looking for a Mountie . . .focus . . .focus

Yesterday Ray and Becky, Terry and I took Jill to Vancouver in search of a Mountie. She had her heart set on seeing that red serge and we did our best. We did tell her that they were a bit shy and although they are readily seen in the tourist brochures, seeing a real live Mountie could be a challenge.
We offered each and every visual feast of a Mountie we could find. Somehow seeing one painted in a vintage style sign just couldn't cut it.
I began to allow my mind to think of other small things when the hunt for the real life Mountie seemed elusive and not forth coming.
We again could not believe how the weather held for us, for another day. Promises of rain and showers from our weatherman thankfully didn't happen.

In the meantime, it seemed that where ever I looked, my mind ventured over to little things, . . .telling stories, my mind never stops conjuring up fun tales for wee ones. . . .

Remind me again, what we are looking for? focus . . .focus . . .

We feared the moose in the red serge was as close as we would get. He's a handsome moose. enjoying a little flirtatious southern charm.
We continued to hunt high and low, and I did my best . . .honest. . . .focus . . .focus . . .

What are we looking for again? . . .a moose? . . . .focus . .focus . .
Perhaps it was my fault that the real live Mountie in his red serge was never found . . .stores with fun with for wee tots . . . . .focus . . .focus. .. .

I confess, that I had been a bit doubtful about that real life Mountie with his fabulous red serge. There are indeed many to be found in Vancouver, and you will be charmed especially if you are a wee tot . . . .focus . . .focus. . .
Have a wonderful day my friends . ..run over to Becky's blog at Random Ponderings a bit later . ..I just sent her the pictures from the hat store . . .perhaps her take on the day is different.
Today, we're off to see what there is to see in the mountains . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. You just missed our parade day, we had a real live Mountie in his serge!!
    You're having such fun!

  2. What fun, glad you had such a nice visit with a bloggy friend. The weather looks glorious.

  3. my friend's son is mountie, maybe ya'll should headup down here and I could hook you up with a live one..........a real cutie at that, mr.t, and mr.b could be a little jealous....lol
    what is with the tot's........focus ..........focus are your grandmotherly instincts peeking through...;-)

  4. Oh what cute little toys you've found... I know they are quite distracting aren't they! I've been quite tempted lately as well!Be sure to watch for my next post- I've just completed my baby quilt, and I'll try to get some pictures tonight.
    It looks like you are having so much fun being a tour guide to your out of town visitor. How neat!

  5. Oh, what fun! It's too bad you couldn't find a real live mountie...maybe you'll find one yet.

    I'm intrigued by Jill's reference in her post to your spaghetti sauce, with the "all day prep recipe" and the "new trick about using papaya seeds." Is this something you can share?

  6. Aww.... I'm so sorry you didn't find a real life Mountie!! Did you think to call Vancouver Tourism and make an appointment with a live Mountie? Or you could have tried attracting them by committing a crime...Usually they are riding around Stanley Park?? None??
    How embarrassing for us Canadians...The whole world knows us for our Mounties and then there is none to be found....
    Sounds like you had a fun day anyway!!!
    The grandma eye is deadly for the pocket book...get used to it!!! smile
    And yes, isn't the weather a miracle!! Thank you to the REAL 'Weather Controller' !!
    Blessings on another day!!

  7. Sounds like you are the one who is having a wonderful day...they don't have any mounties way down here in the deep south.

  8. Well, if you do see a real live, tall, handsome, single Canadian Mountie, let me know! *wink, wink*
    It sounds like you ladies are having a fantastic time. The peacock had my jaw on the floor! How beautiful. Wish I could be there. It is good to be you!

  9. I am so jealous. I love Granville Island and Gastown. I sure do miss it. And those toys, wow!! They definitely don't have the quality or selection here as they do in Canada. Did you buy any of those lovely toys? So fun to be able to come along for the ride as you fill us in on your travels with Jill. It is a real treat for me to get snippets of home.

  10. Lovella, this is so cute. Your sense of humor makes me giggle.


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