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Yesterday was filled with joy and relief and excitement. We were so thankful that my sis in law's cancer surgery was over and will continue to pray that her lymph nodes come back clear.

Thank you so much for praying with us, what a blessing it is to have friends and family that support those we love.
Yesterday Jill and I ventured out to find the best and most unique hats, and though the one above was a tad cumbersome, the color was fantastic.

One of the wonderful things about taking a friend around town, is that you just might find a hidden treasure yourself. That is exactly what happened when we found this little soap store in Clayburn village. The owner was fantastic and took the time to enjoy her garden with us.

Her garden was just a treasure and hidden away as a special reward for venturing up her path, to her back yard.

We also stopped in our local hat store.

It just amazed me how Jill could try on nearly any hat and it a) fit her . .and b) looked spectacular on her.
It was wonderful having a personal tutorial of hat styles, and fabric names from which they were made.

I'm so accustomed to looking for a hat that fits my little pea head, and so it was a delight seeing her enjoy Canadian hats (most likely made in the States). . .ironic, isn't it.

Later in the afternoon we popped back over to our house, and sat in the back yard having a coffee with the hounds and Terry.

Earlier in the day, she had spoiled Otis and Indee by giving them a treat from her local doggie bakery. Terry needed to hold Indee back to keep her from licking Jill's feet. Oh yeah, our dogs are classy.

Otis was happy as long as the tip of his paw touched her foot.

Later in the afternoon, Terry and I needed to get ready for a wedding we were attending. . . .shoot( I forgot to get permission from the brides mom to post a pic . . ..and they were just beautiful)

Jill, graciously brought not one hat for me to try with my dress but four hats.

I don't have pictures of all of them, but oh goodness, she's been telling the truth, about what happens when you wear a hat.

What a lot of fun. Us Canadian women just haven't gotten back into the swing of wearing hats, and I do believe that slowly but surely the tide will turn and our outfit will be complete again after the hat has been purchased.

This darling little hat is a vintage 1940's.

Off we went, my handsome man and I. We had a wonderful evening, and I relaxed knowing our guest was in good hands.

I'll let her post who's blog home she went to next.

Today, we are heading outdoors, rain or shine. We live in British Columbia where it may rain, or it may not, the weather men haven't exactly gotten their forecasting down to a science.

We will keep you posted as to the fun we are having.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

I'm off to put dinner in my crock pot.


  1. Your visit with Jill looks like so much fun and it all happened through blog land...amazing!
    I love the hat look great in hats!
    Have a great day!

  2. I feel like I am enjoying the visit with all of you. The blogging from both you and Jill are great!!I was feeling lonely that I couldn't make it , but the posts lift me up..Bless you for hosting Jill.

  3. Love the hats! That large green one is very dramatic...

    I will keep your sister-in-law in my prayers.

    I'm going to visit Jill's blog now.

  4. looks and sounds like you are having the fun of a lifetime...
    enjoy the visit !!!

  5. Oh, my, look marvelous in that hat! It's perfect with your dress, too.

    I love the idea of wearing a hat. It would be great if the trend would return.

    It's great that you and Jill are having such a great I'm off to Jill's blog. Gotta see what's going on over there!

  6. Lovella you look terrific in the hat and dress. The hat trend will continue to grow as more women like you take the leap and start wearing hats. They are so much fun and so pretty! All the best to you both on your visit.
    Kate Q:-)

  7. Lovely hats, Lovella! I never can find one I look good in, as most of the time I wear my glasses, and the 2 do not seem to go hand in hand.

  8. Lovella, your wedding outfit was perfect, and perfect on you! And the hat just made the outfit!!
    Jill's big green hat kinda reminded me of Tiny Tim's hair with a green dye job!! smile

    Love how Otis and Indee recognize 'class'...How could they not love Jill ? I'm sure the treats had nothing to do with it!! HaHa

    I posted about our day today and told everyone to go see your's and Jill's and Becky's version!!

  9. That hat looks perfect with your outfit. You wear it very well.

  10. Ok, I've been so busy.....and I've been meaning to check out your time with Jill. So here I am finally digging back in the archives. What fun! And the hats are lovely.


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