The third thing that I am thankful for is our friends. The pictures above are some of the friends that we are blessed to have. We have learned the value of friendships. They laugh with us when times are good and they cry with us when we are sad.
I have also realized that the friends that I have met . . .YOU that are reading this are so important to me . . .Thank you for being my friend.


  1. This is the perfect place for me to pretend for a moment that this is my blog. I have a friend Lovella who is beautiful outside and in. Her love for Jesus is deep and is reflected in her life as all us readers can see evidence of as we read her blog. Her love and lovalty to her family cannot be mistaken. They are treasures to her, and she will always be there for each one of them, giving, helping, and being spontanious in fun loving ways to create a safe, healthy and fun environment. She cherishes her friends. She finds the best in them and loves to laugh with them. You can count on her to pray, and give an encouraging word. She is honest. She is real. She is who she is and I love her that way. I don't take you forgranted Lovella. I thank God often for our wonderful friendship. You deserve to be honored now and again! With love Kathy

  2. ditto my friend. we learn from each other. God is good. . . .all the time.


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