the last date of August

The sky is perfectly blue . . .
The farm is fine without us . . .

Abraham Darby seems happy to bloom . . .

So . . .we're heading out for the day . ..
for a date . . .
just us ..
See you tomorrow my friends . .. .


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Does that mean Mr. T's done all the barn clean-out? Way to go, Terry! Hope you have a fun day out there in the gorgeous sunshine.

  2. We're all expecting some fine photos tomorrow...
    Enjoy your date, just the two of you, Lovella and Terry.

  3. Your photo of the moth is so beautiful...
    Have a wonderful date!!!
    and thank-you for your prayers!!

  4. Hope you have a spectacular date! Can't wait to hear about it!

  5. hope you have a great day together! the way you write about your marriage, one can't help but see the love that exists between you and Terry. thanks for the example.

  6. oh, so now I know why you weren't there to answer my pie question when I called. That is okay, I think I have it covered. Corinne

  7. wow that is a beautiful flower. I can't believe that september is upon us!

  8. BEAUTIFUL photographs Lovella. The detail in that moth's wings is so amazing!


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