I'm ready for fall

I'm always up for a redo. It seemed fitting to put away the summer decorations on my blog just as I've been putting away the summer things in our home. I'll be experimenting over the next few days with colors and fonts and pictures so for those of you that like things the way they used to be . ..sorry.

This also seemed to be a fitting day to don the new vintage hat that Jill brought me when she came in summer. Her friend Marie has a little head like me and so I was treated to a few new hats. Thank you Marie. I found this jacket that matches just perfectly and so I'm ready to go. I'm waiting by the phone for a call to tea.

Don't you just love new beginnings? I sure do. I look forward to the new windy weather, and the fall crunchy leaves. Today is a bit drizzly here and I'm sure the first day of autumn tomorrow will be about the same. No worries here . . . I've a new hat, and I'm ready to go.

Have a wonderful first day of autumn . . .where ever you might be.

Oh goodness, the phone just rang . . .we have an invite. . .. .

How fun.


  1. For a moment I thought I was on the wrong blog! I do love your new design, Lovella. And you look smashing in the hat and jacket!
    Autumn..I welcome you! It is my favorite season. We also had rain today but in the afternoon the sun came out and all was cheery once more. We needed the rain so I tried not to pout...

  2. Love your new design and the hat, Lovella!
    Sandy :)

  3. love your new hat... and your new blog look !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love your new look Lovella - both the hat and the blog!! Your header is lovely. I'm thinking of some changes over my way too. I know what you mean when you apologize for the changes - readers come to identify you with the look of your blog don't they? :) Change is difficult for some of us but embracing it and enjoying it is good for us! It's going to happen anyway :)

    We have a beautiful first day of fall here. It's a busy day in our area - the "famous" 70 mile yard sale is on.I'm going out to see if I can find some treasures. Hope you have a lovely day too!

  5. Jill will be so proud of you....
    Lookin' gooooooood!!!!!!

  6. Pretty,
    I was here last night but for some reason when I cllicked on comments or anything I got no response. Today it's working for me..
    I keep thinking I'd like to change things up then I chicken out...

  7. You look divine in that coat and hat! How fun to embrace the changes of the seasons, even with your blog layout! You are so creative! I am sure Jill will approve of the outfit! :)

  8. It's perfect...the hat, the coat, the whole new look!

    So I was all excited to try out your pear pie yesterday & even invited the guests for the evening so I could share it. I ran uptown to buy the pears; they looked a little on the green side, but I picked out the ripest ones. However, when it came to peeling them I knew they were just too firm, so my guests had to settle for a peach pie. I guess they'll have to come again next week for pear custard pie!

  9. Wow, you (and your blog for that matter)really do look ready for fall! The hat suits you very well Lovella. I am also looking forward to blustery days - okay, not the kind that cause damage to our barn roof- but pleasantly breezy!
    The trees are quickly changing colour on the mountainside. I will have to get out there this weekend to take some pictures.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. You look so stylish in your new hat, and the jacket is perfect!

  11. I also love the colors of fall, the new sweaters etc. The hat suits you very well and your jacket is very cute!! I've been keeping my eye on some of these new jackets, thinking it's a style that I've never been around for before, so I'd like to try it too.
    Maybe I'll have to start a Christmas list, or an Anniversary, that being sooner. =) Your blog looks great as always.

  12. hey i really like your new set up. The picture of you and Terry on the mountain is so beautiful and I love the chocolate pie picture too. That would make a great breakfast. Have a good day you stylish little thing you.


  13. Cute jacket! Where did you get it- US or Canada side of the world? Perfect with the hat. The stitching on the ribbon really showed up nicely in the photos. It's a touch I wouldn't have thought of, so simple yet classic.
    My internet connection has been down the last 24 hrs, so I'm behind on seeing your new look. It is fun to play around with the blog colors. Thanks for do up fall a bit.
    Wish we could have a touch of fall weather...I'm so in the mood for it. If I was up with you, I'd be calling too, so we could go get a cuppa together after a bit of shopping.

  14. Love the new layout!! And I agree that fall is a fantastic time! For the nice sunny days with the eaves falling or the cozy cloudy days.. Yay for different seasons!

  15. Hi Lovella, you look fantastic in the hat and jacket - very put together and chic! I think that's a great color on you.

    And I love that you are changing the look of your blog....can't wait to see what the final result will be. And I like it just the way it is now as well...love the dark background. Isn't it fun? Change can be a good thing....

  16. Love new beginnings, love the new blog, love the new outfit ... have I seen that little jacket in a store we know and love? Hmmm... You look fab. I tried to leave a comment last night too and it was a no go. Wonder what that was all about. I see a few different pictures this morning than I did last night; love them all.

  17. OK, well - I'll out and admit that Lovella's apology was for me -- I'm the one who likes things to stay the same !!! :-)

    I'm sure I'll love your new look but I will still miss the old that had so many memories....

    That jacket you found to match the hat is gorgeous.. You look stunning in your new outfit!!!

  18. Lovella,
    I'm so pleased the hat fit you and that you like it. It looks lovely on you. And the jacket matches perfectly.


  19. You are so fun...perhaps a modeling career is in your future, you are looking quite vogue! Love the coat...it has a great vintage look to it...vintage is my favorite;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  20. I found you on my sister's blog CityFarmer. I am interested in finding "friends" from all parts of the world. I LOVE the posts I've read so far. I'll be back for more. I swear, if blogging moms ruled the world...

  21. Whoa! I thought I was on the wrong page, but it's spectacular! I love it! Your pictures are gorgeous. BC is a striking place to live. I love your HAT and matching coat, too. Were you once a model?

  22. You AND your new blog look SMASHING!


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