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Today I'm answering a question meme from Sara who is new to the blogging world. She has asked five questions which could be interesting in my state of "menomenno" as Jill likes to call me . .(I told her she should send this word to the dictionary people. It means menopausal Mennonite woman . ..I laughed till I cried). As I was saying my thinking process isn't always that definitive right now . .as you are soon to see.

Question number one . . .
What is your favorite summer dessert?
Oh this one is easy. Phew . . . My favorite summer dessert is something baked with fruit. Perhaps a little broad in my answer? Okay. Well, I love raspberries in trifle, or fresh raspberry coulis. Yesterday I had an email from Charlotte my blog friend in Winnipeg. She said she was making Napoleon torte. Ever since then, I haven't been able to get Napoleon torte out of my mind and it would be really tasty with some raspberry coulis drizzled on top. So . .that's what I'll say, even though I could easily list a dozen things. I'll make the Napoleon torte soon and post it. Thanks Charlotte . .for making me hungry for Napoleon torte. Perhaps my Auntie Betty who makes this so yummy will come zipping up my driveway in the next hour with one . .smile.

Question number two.
How did I get my name?
Well, I've answered it before but I'll do it once more for those of you that have missed this story. My mom was in bible school around 1940. She had a bible school teacher that had a little girl that could neither hear nor speak. Her little girl's name was Lovella. My mom loved that name so much that she did the smartest thing possible. She never told anyone. Not a soul. She pondered the name in her heart through five pregnancies and four boys. Incidentally, had I been a boy she said she was desperate to use the name in part so she was going to call me Laverne. Thanks mom. So, when I was born, she called up my dad, who was cleaning eggs at home on their farm, and she said . .Lovella is here. Apparently as the story goes, they were delighted. (smile)

Question number three.
Where would you travel if you could go anywhere for six months without the concern of cost or responsibility?
Although I would love to go to Europe and parts of England my love is for my country. Terry and I plan to travel across Canada at some point. We don't know when but when we do go, we'd like to take our time, and see all the beautiful provinces. There is such beauty in each one.

Question number four.
What is your favorite season?
This is another really easy one . . .(big snicker and a chuckle to boot). I love Autumn. This is inherited since every fall when the leaves came down, my parents would pile us all in the family vehicle and drive us up the local mountains so that my mom could have a proper walk in the crunchy leaves. We all thought this was quite funny since she made such a big deal out of it. She's been gone twelve autumn's now and I wait and watch the trees and when there is an appropriate amount of crunch on the ground, I make a big "todo" out of a proper walk in the leaves. Having said that, you who have faithfully read my blog since last fall have seen that I also have quite a thing for each new season and the joy I find in seeing the signs of the season around the corner.

Question number five.
What is the most daring thing you'd like to do?
Well, here's the thing, I'm not one of the jump out of the side of a plane types.
Sorry that this won't be more exciting.
I love to climb mountain. Last summer when we camped at Manning park we hiked up quite high in my unexpert opinion. I really loved it. I would like to be able to hike a mountain that is worthy of a proper post. Something that would be impressive. Alas, I first need to get in shape. When I do, and when I do, you'll know about it. Surely I'll make a big deal out of my daring adventure.

So that's it then, those are my answers. The next part is to ask five different questions of five different people. This is where I'm dropping the ball. Terribly sorry . . .I just never know who enjoys these meme's
If you liked these questions, and would like to answer them your self then please do. If you don't have blog, just go ahead and answer them in the comment field. I value your answers too.

Well, I'm off to have a 30 minute walk, we're going camping this summer again and I see a mountain in my future.
Have a great day my friends.


  1. Love all the info..I love the story aon how you got your name!
    My answers are:
    1. fave summer dessert? I have a few but fresh rhubarb rolls would top the list.
    2. Named after my grandmother
    3. travel? Maybe new Zealand but we too would like to see more of Canada
    4. Autumn for sure!
    5. Still pondering the daring thing I'd like to do and at my age I better hurry it up!!
    Thanx for the post...I wonder what you will come up with on your next is always interesting, fun and a blessing!!

  2. see girls? I love the way betty answered . .don't have a blog of your own? just use mine. It's all good.

  3. You write so beautifully! Thank you for making your space available.
    Here's my answers:
    1. Favorite summer dessert: I flashed back to root beer popsicles, walking down to the little corner market with my dime or was it 15 cents and enjoying the cold treat on the walk home, dodging bees who wanted to share my treat. Banana flavor ones were pretty special too.
    2. My middle name Ann is from my great grandmother Anna, but I think it was just a popular name at the time. My folks have never said where they got Jill, but "Jack and Jill" was a song on a record my four year old brother owned at the time. The flip side was Humpty Dumpty, and when informed he had a new baby sister named Jill, he complained that he liked Humpty Dumpty better.
    3. Travel: I think the Cotswolds in England, although if I could commute and take a few classes at Cambridge or Oxford too that would be nice. Bernie and I plan to one day take the train trip across Canada, where you get off the train each night so you can explore about, then get back on when you wish. We should talk, doesn't that sound like a relaxing way to see Canada? Definitely in the Autumn.
    4. Autumn. All four days of it here.
    5. Most daring thing I want to do? Do a stand up comedy routine at a comedy club.
    Thanks Lovella and Sara!

