over the rivers . . .

Sing with me . . .Over the rivers and through the woods to Kathy's tent we go.

Kathy and her dear man graciously invited us to bring Jill up to Manning Park where they were camping so that they could meet Jill too.
The weather was a bit chilly but we were prepared and did the traditional walk around Lightening Lake. The fragrance of the woods was just fantastic and my two walking friends were often stopped dead in their tracks as I called a sniff break.

I was shocked that Jill would come all the way from Texas and not bring her swimming attire. Imagine that, the opportunity to swim in this clear beautiful water . .the snow and ice melted several months ago and brave souls venture in.

We had such a great time, talking and walking and chatting up a storm. The pristine scenery only enhanced the already perfect afternoon.

We had a Wiener Roast for our supper. Discussions as to the proper degree of wiener "doneness "went on for several minutes.

Today we are heading out for the last leg of the race. Becky, Jill and I are heading out overnight and we'll have time to talk and relax and eat out a little. Perfect combo I would say.
We talked to Terry's sis this morning, she sounds great . .
They will have the final test results Friday or Monday but the doctor is very optimistic . .Praise the Lord.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful time! I envy it being cool enough to wear a jacket. It's sweltering here in VA.

  2. You are stretching out the summer nicely! Blessings on the rest of your frolicking...

  3. Sounds like you live in a perfect world....sigh...at least this week! smile

    The bridge you are standing on with
    Jill?? My two little granddaughters jumped off it into the water... brave, huh?? You couldn't pursuade Jill to jump??
    Guess not without a bathing suit...smile.

    Sorry I couldn't join you today...would have been sooo much fun!!

  4. PS. I am very thankful your sister-in-law is doing well!! Will continue to pray.

  5. Great that you are showing Jill many beautiful B.C. sites. Things that we (well, at least Travis & I) don't usually do on our own, but when we have people to stay!
    Enjoy your night away!

  6. Hi Lovella...and Jill

    I'm a friend of Julie's and have popped over to both your sites and am enjoying seeing your friendship blossom. I don't know how long Jill is staying or if your itinerary is full but you might want to visit Roxanne's Hats on Gasoline Alley in Ft. Langley and also their cute little library in the community centre. I think she would love them.

    Have a great day


  7. Looks like you DID have a great time!!!

  8. Mommie got to go to a wienie roast? I am sooooo jealous! I am glad you girls are having fun. My thoughts are with you, and, of course it is the thought that counts! :-)
    I am glad to hear Terry's sister is sounding well, I will keep her in my prayers.

  9. i hope your sleepover goes well. Lots of girl talk! Glad to hear that Terry's sister is in good spirits.


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