running to get the mail

This morning I was working in my office, paying bills, filing and realized that I hadn't run to the mail box to pick up the mail for a few days, . . . .and . . .I had seen that Julie had received a treat in the mail. This caused my curiosity to send me out the door.
At first glance nothing seemed to be unusually exciting, no big parcel . . .and then I saw it . ..way at the back a little key with a note, instructing me to open a larger box and retrieve my parcel . . .woo hoo.

Look what I have, a parcel from Carolanne. Everyone say this together . . ."next time there is a photo contest . . .I should enter it". Carolanne had a photo contest and I entered my walk through the berries, and she generously decided to send each one of the entrants a picture and a treat.
What a lot of fun to open up a gift from sooo far away. I believe this is my first ever from Australia.
Tim Tams. I've tasted these once before when our son travelled to Australia. . . .yummy

A personal hand written note . . .she's definitely a school teacher . was nice and neat.

This is me hiding the Tim Tams.

This is the beautiful waterfall picture that I loved so much. I'll be running down to have it framed and put in a special place in our home. Thank you so much Carolanne for the special gift and for the generosity and for the fun you put into my day.
Alright, back to business, I'm whipping up a peach tart to take to friends for dessert tonight.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. A treat in the mail! Doesn't it make the day feel so much more special? I think the paper postal option will never completely stop (as predicted after the success of electronic communication) as long as there are still goodies and treats to be sent.
    Next time I am at our World Market I will be on the prowl for Tim Tams; they must be yummy if you are selfish enough to hide them from Mr. T! (Just kidding, knowing you, I'll bet he got the first nibble...)

  2. Mr. T and I will be hoarding them . . its the hounds and the boys that will never see one. . .

  3. No matter how much the internet and instant e-mailing has changed our lives, nothing will ever quite match the thrill of receiving a package or letter in the snail mail!!

    I love your waterfall photo was in my original 'want' list...

    Peach tart sound wonderful too...oh the taste tempters dangled in front of us!! (especially in your posts!!!! can't you add a scratch and taste spot on your blog????)

  4. Your waterfall picture and Julie's bridge picture were two of my original choices, but I found the sunset simply too irresistible!

    Doc and I have been enjoying the Tim Tams as our after-dinner dessert...yum!

    Lovella, your photo commentary is just too cute!! You're so adorable!

  5. I LOVE Tim Tams. I was introduced to them through my sister, who spent 6 months in New Zealand. She also introduced me to TimTam Slams. One takes the Tim Tam, bites one corner off, then the corner diagonal to it. Have some hot chocolate ready (or maybe warm is best), and position the TimTam over the hot chocolate with one bitten corner in the hot chocolate and then you drink or slurp the hot chocolate through the TimTam by the other bitten corner. It's quite good.Now, it makes me want some TimTams, which incidentally I could get at Superstore, but now I am in Germany, so alas, no TimTam Slams for me.

  6. The Tim Tams sound yummy.. you do share them don't you... after all the rest of us are hungry for something unusual also.. what a wonderful and thoughtful gift...also I love the waterfall picture

  7. Hmm, Ellie...that Tim Tam Slam sounds very intriguing...yummy! I may have to try that before ours are all gone!

    Jill, let us know if you find them at the World Market...I'll make that drive to our nearest one if they have them!

    Lovella, thanks for stopping by!

  8. To get something by snail mail is still a wonderful thing even in today's technology. Emails are quick and wonderful but there sure is something special about getting a package in the mail!
    What fun, so enjoy Lovella.

  9. Well I'm glad you got them Lovella - now all 4 of you have received your photo and Tim Tams. Thanks for the "write up" in your blog - it made me smile and it was my privilege to send them to you. :)


  10. Hi Lovella, we can buy "Tim Tams" here ... I didn't know that they weren't available in Canada. They sure are a tastey treat! I'll send some with my Mom for you next time she comes, if you'd like. Love Julene

  11. Those Tim Tams surely do look yummy. I never heard of them until yesterday on Julie's post, and I've seen mentioned twice today around the blog world, and now, a photo! This got me curious so I Googled them. Evidently, you can buy them on the internet, or, if Jill can't find them at the World Market, there is a store in San Antonio that sells them - here's an interesting website:

  12. Hey, I mentioned Tim Tam's on my blog post about my trip to Whidbey Island. Funny! My friend Colleen introduced me to the Tim Tam Slam and my, oh, my, they are YUMMY!!! Congratulations on your fun mail. Better than bills any day. :)


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