Can we have some one over?

When I was little my parents often heard us asking on a Sunday afternoon . . .who can we have over? There was often some "heeing and hawing" as they would tell us we had to wait until after they had their nap. If my mom had baked buns, which of course a good Mennonite woman would do on a Saturday, then the chances were quite good that someone would be invited over for Faspa.
If the cousins were coming we would either watch by the window or else go outside to watch by the garden gate. It is one of my favorite childhood memories.
Times have certainly changed and occasionally the invitation goes out from our home to come for Faspa on a Sunday evening which consists of fresh buns, cold cuts, some cheese and some fresh baked delights.
Some time ago I hinted at the fact that I had invited over a house guest this summer. Tomorrow she arrives. Jill all the way from Texas is coming to sit a spell.

This year has been full of firsts for me and this will be another.
I can honestly say in the 29 plus years of our marriage aside from exchange students we haven't hosted someone we've never met.
I first "met" Jill on Heidi's blog (Nothing but blue sky) . .Heidi can be credited with introducing us.
If you haven't kept up with the blogging world relationships, in a nutshell . . . .Heidi went to school with my sons, when she grew up she went far away to school , fell in love and married someone in San Diego. Heidi's husbands, mom's very good friend Jill would comment on Heidi's blog. I read these comments and her wit coaxed me over to see who she was about. The first time I left a comment was last Christmas when Jill and her husband were scooting around their neighborhood on their motorcycle to see Christmas Lights. It seemed to me that indeed they were a couple similar to Terry and I, so I left a comment and well, . . .the friendship began.

So, now, the room is nearly ready. The little 9X9 room that was originally Terrence's room, (and now we wonder how we kept such a big guy in such a little room), which is slowly being converted into a nursery, is taking a bit of a detour to welcome a friend.

The floors have been polished . ..

The daily itinerary has been set. . .rain or no rain.
We'll be seeing the local sites . . .
We'll venture out a bit further . . . . ..maybe show her where we camped and see if we can drop in on someones campsite for dinner.
The baking is nearly done, and yes . .I did bake up a batch of Paska yesterday, in the middle of August. She won't likely be here for Easter and so we're getting a bit of a jump on things.

The hounds have had a bath and are receiving instruction on puppy etiquette (he may as well save his breath for all the good it does) . .
Oh yes and Miss Ella is ordering herself some parts today, I don't think they'll be on in time for Jill's visit, but at least the old merc' is finally getting her start.

Jill, we are so looking forward to your visit. When we pick you up from the airport just before dinner tomorrow, it will be like seeing an old friend. Because we share the things that are truly important . . . . it will seem like catching up.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a little of this and that while I wait . . .someones birthday is coming up in blogland and I plan to spill the beans. . what fun.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. How wonderful! You and Jill are going to have such a lovely time together. What a story on how your friendship began. Who would've dream't it?!
    Looking forward to hearing about what you two ladies get up to, besides chatting, chatting, chatting of course!

  2. Oh my goodness...I can't believe it is tomorrow that I will be there with you and giving you all Texas style rib cracking hugs!(Just kidding Terry...) Everything looks so pretty, I'll be wandering around admiring everything, and it will be so good to see you and Mr. T and the hounds in person!
    I am still amazed at our friendship. As Chris said "Who wouldda thunk?"
    Thank you again for your generous hospitality, and for going the extra mile to make me paska in August.

  3. Lovella,
    I am so thrilled that you two will be finally meeting in person. Jill is a wonderful lady and great friend! As I am sure you are by reading your blog (lurking mostly).

  4. how exciting for the both of you. you will no doubt have a great time together. i look forward to hearing all about your adventure together.

  5. I loved reading the story of how you met! I pray the Lord blesses you with a sweet, memory-making visit!

  6. Have fun and make many memories and I hope the camera will always be handy and that you will share some of the pics!
    Have a great visit! (remember, I did guess right that it would be Jill)
    Lucky Jill...paska in August!

  7. Betty r . .you did guess right, I'll have to come up with a prize . . .such fun, and oh yes the camera is ready and waiting and you dear friends will be treated to the fun as well.

  8. have a great and wonderful time together...
    what a great way to find and make a new friend...
    have lots of fun showing her your part of the world...

  9. Both of you have a fabulous time, and we are all looking forward to hearing and seeing a little about all the fun you will be having. Blessings!

  10. Oh, this is so exciting! How wonderful that you two finally get to meet! Have a marvelous time together!

  11. I DO knownthis great hubby and I spent last weekend with farmgirlcyn and her was a little of heaven and her pool water was 84 degrees...yummy food and fellowship like no other!

  12. You have been a busy girl getting ready for your guest. Enjoy your time together. Kathy

  13. So quiet at the library! Aaagghhh...wanna go home and finish last minute stuff.
    I was up until 1 am yesterday, with a case of trip proud (that's what they call it when you can't sleep because you know you are going somewhere...) Got all the editing done on the book before I left for work, B. will pick it up from Kinkos. I've packed a suitcase just with hats, for fun, and a 20 inch suitcase for my clothes.
    Tropical Storm Erin is gving us just small showers here and there. Hope the flight will leave on time, I should be fine with the Seattle layover anyway.
    Wanna go home...yawn.

  14. So fun! I hope you have a fabulous time visiting. Jill will get to see what an amazing hostess you are!

  15. oh i hope that you and Jill have a wonderful time together. You must be so excited!

  16. What a wonderful adventure. Enjoy your time.

  17. Oh, Lovella, what a crazy girl you are! Looking forward to being the witness of this strange adventure the two of you have concocted! What fun you will have!

  18. First of all, thank you for mentioned Faspa. I love Faspa and have missed out on it the last couple of years as my parents moved away.

    Second, how great that you and Jil get to meet. Isn't blogging awesome? So many rewards. And how great of you to make Paska for her! I hope she likes it. If she doesn't and you need someone to help you finish it off, Jennie and I can be over in a moments time. :) Have fun!


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