the gourd that volunteered

Several years ago I bought one of those netted bags of ornamental gourds for Thanksgiving. Such an easy way to bring in the colors of "that season . . .I refuse to mention the actual season yet". After I was finished with "that season" decor, and wanted to begin putting up a few things for the "following season", I took the basket of ornamental gourds and threw them into the neighbors berry field . . .(to lazy to walk to the back of the property). Generally, these would be rototillered under in spring, but somehow I didn't quite throw them into the normal rototiller path.The following summer I was going for a walk when I noticed that there was a squash plant growing and upon closer inspection saw that there was a variety of ornamental gourds growing.
When Thanksgiving came I went out into the volunteer patch with my basket, picked double the amount that I had planted, smiled and went back into my house.
Today I was walking about the farm when I noticed again my volunteer gourds from yet another toss of last years decorations.
We have been hearing in our church the need to volunteer for fall programs this month. Of course if everyone does a little all the programs to meet the family needs are easily accomplished. How amazing that the time of year when we think of this, the Lord points out quite easily that volunteering is what He himself has ordained. As your family talks about what time you will give . . .consider the volunteer gourds .
Have a wonderful day my friends,


  1. Oohh...although I haven't actually deleted any photos before I had saved them, I have answered "yes" too often when the computer asked me, "Are you sure you want to do that." I couldn't begin to name the important stuff that I lost. The one that stands out most in my mind was when I accidentally reformatted the hard drive on our work computer - everything was wiped out...all the patient records, insurance info, and billing info...gone, with the push of a button. I should have said, "NO!"

    My wonderful hubby still loved me after that.

  2. Oh vicki, I just cringed and thankyou for making me feel a lot better, I'm sorry to have dredged up those memories for you.

  3. Your story brought back memories, although not a volunteer story. One year I had way too many zucchini and had tossed the large ones in the bush at the back of our garden..2 little neighbour boys found them and ran home with saucer like eyes and said "look what we found in the bush". They had no idea what these huge weird shaped things were!
    Sorry about the deleted pics...nobody else took any?
    Still waiting to hear who the special gal is that got that delicious torte!!

  4. Aww,,,Lovella, I'm so sorry..I know that horrible sinking feeling when you realize you took that step over the precipice and it is too late to take it back!!
    But, you know? it is only a few photos -- the people, the memories are intact!!
    And I love your volunteer post...sometimes the best things in life ARE free !!

  5. loved your post...
    and you make me feel better about all the things I delete... I guess I'm not the only one who says YES too quickly.. then regrets it immensely!

  6. Hay Vicki! Just because you delete and reformat your computer doesn't mean you've lost anything. Everything can still be recovered. My son has done it for several people including a company that thought they had lost millions of dollars worth of financial records. It reminds me of how important it is that we watch what we say. Just because we think it is gone doesn't mean it is so. Our words are bouncing forever in the airways just waiting for judgment day when all will be recovered.

  7. My computer has most of my photos, but my kids are whizzes at deleting from my camera. Little buggers.

  8. Be careful what you delete. Got it.

    I'm mourning your loss.

  9. Hey, James! I appreciate your input, but this actually happened back in the very early '90s (could have even been the very late '80s) when personal computers were still so new. That's when all those flimsy floppies had to be reformatted before you could back up to them. I forget to tell the computer to reformat "a" and not "c." The software company that we used back then had made and stored a backup of our work, current up to the previous week. It just cost us a lot of time and a little money, but we were soon back in business. Ah, those "old" days! My hubby's office was actually the first dental office in our region to be "computerized!"

    Lovella, thank you for your sympathy!! I try to not say "Yes" as quickly these days!


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