my little helper

I had the privilege of spending the day with sweet Camryn. She is my "daughter by love" Bea's little niece. She'll be two years old this month and we just had the best time. Initially she wasn't sure that mommy should leave but that was soon forgotten. We started the day with a bit of artwork . .. she coloured a picture for her Omi.

It was quite a relief to have the extra help around and the extra set of hands as I prepare to take a holiday this week.
It occured to me that if I was going to have a friend over I may as well set her to work. First of all I had her mix up a batch of fresh buns, and she put them on pans. The "help" was a little vertically challenged and found it difficult to reach the counter, so we improvised and did the thing that I never did with my own kids, I let her sit on the counter. Practicing being a grandma . .. . what fun.

In between I let her smell the flowers. Are her braids not just adorable? Perfect strawberry blond hair . . .I just love it.
Don't you just love the matching barrette?
Later in the morning I remembered that her auntie Bea had systematically cleared the clutter out of my closets and cabinets in January of this year. You might recall that I posted her fantastic job. I thought surely Camryn has been trained by the best of the best in organization skills so I offered up my kitchen cabinets for a bit of organizing enjoyment for her.
She questioned . .. why do you have three of the very same packets. . . (saw that look before)

Not only did she have organizing skills I also remembered that when Bea organizes she also gives the drawers and cabinets a wipe for good measure, and so I gave her a damp cloth and let her clean to her little hearts content. I rather enjoyed watching her open every spice bottle and give them a sniff . ..just to be sure they were still fresh. She put all the lids back on without spilling one.

After she had her lunch I knew she would be soon ready for her nap so I coaxed her outside for some blueberry picking. Just as I thought she knew her way around a blueberry patch . .ate a few . . .picked a few . . .put a few in the bowl.

Such a little doll. If you are interested you can see the fun she had with the dolly that I bought especially for her visit. Just click here to see the fun.
Oh the blessings of children. Surely they are increasingly witty and clever and cute to boot.
Thank you sweet Camryn for letting Auntie "lalella" practice grandma skills on you. We loved having you . . .please come again.
Today we finish packing up the tent . .and half of the rest of our belongings . .. we're taking one of the hounds and the other one will keep the chickens and Ken our trusty farm help company. See you at the end of the week.
I do hope you'll pop in then for another visit.


  1. What fun you two had! You will be a wonderful Grandma, Lovella!! Camryn is so cute!!
    Enjoy your holiday...

  2. She is so adorable! And such a good little hausfrau in training. Love her baby, and that she gave her baby a teddy bear too. You thought of everything to make her visit special, and someday she will be so tickled to see the video of when she was small. Don't blink, you know how fast time goes when they are small.
    Can't wait to see the vacation relaxation pictures. Especially Indee's first travels; hoo boy, this should be fun.

  3. Have a GREAT holiday! You never did say where you were going.

  4. Oh she's just adorable! What a cutie pie! I do love her braids.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Oh my goodness ~ what a cutie!! Children are so precious they make your heart feel like it's going to break from the sheer pleasure of watching them ... blessings indeed! And it looks to me like your grandma skills in are in tip-top shape - no dusting off needed there. :o)

    Enjoy your camping trip. It's always amazing to me how much our family has to lug with us to get away from it all ~ lol.

  6. What a precious little angel! You'll make a wonderful grandma, Lovella!

    Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see the photos!

    Congratulations to you, too, for being chosen by Carolanne for the Blogger Reflection do deserve it!

  7. Now that's my idea of a fun day!! No grandchildren yet but we have a little 4 yr old neighbour who is loads of fun.

    Enjoy your vacation L!

  8. Total cuteness! What a sweet helper. Happy trails to you....

  9. What a doll! Gives me some ideas when my very own grandson, Austin, who is 6 years old, comes to visit. So much better than the TV!!!

  10. What a sweet little girl. I can see that she looks quite like Bea.
    Lovella, you are going to be such a fun Grandma! The kids will just love coming over to your place :)
    Have a lovely vacation. Looking forward to finding out where you went and the adventures you had along the way.

  11. What a lovely day you had! Oh Lovella, you will make such a wonderful grandma.

  12. Oh, Lovella, you are a natural Grandma, but you look far too young! I know that your own will be even cuter than Camryn even though that it almost impossible to imagine! She is adorable!

    Have a wonderfully restful tenting experience! Come home if it gets too cold because I don't really think you want the german shepard coat snuggling up at night with you. (reunion went very well, and dress held up perfectly ~ thanks again!)

  13. oh, you definitely have the Grandma genes revved up and ready to go!!
    I had to laugh!! Allowed to sit on the counter..take stuff out of the cupboards and put spices on the floor, Oh yes!! grandkids can do anything!!!
    Have fun camping!!! smile

  14. those grandma skills seem to come natural to you... go ahead and say it.. you never had that much patience with your own children! .. because you did not want them to make a mess..
    but the messes that Grand Kids make are never as messy as the ones we had to clean up when our own kids were little... The little one is a real doll!!!

  15. What an adorable little helper! Its always amazing to me the things my dad would let his grandson do, that he never let me do!

  16. What a sweet helper!

  17. She's so sweet. And a wonderful assistant, too. What fun.

  18. I grew up with Strawberry Blonde hair and hated it. I've always felt bad for kids with red hair, but she's so adorable, I think I'm starting to change my mind. :) You will be a wonderful Grandma.

    Hope you're having a good vacation.

  19. You are one hot grannie...;-)

    thanks for sharing your day with Camryn...who by the way is "pinching" cute!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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