicure!

  5. You are becoming a recognized celebrity...you do know what comes next, don't you? ...Instead of holding the camera and pointing...you (hiding under hats and sun glasses) will have to dodge the cameras of the paparazzi!

    Your plate does look scrumptous! and that is a very nice photos of Terry and Ken!

  6. Food looks great, but can you believe it's the middle of September already???? Wow!

  7. I have heard much of these bbq's. Looks delish! My husband's grandfather is the 'Smith' of that company. :)

  8. You sure know how to have a lot of fun up there in Canada! And that's a LOT of chicken on the grill - looks delicious.

  9. Wow...now that's down down down home cookin'

    I can almost taste it.

    Off the subject how did you put that cute comment in the comment box?

  10. Not only does Canada have the most beautiful scenery it also seems to have great food picnics... you certainly had a great time and feast...thanks for sharing

  11. Why is it that I can't even cook three pieces of chicken on the grill without burning at least one - but they can cook what looks like one hundred pieces to perfection?! Oh well, at least I like my meat well done!

  12. wow that chicken looks really good! Loved your pictures from your hike as well. You get such great pictures!

  13. Sounds like fun and your nails look purdy! smile!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  14. That chicken looks amazing. What a fun tradition!
    Your hike pictures are spectacular Lovella. I'd love to get out there and do some hikes, but Travis works so physically during the week that all he wants to do is relax on the weekends. Can't blame him I guess!

  15. I love the annual chicken bbq!! SO good!! We actually had the same crew cater my omi's 80th bday party this summer!! Looking at your pictures is making my hungry!


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