Happy Birthday Julie

Happy Birthday Julie . . . .

Today I'm remembering a birthday that I've never remembered before this year.

It's my cousins Julie's birthday.

It has only been this year that Julie and I have really connected and we are so thankful that we have.

We've always seen each other at family gatherings and have enjoyed a brief catch up chat but something different has happened . . .we've become friends.

She started to read my blog soon after I began it last fall. If you have been reading her blog you already know that her gifts and talents are many and she shares them freely.

The first gift that she bestowed on me was the gift of encouragement. She has been a source of constant words of affirmation . . .what kindness.

Soon after I started my blog, I encouraged her to start her own and I truly had no idea the treasure that waited to be unwrapped. She has what seems like a unending source of stories and insights to what she has learned by reading her Bible. Often I feel as though her devotional for the day had me in mind with her fingers ran over the keys and I smile knowing how well a cousin knows another.

Even besides the blog, we have now often emailed each other and even the occasional phone call to run something by the other. I am so thankful that I've had the opportunity to know who Julie really is. Besides being the daughter of the sister that was next in line to my mom who was the oldest in the family, she is also a friend who shares from her heart freely and cares about each and everyone who reads her blog.

I'll let her tell you her age, she'll be back from holidays real soon and there must be a story to tell about that too. .

Welcome back from your holidays Julie . . .we've been having a party in your honour . .

Run over to Julie's blog and giveher a birthday hug and wish her a Happy Birthday . . .dear Julie . . Run

Alright, I'm off to get ready for Jill's arrival . .

Between us two bloggers, we'll keep you informed of the fun we're having . .the camera will go to the airport. . .what fun.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. You will have such fun...can hardly wait for the pics of your time together!
    Off to wish Julie happy birthday...

  2. yay!! I love Julie, and it's her birthday..woohoo, I will defiantly RUN over there to give her a birthday greeting.

  3. Nice picture of Julie! Where did you ever find that?? I think your parents took more pictures than ours did! Enjoy your "adventure" through your new house guests!

  4. Praying for your visit...that it would be rich, full and touched by the very hand of God.

    Enjoy my dear friend
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  5. Awww...Lovella, I am moved to tears!!!
    How sweet of you to dedicate a post to me on my birthday....I was so surprised !!
    Sending a big hug from me to you!!!

  6. I justrecently reconnected with some cousins at a summer picnic, it was sweet and I know we will now stay connected as adults.

    you're a sweetie

  7. Oh, and thoughts and prayers for Brenday tomorrow as she faces surgery...God's ways are higher than ours.

  8. Oh, it is good to be you! I can't believe how big Indie has gotten! Good heavens! I hope you thoroughly enjoy the visit, which I am sure you will. My mom and I always have a blast visiting, even if it is just trying on hats and gib-gabbing. Thank you for hosting, and especially for turning on an oven in august! Lucky mom!


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