the amazing visit

Taking Jill to Whistler British Columbia marked the last leg of Jill's visit to Canada. Becky and I packed a picnic together and found a beautiful lake to stop for our lunch.
The one thing I learned while Jill visited is that I need to learn just a tad more about where I live. It is now officially on my to do list. When you invite a research librarian to come and you show her all the scenery, it might have been smart to either send her all the links ahead of time, so that she could do the research on where we were taking her or else, smarter yet, would have been to actually know a little bit about each destination. Fortunately she is incredibly patient and will likely answer her own questions while sitting at her research desk when she is back home.
As she is sitting right now beside me as I post, she is scanning through my mom's handwritten life story. She is devouring the information and showing me the joys of researching and desiring to know what is behind the words that have been left for us. I will reread my mom's account with a new desire for researching and pondering the details that she left out.

. . .back to the picnic. In case you are curious, we had seafood wraps and fruit cups and homemade double chocolate cookies and chocolate . .with some REAL hot chocolate. . .
We had such a wonderful little time of visiting . . . .and on we went.

Jill gave us a tutorial on making a travel hat, which I now proudly own.

We found yet one more beautiful hanging basket to enjoy.

From our hotel room we walked out onto the Blackcomb ski mountain and hiked down to the village where we poked around the shops and looked for souvenirs.
On the way home later, we enjoyed stopping at every view point . .(no men in the car) and soaked in the gorgeous snow crested mountains. I just thought Becky was beautiful in this picture.
Tomorrow morning bright and early, I will take my friend Jill back to the airport where we will hug and say so long.
What a wonderful experience this has been. To sit across from someone and listen to them tell you personally what blogging together has meant, has just been extraordinary. We will each go back to our own blogs and read and comment, and appreciate just a little more the sentiments that go into the written word. We will understand a little deeper the others background and the journey that we have already been on.
Thank you Jill for coming and allowing us Canadians to share the love we have for our country. . . . and as all Mennonite women say, as you're going out our door . . .. Come again.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Nothing like being a tourist in your own backyard. You're both brave for embracing a new friendship across the miles and then going the distance to get together and connect in person. Very cool!

  2. Whistler is always a wonderful place to go!
    The time has gone so quickly. It seems we were just talking about the excitement of Jill coming and now it is almost over --- except for the memories which will continue to give and bless both of you !!
    Have a safe trip home, Jill!

  3. What a beautiful area you live in! I'm sure your visit with Jill was a wonderful experience.


  4. thankyou for inviting us along this wonderful journey that you were on. what a beautiful blessing , to make new friendships that could last a lifetime. the further away this time and experience will be the sweeter the memories will be also. i enjoyed reading of your next

  5. Ahh...
    thanks for sharing your nice adventure.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous time full of wonderful memories.

  7. Thanks for posting only complimentary pictures! It was a wonderfully beautiful adventure, and you were the perfect tour guide!

  8. I laugh as I know exactly the feeling of being asked the history, the architecture, where this or that is, what sorts of going on's happen here etc, that my mom brings. Unfortunately, as I have known here my whole life, my usual answer to most questions she asks when she visits me in a new place involves a shrug and an "I dunno." I am a horrible tour guide! I am glad you all enjoyed yourselves so much! Thank you for having her.

  9. Lovella, I enjoyed the beautiful BC photos so much! I live in Vancouver and it's true...don't know too much about our lovely province, but I have done a bit of reading lately, and love research and history. We don't have many "old" buildings to look at, but we sure do have "ancient" scenery! We traveled to Europe this summer, and BC is beautiful! We enjoyed our travels across the sea, but there's no place like home! Thanks for sharing your visit with Jill. It's great to meet internet friends. I've met quite a few through a doll group I belong to, and they are all kindred spirits in person! I love your blog, and the gorgeous photos you post, and the yummy recipes. I recently tried the blueberry scones and they were superb! Thanks for being here!


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