  4. Hi Lovella and Jill! I enjoyed reading your answers. I think it is interesting that everyone seems to love autumn the best--I know I sure do. Even if we don't have real seasons here in Southern California, there is a noticeable downturn in the temperature, and the air gets clear and crisp. A few trees change to beautiful colors...
    Thanks for playing. I see you experienced gals leave the meme open to anyone who wants to play and don't tag others...that seems like a good approach to me.
    Lovella, you have the most wonderful photos and way of writing, I really enjoy seeing your blog.
    Jill, I love your sense of humor, and your hats.

  5. Well here goes my attempt at answering these questions
    1-ice cream, fresh summer fruit pies like peach and Napolean Torte and Strawberrry boden Torte (flan) and strawberry shortcake.........and the list goes on.;o)
    2-Charlotte Rose; after two nuns that helped my moms family in the war. I was able to meet Charlotte in Germany when I was 18 and corresponded with her til she died. Rose passed away when my mom was pregnant with me but Charlotte sent my mom a beautiful China tea cup with the name Rose on it embossed in 18k gold which I still have.
    3-I have had the privelage of traveling a fair amount in my younger years. I have been to 17 countries and have traveled across Canada to quebec but I would love to see the east coast........
    4-in fall because that is my most favorite time of year, I got married in Fall and would love to see all these places with my hubby.
    5-Well I have been para-sailing and for me that is very daring since I don't like heights, but I have a dream that my family and I would run the relay race in the marathon with me crossing the finish line. That would be an amazing thing.........just need to be in shape and healthy which getting there would be the amazing thing.
    those are my meme.

  6. Sara came up with fun questions and it was fun to read your answers. I've always wondered why we can't start a meal with dessert. I love the story of your name. Smart mom to keep it a secret!

  7. YOU are a Mennonite??? I had NO idea! The only thing I know about Mennonites is the cookbook I got as a young believer..."More With Less"!!! I didn't think I even KNEW a Mennonite until now! Thanks Lovella! You have broadened my horizons.

  8. This is just so fun, I love it that we can get the notbloggersthemselves involved.

    Cyn, Such fun. Yup I'm a Mennonite. Actually there are many different types of Mennonites. Some keep quite a bit to themselves and maybe that is the picture in your mind.

  9. So I will throw my 2 cents in too.
    1. Favorite dessert has to be raspberries dipped in dark chocolate. Drool, drool.
    2. Ask my Mom. I know she picked it out when she was around 11 years old. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Laura Ingles WIlder though, being a librarian and all. (Ooh, she's going to be mad at me for not knowing this answer for sure!)
    3. Seeing as how I pretty much DO go anywhere for 6 months without concern of money (I get paid to live whereever I want and be a nurse) I would have to say Australia. Or South Africa. I have never been to either, and it would be easy because I could speak the language easily!
    4. My favorite season is summer. I love the freedom of going outside without worrying about what I am wearing, and the feel of the warmth on my body. Not to mention that it is my birthday, my favorite holiday! I also just live for those long lazy days and hot nights!
    5.The most daring thing I would like to do is to get married someday. What a committment! How scary! The REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! Very daring.
    I guess there is just 5. Thank you for inviting us to join in!

  10. Lovella! You are perfectly brilliant! "D, all of the above!" Great answer!

  11. Oh Lovella;

    I love your name story, it is simply beautiful. What a treasure your mom held for all those years! I am glad your name isn't anything else- I just love it!

    Your too sweet!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  12. Love the way you got your name, Lovella. And so nice of your Dad to let your Mom use it...I guess he was just so happy to finally have a girl he would have let your Mom name you anything she liked ---good thing she had good taste!!!

    I guess I was tagged too by Sara so I will post my answers tomorrow on my blog!

  13. This is so interesting! I had no idea this world of blogging was such a good way to interact with others whom we would otherwise never meet. I'm glad I jumped into the game and have had a chance to interact with all of you. Thanks for sharing.

    Lovella, your blog reminds me of the kitchen, where all the friends like to gather, thanks for being there!

  14. Ok your summer well, Lovella this was a lot of fun to read that I will answer all 5 questions on my blog for you. We did have one answer that will be the same, can you guess which one???

    (And did you put together the "puzzle" yet? I really hope it's your color...)

  15. How fun. I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Here are mine.
    1)Just the word dessert makes me happy. Anything smooth and creamy. It can be chocloate pie with mounds of whipped cream. Any cream pies or cheesecakes with fresh fruit. (I just pulled one out of the oven and I will put fresh blueberries on it-for my blueberry lov'in Dad who is coming for a BBQ tonight:))
    2)My Mom loved to follow the life of the Royal Family. As a little girl she remembers her Mom having her whole family dress up and stand at the edge of their small farm in Manitoba to wave at the Qwueen as she passed by on the train. I wasn't named after anyone in particular but she wanted my name to sound regal. Kathleen Ann. I am not regal, but with a name like that I could certainly pretend.
    3)We have traveled to Peru and Africa and had a wonderful time. But I too would like to travel across Canada with a trailer and of course our Harley in tow. I have enjoyed pictures and stories of several friends at work who have done this and they have peeked my interest!
    4)Fall. I love change. We are carefree in the Summer months which we totally enjoy, but when the leaves start to change and the air gets cooler I enjoy getting back to the structure of life. I most enjoy my walks in the Fall.
    4)It would be a very daring move for me to get my motor bike license. I don't think I will take the dare. I'll enjoy the ride from behind my husband.
    Jill, let us know if you take up your 'dream dare' and we will come and laugh with you. Kathy


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