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I wondered where the best place to take three of my friends who haven't previously met (well almost haven't met) and all of us of a certain age . . ..well, to Minter Gardens of course. There is hardly a woman alive that isn't brought to a place of understanding with other women in the most beautiful of God's creations. Flowers is a common denominator world wide.
The forecast promised buckets of rain, and we dressed as though it wouldn't. We met first for lunch. We prayed together for safety, and for a blessing of our time.

It was the most wonderful experience watching three women who I consider myself to know well, to become friends and find a place where we felt safe to be ourselves. At our age, we have the luxury of moving ahead with confidence that our life experiences will somehow blend into meaningful relationships if we allow ourselves transparency.

The flowers were magnificent, we moved at slightly different speeds, but whenever we stopped for a moment or two, the conversation was easy, meaningful and full of humor.

The gazebo was a point of beauty and peace. My love for flowers runs deep. Having my cousin Julie there was incredibly special. I mentioned to her at one point, that it was just incredible being there with her and Jill, and Becky together. I would have never ever imagined when I started Blogging last fall that the rewards would bring me to a place like this.

To have women, that share an interest and yet an interest that allows us to be completely unique is just fascinating to me. We all have entirely different writing styles and yet the bond of friendship develops because of our common thread.

We appreciate each others beauty and diversity and encourage each other to remain unique in a world that encourages us to all think along similar lines.

I'm so thankful that I've been allowed into this special relationship with Jill, Becky and my dear cousin Julie. At times I see myself in each one of them in different ways, which truly blesses me for the qualities I admire in them.
When I saw Julie yesterday, I was nearly brought to tears as I saw my mom through her.My mom passed away so long ago and occasionally I see glimpses of her through my Aunt Mary. Yesterday though was like my eyes saw Julie for the first time. Their height is nearly identical, some of their mannerisms are similar, their interests run along similar veins, their deep and unyielding love for their grandchildren is unmistakeably identical. What a gift, to find out who this cousin is, what a joy to have . . . .

Today, I'll trot Jill around Canada some more. She is fantastically enjoying every sight we show her. We see it through her eyes afresh, and she has been truly the sweetest house guest.
We'll keep you posted for further touristy sites. Oh and about the weather? . ..the heavens sent down a tiny little shower of blessing and as we headed to the car, the trip to the gardens safely over, the heavens opened up and the deluge treated us to a clean wash all the way home.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Lovely blog, beautiful pictures and you have inspired me to call some friends for a get-together!

  2. So well said...and thank you again for sharing. Isn't the Lord so good to us, more than we could ever imagine!

  3. How wonderful to bond in friendship!! And what memories to cherish! You will never forget these sweet times...

  4. It really was a lovely day which had a bit of almost everything ~ sun, rain, good food, wonderful setting, laughter, bonding, old friendships, and new ones. A day to remember! Thanks, Lovella for organizing it! I loved it!

  5. Double Ditto on Becky's comment!!
    It was a wonderful day and you captured it with the grace and class that is your special style!
    I'm glad you can catch glimpses of your Mom in me -- I take it as a special complement!!
    I loved the day and the beauty around us that complemented the sweet fellowship!!

  6. Very cool~ Lovella, can you do me an itsy bitsy favor? Can you please remind my dear, sweet, adorable and oh-so-forgetful mother that her darling daughter loves postcards? I offered to send her a few I still have from the last time I was in Canada. Of course, I told her I would preaddress and stamp them for her too, just to help!
    She assures me she will make sure to do that. (Between you and me, she requires a little prompting...) :-) Thank you much! Have a wonderful time!

  7. Ah, the blessing of friendship. How true it is that if we show true transparency, the friendship will blossom. Wise words my friend.


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