leaf lined walk

One afternoon we went for a drive to a small hamlet and walked about the village. We poked through the stores admiring the fall displays.
We strolled down the leaf covered walks.

I loved these bird houses . ..

I wondered whether these little peppers tasted hot or were they merely ornamental.
I love the colors of fall. I'm sure I say this every season but I do. I love color.

We poked through a toy store and we were amused to see that you can buy PADDED wagons now. OH my.

And then . . . .we saw this store down the alley and then the fun began. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you what I didn't leave without.
Have a great day my friends, today . . .I'm aiming to get back to my 30 minute walk.


  1. Oops time for us to get back to the 30 minute walk, too. Your beautiful fall shots makes me wonder if my kids will rack any leaves or if I'll find them all where they've fallen soggy in November...
    Looking forward to see what you came away with...

  2. Nice pics, Lovella. I love autumn and I say that a lot too...the colors are so beautiful. We must savour and store it in our memories for the long winter months ahead!
    Padded wagons? How comfy!

  3. Can't wait to see the new purchase!

  4. let me guess...
    does it go on your head, around your shoulders, or on your feet ???
    I will be here tomorrow to find out!!!

  5. About those peppers: We had pots of them in my folk's garden but never picked a pepper, until one day Jeff decided to play a trick. He picked one and swiped the edge over my mom's ice tea glass. When she touched it to her lips blisters broke out. Those are some of the hottest peppers on earth, beware!

  6. Nice pictures...I almost miss walking through falling leaves (not even the deciduous trees lose many of their leaves here in Florida).

    Hmmm...I wonder what you brought home from the store...?

  7. What beautiful photos!

    I grow peppers like that and they are ornamental. They are extremely hot, even the dried seeds can burn your skin.

    Can't wait to see what you bought.


  8. Beautiful post as usual, Lovella...

    But I am curious now...do we HAVE to wait until tomorrow???

  9. Fall is such a beautiful season!! My favourite really. I am enjoying the fall colours here in Germany. Apparently fall is a long season and most of the leaves take a long time to turn, and this is ok with me :) Can't wait to see what you got at Roxann's.

  10. I used to dread the fall rains until the year I was pregnant with my third - and the cooler fall temperatures and rain brought relief to my morning sickness. Ever since then, I look at it differently.

  11. I love that little 'hamlet' too! Great antique shops, boutiques and a wonderful bookshop...which has a great little cafe!

    And what could you possibly have bought at Roxann's? I can only imagine.

  12. Oh, you have the best adventures! Enjoy the fall for me too, as I am stuck in brick and mortor.

  13. I love the photo of the leaf covered walk. Did you kick any leaves up or throw any? I would have.

    Looking forward to seeing what you didn't leave without.


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