I love the Fair

Every day I take a picture of something beautiful. It doesn't matter what I post about . . .there is always something beautiful. I saw this gorgeous Sedum blooming at the fair.
I think that we love the fair as much for the memories as for the current attractions. My earliest memories of going to the Pacific National Exhibition was when I was probably about eight. Oddly I don't have a picture of this. My mom and my aunt Mary took us kids in the afternoon and our dad and uncle met us later in the evening. This began a long tradition of the once a summer trek to the fair. Back then each child received a entrance ticket on their last day of school before the summer vacation.
We continued this tradition with our own children, even though they would now question why we didn't buy them all day ride tickets, we still had fun. (I think we did anyway) So, Terry and I made the trek once more, to watch the various free shows. He enjoyed the "wheels of steel" while I people watched and marveled at the sky line.
I pondered our lunch, and we finally settled on what is claimed to be the best fish and chips at the fair. It was actually quite good. We found a spot on some grass in the shade to have our picnic. Okay . . .wrong order of pictures . . .pretend you saw this before the picnic picture . .

We walked through the farm animals to see what they look like in the city. We don't have one of these in our field. He's a big boy.

We enjoyed watching baby chicks hatch. It was so fun watching the children watch the chicks hatch.

I admired the perfect rows of garden. It really is fun to see what the 4H clubs do to involve kids in the fair.

Okay, these we've seen before, we did a visual inspection. No those are not our ribbons.

We waited for Richard to race but we never saw him. Apparently he doesn't do the fair.
Terry and I laughed at this mom . .is she smiling or what? A successful nurser.
We watched the kids watch the parade and remembered the favorite stories that I have tucked away . . .(woo hoo)

I did a photo op for the 2010 Olympics . . .a professional snowboarder . . .that's me.

We watched this fellow build the Vancouver skyline out of cards, this was amazing.

We watched more children watch the parade, and thought of more books tucked away.

So, is the fair worth visiting? Well, that would depend on why you want to go there. If you want your $15. worth of entertainment, it probably is. If you want to wait in lines, and deliberate about food choices, this might be for you. If you want to remember taking your children to the fair and planning for the next set . . .it's a good idea to check it out.
However, if you just enjoy your day . . .no matter where you go . . . .as long as you do it together . .. . then, definitely . . . ..take in the fair . .. .we'll go again . . .just to have a date.
Tomorrow, you'll see our trying to break into show business. So close . .. (and that is where I had the best fun)
Have a wonderful day, I'm off to have my roots looked at . . .


  1. What a fun date, Lovella! I remember the fun we used to have at Fairs... We have our annual Pioneer Days during the long weekend in August. We didn't go this year, now I'm wishing we had..

  2. The PNE has always an indicator that summer is almost over. I remember going with Mom and Dad once, but then when Vic and I started dated we went at least once every year and we always took Romay.
    We haven't gone for a few years, but the best part of the fair for me is definitely people watching and animal watching --- don't ask me to choose which is more entertaining!!! smile

    I'm so glad you had a fun day ...and to look for something beautiful every day is a wonderful habit !!!

  3. That skyline built from cards was awesome. I'm always amazed at what people find to do with their time.
    Glad you had such a happy time making more fair time memories.

  4. Sounds like fun. People watching is always the best. I remember going to the PNE just once, (we weren't from the lower mainland) and thought for sure I was about to die on the rickety old wooden roller coaster - is it still there? I also bought a beautiful ring that I wore for quite some time ... until all the little stones started falling out. Maybe it's time for another trip to the fair to make some new memories.

  5. the fair is so much fun... last year I took my grand kids to the fair and I think I had more fun than they did... so many people and so much to look at... your pictures indicate that you had a great date !!!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun!

    It reminded me of the time we went to the Spokane Fair. It would be nice to go to the fair over there. We don't have Fairs very often over here.

  7. Dear and I had fish and chips at a restaurant tonight and it pales in comparison to that lovely speciman of yours. Dear is ready to drive to the P & E to get some proper fish and chips. LOL
    Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Ok, the pic of you in the olympics thingy is priceless. And I just must say that the pig had her babies! When we were there and the whole "nasty cat" situation took place, she was gestating away. Finally some little piggies!

  9. looks like you had a great time. I love the smile on the mamma pigs face so funny. Those fish and chips sure looked good. It's been awhile since i had those. I ahve to confess i have never been to the PNE but after looking at your pics i might want to go next year!

  10. I enjoyed your pictures from the fair. That sedum is beautiful. I recently saw one that color too, and thought it was so pretty.

  11. The card-builder did an amazing job! I'd be lucky to get four cards to balance.

  12. So glad you had a great time at the fair. I have lots of fun memories of the PNE, but haven't been in a few years now. Hmmm... maybe next year!


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