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On Monday I ran up to the B&B to help Dorothy do the lunch for some groups meeting there for the day. We chopped up some salads and Ethan who is vertically challenged sat in his Bumbo chair to keep a keen eye on the goings on.

Lately I've been paying really close attention to the baby gadgets that are new on the market since we had our kids . ..several decades and then some ago.

This bumbo chair is just fantastic. It's on my wish list for grammies house.

If it hadn't been for that bumbo chair Ethan would have taken far longer to get his salad chopped. In the past, it was often Dorothy, Nancy and I having some fun together up there but now we have Ethan to help and entertain and we seem to work more efficiently and effectively since the end result means Ethan comes out of his bumbo chair to play "Itsy Bitsy Spider" one of his personal favorites.

Okay, it is "wanna date Wednesday". We're off. It's a perfect fall day and we're heading outdoors.


  1. Aren't those the neatest seats! My daughter (Heidi) and a friend are opening a 'kids gear' shop in Chilliwack next month and they have ordered a huge inventory of bumbo chairs. So you won't have to drive to Vancouver to buy yours. Come to Chilliwack & visit a shop called LELLOW on Mill Street...opening in October. Enjoy the day!

  2. I've never heard of a bumbo chair but it looks like a genius creation. I'm sticking that in my "when I'm a grandma" file...

  3. Hi Lovella! Forget the baby chair, I'm looking at the yummy salads and the darling baby! :)

  4. Boy, it sure doesn't take long to get to be outdated -- again!
    A bumbo chair...never heard of one nor seen one.
    I can see that Ethan is already being groomed to be an accomplished chef...and I'm sure no matter how old he gets he will always create his best dishes from his bumbo chair!!!

    Have a marvelous 'date'!
    The weather could not be more perfect!!

  5. A bumbo chair! That's new to me too. I would have liked one of those about 29 years ago when my son was that size! But, like Ellen, I'll have to add this to my "when I'm a grandma" file! Actually, I don't have such a file....maybe I'd better start one!

  6. You guys have far too much fun, and then have the audacity to call it work. Hmm... And Ethan looks like he is learning to find his way around the kitchen ~ something every good man should do now and then! As far as the baby gadgetry, there will always be new and upcoming inventions that will make us look like we were from the middle ages. Oh, well. Have fun!!

  7. looks like Ethan has the situation well under control !!!

  8. Hope your Wednesday date was a good one! Ethan really is a keeper, if I do say so myself, (as is the bumbo). I'm very glad he did so well on Monday. Here's hoping that during the rest of our "helping sessions" he'll do just as well.


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