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. . .Oh and another fabulous thing about being just the two of us, is that if we create a vacation for ourselves and it isn't always perfectly comfortable, well we just deal with it. Camping 2007 was just what we needed. It was a bit on the chilly side but we managed and well . . .you just don't see what we saw sitting by a pool.
Now, granted, we did have proper facilities and even showers . .well sort of warm showers . .

When we longed for something fresh to be baked we only needed to run to the lodge at Manning Park and ring up our friends and beg a fresh platz. Oh it tastes even more wonderful when there is a chill in the air and we eat by the fire.

We saw the strangest and the most beautiful delicate coral (above water).

We talked endlessly at the joy of expecting grandchildren . . .I begged "grandpa" to do his best animal impersonations. . .truly he'll be the best.

Last year when we were at Lightening Lake campsite, we had ventured into bear country with plenty of bits of warning on the path. I grew quite concerned and at one point begged to go back.
This year my good man purchased some bear spray and we kept it close by when we hiked the high country.

Never a dull moment . . .when I turned around I gasped at his sudden shortness . . .he was quite delighted to demonstrate the depth of the hole in the rotted old tree.

At times, the peacefulness and beauty simply needed moments of reflection . .time to admire the beautiful creation . . .truly God is amazing.

At the end of the days of hiking . . .our new double air mattress was a welcome and cozy sight. Though the temperatures came ridiculously close to freezing we were quite snug in our bed.

We had a huge family gathering taking up several sites across from us and the children laughing made us conjure up strategies for our own family gatherings down the road. . . .with children again laughing and poking at the fire . . .oh . .. .time to dream.

This picture really belongs with the Platz and Kathy. Kathy and I plotted strategies thinking of how Scot and Terry needed to consider the dire need for them to run out and buy us some camping trailers. . . .such fun.
Those boys would run the gauntlet for us if we begged. Well we think they would.

There are quite strict rules about not feeding the wildlife. How can one help it if one suddenly drops a peanut or two on their shoe? Certainly mistakes happen.

The first thing I would hear in the morning was generally speaking . . ."I don't smell no coffee" at which I most often replied . .."I don't smell no smoke".
When I went to Starbucks and had the coffee ground . .the lady asked "how would you like it ground?" and I said . . ."camping ground please" . . .. "right then".

Have you lately walked in the forest that has never been logged?

Have you sat in silence beside a lake when all you hear is the jump of trout and the buzz of bugs?
Oh and by the way . . .lavender oil does do a splendid job of keeping the skeeters at bay.

Have you taken a moment to sit with the one you love to dream and plan and think of all that you still dream to do?

The colours of summer . . ..the smells of the grasslands full of life.

We did get around to some more strenuous hiking . . .we climbed the ridge where fired had destroyed the top of the mountains, years ago when we were there with our boys.
Even though I was dreadfully out of shape and hadn't quite succeeded in making sure that the huffing and puffing would be less outrageous this year. . .the climb to the top was worth every step . .truly. We climbed up from the valley floor far below . . the lakes are oh so small.
We were nearly level with the snow caps across from us. . .twas a tad chilly, perhaps it was good that I needed to huff and puff to stay warm.

Someone had left an inukshuk to welcome us to the top . .

We found a sign along the path . .. we were uncertain how it should go .

So, that is a sample of the 250 pictures that I took. It was just a delight. Us two lone ducks . .one more summer vacation . . .just the two of us.

We couldn't resist taking this picture at the top of the world. The two of us with our hiking boots. Terry suggested to me that next year he'd like to see me do it in some heels and a frock and perhaps I could carry a matching bag to put my ever close tube of lip stick in.
What a guy . .. thank you for the holiday my sweet man. . .perhaps I'll invite you again.
I'll likely post once more about our holiday. The flowers were nearly finished but I managed to find a few . .
Have a delightful day my friends... It is good to be back.


  1. Dreamy! I could close my eyes and smell the campfire smoke, and the trees, hear the soft sound of walking on a path, and slight slurp slurp from the lake's edge. The only thing that kept me from drifting away in revelry was that I kept busting up laughing at Mr. T antics. No reason to fear bears, they will be laughing so hard they will fall over and be unable to attack!

  2. Great pictures, Lovella. I especially like the ones of you two on top of the mountain. I think you should be buying a new frame or two for those. :) Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip. Ken & I both love Manning- we haven't been back since our engagement... maybe we'll be able to do a day trip still this year. Beautiful pictures!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I relaxed just looking at them! Glad you had such a great time.

  5. Welcome back to the real world ... isn't it nice to escape for a while? Your pictures are beautiful. Did you buy your air mattress at Costco? I think we were using the same model on our camping trip ... every now and again we were a little closer to the floor than we had started out the night before, but it was quite comfy. Glad you're back! Can't wait to catch up.

  6. Welcome back, and thank you for sharing some of the great times you beautiful! I love the last photo: at the top of the mountain - stylin' with your elegant hiking sandals and polished toenails! And right next to you, Terry's sensible hiking shoes and thick wool socks...what does this say about men and women?? Viva la difference!

    Thanks for your message on my blog today - actually, it was not belated at all, still a few more days to go! I appreciate the good wishes.

  7. Ahhh now that's what I call a holiday! Great pics Lovella, thanks for sharing and welcome home!
    Just barely survived the week without your posts!!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! We love heading up there. So pristine and mostly untouched. I love the pictures of both of you at the top of the mountain. we've never hiked up that high but now I'm inspired to! Hee hee, I like the heels and a frock bit. Too funny. :)

  9. What a wonderful vacation... such beautiful pictures! and so much to look forward to another one... and to climb the mountain with your sandals and pretty toenails.. such a statement for us women !! ha ha

    looks like you had a refreshing time together.

  10. Welcome back, Lovella! Looks like a lovely vacation. I'm with the others ... the pics of you and Mr. T on the mountaintop ~ perfect!

  11. Such fantastic photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  12. i missed you lovella, such beautiful pics. you and terry remind me so much of willy and trudy and what they love to do. perhaps someday soon they will be able to enjoy that again. i miss the mountains. i so long for a vaction, perhaps next year. For this year weiner roast at the lake will do...;o)

  13. Okay, love this the squirrel inpression by your man and the red toed hiking boots that your sporting.

    Way cool my friend
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  14. What a wonderful getaway you had Lovella. Your pictures are spectacular. It looks so peaceful. The complete opposite holiday that I just had in busy, busy Vegas!!!

  15. Glad your back. Can't wait to be on the top of that mountain soon. Although I loved your look, I will be wearing my hiking shoes. Scot will be impressed with my sensable choice. (thanks to your advise) Your pics have wet our appetites for a week of relaxation and creation enjoyment.


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