early morning walk

I woke up early this morning and put on a light jacket and my farm shoes and crept out the front door to not awaken the hounds or the husband. I just love the quietness of the mornings to walk outside and think and pray.
With the song . ."The steadfast love of the Lord never faileth, . . ."I walked across the road and went into the neighbors berry fields. They've finished picking the raspberries now and the fields are quiet and resting, the branches tired and already losing life willing fall to come.

The strawberries and raspberries are all done. We are eating blueberries now and I'm saving most of my pie quota of the year for the wild blackberries which we enjoy from our back field.

Carolanne is hosting a photo contest of pictures within an hours drive from our house. I've meant to hop in my vehicle and pick the perfect spot but really . . . .most days, its here walking through the fields.
Some of you take such fantastic pictures so if you click on Carolanne you can see about entering your own.

Today, I'm running around to get ready for my summer holiday. Knowing me as good as you do now, where do you think I might go? Any thoughts?

Summer is half over, and you might be already finished your holiday . .where did you go? I can still change my mind . . . . .

Okay, I'm off and running for the day. Terry will be up in a few minutes, and we'll head to starbucks to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee before we start our day.
I hope your day is stupendous.


  1. I so enjoyed this early morning walk with you. Have a great time at starbucks!

  2. I agree! There is no place like home!!
    Beautiful photos, beautiful morning -- I too love the quiet beauty of the dawn when it is just me and God!

    We're getting ready to go on holidays too...we'll have to compare notes!! smile

  3. Now I want to go on a holiday!
    Lovely pics as usual...I too love the early quiet morning time. 'Be still and know that I am God' comes to mind..
    Humidity has let up as well as the heat so we are enjoying a wonderful comfy day!

  4. Oh, Lovella, your photos are beautiful! I love getting up early and walking, too, but I'm usually back home about the time the sun is coming up.

    We took our holiday early this year and spent eight days in Kentucky in late May. We'd like to plan a trip this Fall to visit my brother who lives not too far from you in Lynden, WA, but I think we'll have to wait till next year. We're feeling homesick for Kentucky again, so I guess we'll go there again in November.

    Enjoy your holiday! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Such pretty picture; but isn't taking a walk a tad dull when you don't have to dodge spiders and jump over snakes as you go?

    It is hard to imagine that summer IS almost half over. It went so fast. Lucky you to have toothsome echos of summer in your freezer!

  6. Aunt Lovella,
    Sounds so nice to have a relaxing morning like that... I'm looking forward to my week off next week when I'll be able to do the same!! Sounds like you've had a little lift in your spirits, possibly an answer to prayer? God is good. Well, I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  7. For our holidays we went to Canada.
    I met you in the park on a Saturday. And I have a picture to prove it too!
    The Canadian blueberries get imported to central Oregon. I bought so many last year that I still have them frozen in my freezer.
    Though it was lovely that my uncle so generously let the kids and I pick and eat as much as we wanted while we visited. I could eat raspberries forever and have thanked the Lord for creating them for me to enjoy soooo much!
    We'll spend a week on the coast of Oregon before having to send the kids back to school.
    I also love stepping outside to eye over the garden when I get up...smell the roses with a cup of tea in my hand.
    I wonder where you are off to.

  8. Our family farm in the Midwest is full of dirt roads like this....gotta love it.

  9. Great photos Lovella and your name is entered.

    I like the last photo - It reminds me that we're all on a road leading to somewhere and it's going to be good. :)


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