The MCC Relief Auction

Every September we look forward to the annual Mennonite Festival, Auction and Relief Sale. (click here to learn more)Thousands of people come together to eat, shop, visit, listen, bid, and give. This year almost $700,000.00 was raised for the peace projects worldwide.
The money goes to help people who have been affected by violence like Uganda and Bosnia. Some of the money goes to help work for justice among the people throughout the world, providing food,water, material aid so that they may know some degree of peace.

The auction is always started by the sale of a loaf of homemade bread. This year the loaf of bread was sold for almost $200,000.

We indulged in a bit of ethnic food, sampling the wareneki and farmer sausage. Though I don't have the pictures to prove it, we also enjoyed new years cookies (posted on January 1) and some Rollkuchen and Watermelon, posted some time this summer, and also some plumi moos . .(cold fruit soup).

You can almost guarantee that if you have relatives living in the nearby region, you will run into them at the sale. HI Auntie Mary and Auntie Frances. When we occasionally see each other we feel a little teary. They see my mom in me and I see my mom in them. It's like little glimpses from heaven.

The quilts that are made throughout the year by the MCC quilters are displayed and auctioned off. This year the quilts brought in over $20,000. The Ladies give demonstrations to those passing by. It always amazes me what a labour of love this is.

Terry looked at the long boards that a couple made and donated. The craftsmanship and art on the boards was amazing. Click here to see Lisa's blog and for a closer look at the boards and the process in making them. I lurk on her site just to see her amazing photography.
There was a large booth set up comprising of crafts made around the world and then sold here at fair trade value.

It's amazing how beautiful many of the crafts are that made throughout the third world countries.
There were tables set up with boxes and boxes of stamps to sell. The colors of the stamps were a feast for the eyes.

The posters set up throughout the sale encouraged generous shopping and giving. If you couldn't find anything you wanted to buy, you could just stop at the donation booth. This year, people just gave $170,000. cash at the booth.

There were booths set up where jean picnic blankets had been made out of discarded blue jeans.

There was a penny power table where folks counted and rolled pennies. This year $31,900 of PENNIES was brought to count and roll.

And what did I bring home? Well, I bought my yearly supply of knitted dishcloths. And then . .. .I found myself drawn to the children's toys for the first time in many years. I found this Thomas the Train set for $35. I snapped it up with a smile. Good times.


  1. i was so sad when i missed the sale this year i always look forward to it!

  2. So fun! I can't believe how much money the festival raises - unbelievable. I wish there was a Dutch equivalent - so we could enjoy all the favourites, just like you get all the Mennonite favourites. I always go for the New Year's cookies... (oliebollen to me) with a little icing sugar.

  3. Feel good moments! The bread bidding tradition is beautiful. I especially liked that their were crafts from locals and crafts from around the world as well. Where did the train come from...local or foreign crafters?

  4. Oh, my granddaughters LOVED Thomas the Train...I spent hundreds of dollars.... You got a bargain...such a wise buy !!!!

    I missed the MCC sale this year...I would have held up too much traffic... giggle.
    but I feel I was there through your eyes.... even seeing my aunts!!

    Have a beautiful day, Lovells, and enjoy the sunshine that is back to smile on us !!

  5. Your grandchild will love the train set! My kids enjoyed theirs for years and years.

  6. That is such an awesome idea! I'm glad that it's still such a huge success!

    Nancy-as to the Dutch equivelant...I totally agree with you there!

  7. How exciting! It looks like the auction was a great success! Our community's Mennonite Auction is coming up soon. The Sunday newspaper featured an elderly couple who's busy making wood and quilt items. They spend the entire year getting things ready for the auction. Amazing! The quilt made last year by this woman sold for over $1,200.00. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I enjoyed them very much!


  8. I was so sad to miss the Sale this year! I haven't missed one in years..... I always loved catching up with people that I hadn't seen in awhile. My hubbie (who is not a Menno) couldn't understand how I knew so many people!! :)

  9. I think I would have come away with one of those jean blankets! I would have been sure to eat some vareneki (russian pronounciation)Yum!!!

  10. You did a wonderful job of covering the MCC sale! I was there on Friday night & never got much beyond the food and 'the friends' (never thought to bring my camera)! Where was the Thomas the Train set? Good buy! We brought home a bag of New Years fritters...they were so yummy.

  11. Thanks for your insight into the sale. I have never been to one but think I will try and go in the future! I have a menno name but am not a menno, do you think they will let me in :)

  12. What a wonderful day - so full of sights and sounds and great food! And all for a good cause. Glad you had such a great day.

  13. Shoot! I missed the sale this year as I wasn't feeling well. Standing in those line ups didn't sound so great when all I wanted to do was sleep all day. Glad you had fun and took pictures so I could still "see" it. :)


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