Betty r's fruit roll

Today I'm featuring a recipe from a non blogger friend Betty r. She has been a faithful reader of my blog for some time now and treats me to her sweet and friendly comments regularly. It is so fascinating to learn where you are all from and what you are all about.
After a wee bit of coaxing, she sent me her picture and a recipe. Somehow, when someone sends me a picture of themselves, it fits with their comments and Betty's picture and her comments fit perfectly together too. Thank you Betty for allowing us to enjoy this recipe. This was her mothers recipe and those are always the best.

Betty lives in Steinbach Manitoba with her husband of nearly 40 years. How fantastic is that? They have three children and four grandchildren.
As she says . . ."some of the things I love to do . . .cook, bake, garden, read, crochet and travel and . .. . .someday maybe start a blog. I work part time at our business, keeping the lunchroom clean and baking 'tons' of goodies for the staff. I created this job for myself just so I could bake to my heart's content!!!"
Wow, everyone in Steinbach is going to be lining up with job resumes. If you're driving through Steinbach today and you notice a line up at a lunch room, stop . . ..Betty is probably in there serving up goodies . . ..
Yesterday I baked up this fruit roll. Betty makes hers with rhubarb but my rhubarb is pretty much finished for the season and I had apricots, so keep that in mind when you make your own.

Mix together 3 cups of cut of fruit . .she used rhubarb . . .I used apricots with 1 1/2 cups of sugar . . .(I only used 1 cup for the apricots and it was plenty for less tart fruit) and 1/4 cup flour . .again I used a bit less for the apricots.
Let this stand while you make the dough and roll it out.
For the dough you will need . . .
1 1/2 cups of flour
3/4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
Cut in 1/8 cup shortening
Add 1 cup of whipping cream and mix this with a fork until blended.

Form it into 2 balls and then roll it out into two rectangles. You will need a bit more flour to roll it out and I use a bench scraper to get underneath so that I don't tear the dough.
Make sure the dough doesn't stick to the counter because once the fruit is on you can't mend it very easily.
Put half of the fruit on each rectangle of dough and then pull the sides up and pinch them together. If you are a real good baker, these will not separate in the baking process . . .mine did.
Also squeeze the ends together and roll them up a bit.
Transfer the rolls onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
Bake these at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes and then she browns hers under the broiler to make a nice brown crust.
I did mine in the convection oven and it browned perfectly.

When they are still slightly warm, drizzle a little icing on top. I just used icing sugar and a bit of warm water to make a glaze.
We had friends pop by last night and the rolls were devoured . This recipe is so easy and the dough is very pliable and doesn't crack like some pastry can do. Try it with whatever fruit you have right now, add a scoop of ice cream, and serve to someone you love.
Okay, I'm off to help with a bit of farm work today, I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Sooo good ... thanks for the recipe Betty R. I'm going to be adding this one to my repertoire. Lovella, we loved the treats and the visit; so much fun to catch up! Thanks!

  2. I made the headlines in Lovella's blog or was it the fruit rolls that made the headlines?? lol
    Oops..Lovella, did I write 1/3 shortening or is that your typo?? As any baker can tell it should be 1/3 cup...
    Glad you all liked it and I will try it with apricots for sure! Peach and plum would be delicious too.
    (sorry about those white blobs on the pic..over exposed orchids and they were so pretty!)

  3. Betty, I just checked the recipe you sent me and it is 1/8 cup. I put my glasses on to double check . .lol.
    I thought this amount was quite scimpy for a mennonite recipe, usually we are a bit more generous with our fat amounts. However, it still turned out great, next time I'll add a bit more to see the difference.

    Oh and the recipe was just a great excuse to feature you, . .

  4. Hey! That's my Mom, Betty! We LOVE her and her baking and so PROUD of her!! She is amazing!! I would hope to be half the baker she is one day!! She even graces my work place with tasty morsels from her kitchen and has left her mark my staff as well... they all plead for the next indulgence to hit our office!! No one ever leaves disappointed or hungry! Thanks for featuring her and her recipe! P.S. Isn’t she gorgeous??? ;) ~Alison

  5. I'm inspired to go and get some apricots to try this today. Looks delicous, especially with the fruit showing! I love anything with fruit and drizzled with icing sugar! Betty, it's encouraging to see you love to serve your staff.

