Yesterday we took a day at the beach. We'll be celebrating Mom's birthday tonight at our house with a BBQ and so yesterday we took the day to rest and relax away from the farm.

We got there early and had our pick of the best spots. We set up our camp chairs and blanket. We took out our books and we had a wonderful time. Do you ever do that? Just with the one person you love? We have been making a concerted effort to enjoy each other alone. We are very fortunate to have wonderful friends and they add so much to our life, but sometimes. . . .we just like to visit with each other. (that's why it's called a date . . .)
Back to yesterday. We read and then took a bit of a walk to find some lunch. We found a little burger joint and had them pack it up to go. We brought it back to our blanket and had a picnic. I'm sorry that I can't tell you that I took a lovely array of goodies out a wicker basket. There are days that we just like to figure it out as we go. Yesterday was one of them.

We enjoyed a sand castle display. . . .read some more, . . . .ate some more . . . . and finally headed home. . . .rested and relaxed.
Today, I'm getting dinner ready for the family tonight. I do hope your day is wonderful.


  1. What a wonderful relaxing date, Lovella..hubby and I love those kinds of dates...sometimes it's just finding a little park somewhere to have a picnic.
    Enjoy the birthday party tonight. What goodies will you be serving I wonder...

  2. Harrison looks lovely! What a great idea! I can just picture the two of you being there. Did you take your bike?

  3. The water was too cold for a dip, right? What a view, and fantastic sandcastles. I always imagine packing a picture perfect picnic, then default to buying something once we get there instead. That way I r-e-l-a-x too. AHhhh, summer fun!

  4. Jill, it was way too cold.
    There was a fresh breeze blowing all day and so a dip to cool was completely unnecessary.

    Becky, no we dropped Indee off at the vets in the morning and had to pick her up at closing, so we alreaday had the truck out and just kept rollin'.

    betty, I've just finished making some croutons for the ceasar salad. My pasta is cooling for the greek pasta salad and the steaks are chillin'.

  5. We haven't had too much real summer yet this year, but the last couple summers LK has started taking off from work spontaniously so we could jet out for a lake date on a sunny day. We bring books, chairs, sometimes food, floating tubes...ah..fun times. Makes me feel young and happy to play like that. Great dates.

  6. There's a lot of wisdom in making the time for each other. Those carefree take it as it comes days are wonderful. Blessings on your celebration this evening.

  7. That sandcastle is amazing!

    Sounds like an enjoyable, relaxing day and it's great that you see the importance of enjoying each other's company and that you do it. Good for you!

  8. Ah, your photos are beautiful and it looks so relaxing!
    Hope you had a great 4th.

  9. What an encouragement to see how you take time out together! We have so much to be thankful for!
    Looks like we had a similar kind of day yesterday, preparing for the evening. I also made a Greek past salad and Caesar salad for our staff BBQ in the evening! One thing I love about summer is being able to have company even in the middle of the week, and enjoy visiting in the back yard.

  10. Lovella ~ you and Susan are posting the most breathtaking views of Canada! Makes me wish our family could head northwest for a vacation! :o)

  11. BIG sigh! Methinks it is good to be you! I aspire to be you!

  12. What a fantastic day for a picnic on the beach! The mountains look spectacular.
    Travis and I often like to go off on our own somewhere for the day too.

  13. Hi Lovella, I'm tagging you for a question meme. If you choose to play, please send me your link so I can see it. If you don't want to play, no worries! Thanks. Sara


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