the furnace is on

Last week we were still enjoying summer like weather but today when I woke up the furnace was on. I turned on the weather channel to find that indeed the warmth that we've enjoyed for the last few months will again become something to look forward to.
I felt as though a morning walk through the garden was in order before the rain starts this morning. The fall asters that we've enjoyed growing in the wild last week on our hike are now starting to open in my garden. They grow and thicken so much that I pull them out like weeds. This does prove that it only makes sense to grow plants that are native to our area.

The hanging baskets in the background are at least 4 feet long, and the half wine barrel is not seen for the petunias hanging over the side, and the saliva's that were planted from tiny boxes are tall and healthy.

My roses are still beautiful. I didn't spray for aphids once this year and there is hardly a black spot to be seen. This was probably the best rose year I've ever had.

The little carpet roses are starting their third bloom. Sweet little things, so unaware that the rain is going to damage their delicate petals.

It's just a little sad to know that I'll be going out there soon to cut away and cart the plants to the compost. I love windy fall days when the sun is shining and I know from past experience that those too will come but today . . . .I see grey skies and drizzle.
Yesterday I baked up three of Charlotte's maple twists for the B&B. Dorothy should be serving them within the hour. After they were in the oven, Dorothy and I decided that one more would be in order so I baked up one more for the kitchen help . . .oh the fragrance . . .
Just a note especially for Charlotte . . .everyone loves your Maple Twist recipe. Thank you so much for sharing it, if you have more treasures in your book, we'd love to try them.
Well, today, I'm going to go with the weather, sort through my closet . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Lovely roses --- and yes, it's always sad when winter's cold creeps in too far and we end up without those beautiful blossoms! Last night was chilly here as well. It's time for the down comforter. The lazy dayz of summer are past. . .

    Happy Autumn, Lovella!


  2. Your flowers are still so beautiful...
    but I don't understand why you are crying about the weather...It is lovely here..and sunny !!! but yes, cooler.... fall is definitely in the air !!

    If you are reading these comments, Charlotte, yes, your Maple Twists are amazing..I made them one evening for friends and they disappeared in minutes!! Literally !!
    Thank-you for sharing your recipe!!

  3. Your what turned on during the night?
    Please explain. I am unfamiliar with that term. (smile)

    I thought I smelled maple twist baking yesterday! Now I am smelling roses...funny how that works.

    Can't wait to see some more fall color change pictures on your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your flowers...they are gorgeous, and you are right, planting native plants makes all the difference.

    I wonder if *our* hat shop in your town will switch from straw hats to felt for fall. Send pictures if they do!

  4. Jill, I went back to read my post and then laughed. UP here in Canada we get cold at night so we have something to heat our homes called a FURNACE .. . . yep,

  5. well, I am looking forward to your changing leaves pictures... as our trees do not change.the new leaves in the spring just push off the ones from prior year..... it does not get cold enough here for leaves to change...and I must say I miss it!!

  6. I'm still holding off on the furnace (I've cheated a few times with the natural gas fireplace though!). I'm also sad to say 'good-bye' to summer...but every season has it's own beauty.

    I'm just wondering where Mimi lives...where is it that there are no leaves to rake?

  7. Even here in Southern California there was a distinct turn (albeit quite temporary) in the weather this morning...overcast and below 60F...a perfect day to have some hot cocoa, cinnamon toast, and read a good book. But no furnaces turning on in the night for us - that's still a few months away.

    Your garden flowers are beautiful...

  8. house is currently at 18 degrees and a touch chilly. I am too cheap to turn on the furnace when it's still officially summer for a few more days :)
    I do love your's so beautiful!

  9. Love the pictures of your flowers!! And I agree, it has been getting quite nippy!! My window is always open and now i'm freezing!! i even pulled out my afghan for my bed!

  10. I was seriously going label that my post. Turning the heat on for the first time in the fall, NEVER feels right!!!

  11. Summer salad in the last post (looking quite delicious) to chilly fall days ... can you believe this?!? We didn't quite get to turning on the furnace, but the house definitely could've used it. Instead I made some banana loaf and felt warm and toasty in the kitchen. I can't wait to see the fall colours, but I will be grieving the summer as well.

  12. Love your flowers. Furnace! yikes...

  13. Since I am at the other end of the world we are just entering spring. I am terrible with flowers and we just moved into our new house and we don´t even have grass yet let alone flowers. It is still a bit weird to have Christmas in the middle of summer but we are getting used to it.

    I do miss the fall in the valley. My favourite season. Enjoy.



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