  6. Hey Lovella...I may be a health conscious Mennonite cook after all..(lol) My mistake, I think when I asked about the typo I said 1/3 cup...I checked my recipe and it is 1/8 cup, so you need to change that sorry about that.Now I think I have it right!
    Your pics make these rolls look ever so scrumptious which they are of course, my Mom would have been proud to see this post!

  7. by the way lovella, it looks very pretty when it opens like that, you could make any flop recipe look delish......such a gift. a cup of coffee with that would go real good right about now. i just finished working and a tad bit hungry. got to go feed the kids.

  8. hi betty, we are almost neighbours, my grandparents lived in steinbach the first street that runs paralel to main, i believe it was elm street where that ice rink was, not sure if it still there it has been so long since we have been there. we live in the peg. in n.k. were else does a good menno live. :o)

  9. Neat post!! And so nice to meet you,Betty !!
    The fruit roll looks delicious...Vic's Mom taught me to make them. It tastes wonderful with any fruit in season.

  10. Mmmmmmm, that looks fantastic! Here's a little tip for this type of recipe that works for me..... after rolling out the dough into a rectangle, transfer it to your baking sheet, then fill it and seal it right there. This way you don't have to move it and risk it breaking open on its way to the pan.

  11. First off, Betty! thanks for sharing your recipe with all of us. Lovella, Thanks for making it with my favorite pastry filling apricots! Yum. My next thoughts that I just can't keep to myself. How do you lovely ladies stay so slim with all this good cookin' going on? Blessings...

  12. It looks delicious... think I'll try mine with peaches... thanks

  13. Hey, I am going to Steinbach in two weeks to visit my parents there... I hope I run into Betty r and her delish looking fruit rolls!!

    And thanks for the comments on my blog...keep visiting...there will be some exciting Canucks posts after tomorrow!! :)

  14. I have a ? for all you Mennonite DO you stay so slim and trim with all the baking you do??? Years ago, after I got saved, I bought "More with Less", the famous Mennonite cookbook, and there was nothin' this good in there, that I can remember!!! I need to go for a walk, just looking at this!!!

  15. Yummy!


    Oh so photogenic!!!

  16. Sounds like the lunchroom in Steinbach could be serving one or two new customers in weeks to come....

    Betty, I, for one, would love to have you start blogging - you could do a recipe blog (please, please...)

    Lovella, that pastry looks soooo good. My nose is twitching, I can almost smell those fragrant apricots from here!

  17. Thank you Lovella for featuring me and my recipe...that was a fun day as a "blog celebrity"! And thank you everyone for the kind words..even made a few Steinbach connections!
    Now back to my "hum drum" apricots in our grocery stores:( so I bought plums and will make the roll with that today and share it of course!! Anyone want to join me for a cup of coffee and a piece of plum roll??

  18. Love the photo at the top, it makes me want to take a big bite out of it! :)

  19. what time is coffe on betty, "its worth the trip to steinbach". it only takes me 40 mnutes to get there. lol :o) i love plums too!!!

  20. I'm Betty's daughter Brenda. I would like to add that my Mom is a great example and inspiration to me in the way she lives her life.
    I have great memories of coming home after a long day at school to find a wonderful just baked after school snack. I loved that I had an at home mom that was there for us.
    I would love to see my mom start her own blog. Lovella, you have a flair for photography as well as blogging.

  21. I think we should start a campaign to see Betty start her own blog. Thank you so much for allowing us a window into your life Betty.
    I feel like we know you just a little bit more . ..and we like what we see . . .

  22. Berry r. Sooooo...after searching I find that you are the author of this recipe. I know this is an old post but I am a new blogger. Thanks by the way for visiting my site. I have a niece that lives in Steinbach...and it would appear that we have something in common....feeding the masses (staff).

    I am going to be trying this fruit roll tomorrow and my son and his study friends will be the judge of it....

    I'll update you all. Thanks for contributing and to Lovella for sharing it.

  23. This makes me think of some my grandmother used to make. Thank you for sharing this. It looks so yummy and beautiful, too!

  24. I'm just reading this and, alas, it's February in the "Fruit Basket of the World" (Central California)and we don't have any fruit, except oranges, but when summer comes, I'm going to make this! My husband will be thrilled!

  25. I am unfamiliar with Maggi seasoning. Is it a Canadian thing? I live in California, so maybe you can tell me what is in it and I can duplicate it here.

  26. Do you use only fresh fruit? What if I use a can of cherries or frozen and make like a pie filling first? Anyone used apples? They are always available.


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