God's Garden

Isn't it just amazing how we can plan and work out in our minds which flowers would work best in our climate and even then it's often a hit and miss? (If you click on the collage, it will enlarge and then just click on the back arrow to come back to the rest of the story)

I was just amazed at the different flowers that we saw at Manning Park and actually we missed the best displays. There we were at the very top of the ridge where the growing season is so short but the delicate blooms were poking through doing what they do best year in and year out. (posting this after Jills comment . .I found a sit with Manning park flowers if you are interested in the names . .click here)

I was amused to see the lavender fall asters that bloom in my perennial garden in fall, already almost finishing their bloom in the alpine. I suppose they don't have the luxury of waiting for the leaves to turn up there.

This year on holidays I found myself remembering the pictures that my parents would take on holidays . . .scenery . . .lots and lots of scenery. We would kid them just a bit at the pictures that they claimed were amazing and quite spectacular in real life. They would do their best to persuade us that the scene that we were looking at, nearly took their breath away.

So, too, as I snapped one picture after another, in the back of my mind I knew that I could never truly capture the beauty that was before me, and then I thought about heaven and the descriptions in the Bible.

I wonder if my mom and dad are still wishing that they could send a postcard to us kids with a caption that reads, "I know this is a bit blurry but you'll have to take our word for it . .. .it takes our breath away".

As with most things, my age is adjusting my thinking and my appreciation for beauty is going deeper each and every day. What a gift in itself.

Have a delightful day my friends.

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  1. lovella, those pictures are just beautiful. today when i read your blog, i peace washed over me that i could not explain, perhaps the peace that passess all understanding, like scripture says in phillipians. i love your out look on life. it is true, we adjust our thinking as we get older. i certainly have much more apprecation for the ones that i love and the incredible blessings that God has bestowed on me..blessing to you my dear friend

  2. Thank you for sharing those lovely glimpses of God's garden in your part of the world. And just think, the entire earth is positively dripping with beauty from His hand! What a glorious artist! I love your statement about your appreciation for beauty going deeper and deeper each day...it has been the same with me and it just keeps growing and growing, the older I get. His beauty is so vast that we will never find the end of it, nor of His love for us. Just wonderful!

  3. It still amazes me just how beautiful our world is. God is an awesome artist!

  4. What are some of the common names for the flowers? I recognize Indian Paint Brush, the rest I do not know.
    Nice photography, especially capturing the butterfly; that's always tricky!

  5. Hi Lovella,
    A friend of mine and his son were talking the other day and the topic of evolution came up. They were amazed that i didn't believe in evolution. They know I'm a Christian. I guess they don't know what that means. When I look at all the beauty in the wilderness I have to say: " It takes a lot more faith to believe in evolution then creation."

  6. the flowers are beautiful... and only God can create such beauty...

    we think that we can create a beautiful garden by planting watering and clipping... but only God can do the nurturing and it is truly his beauty
    God made all things beautiful great and small !!!


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