Napolean Torte

Today I'm featuring my first non blogger recipe from my Auntie Betty. This is my favorite dessert from my "going to Auntie Betty's for family gathering years". I can recall wondering a day ahead of the gathering if she would be making this. I would quickly scan the table for this torte that my mom never made. I don't recall her ever even trying to make it, there was no need when the best was regularly served at least twice a year.
A few years ago, I asked her for the recipe. She gave me this card which I love since it also has her handwriting which has always been a source of wonder for me in itself. She is left handed and all her printing and writing has always been so neat and tidy. This is something that didn't quite make it down my family line.

Since she is my "non blogger guest" recipe feature today I'd like to say a few words about her. She is the most wonderful aunt . . .ever. I spent many weekends at her home when I was small. She is the same aunt that brought me back my hula skirt. She is generous and kind and I've truly never heard her say unkind things of another person.
Her name is actually Lorena Betty. Her Dad called her by her second name and it stuck during her growing up years. Somewhere during that time I was born and my mom called me Betty for "one" of my middle names. Yes I have several. I've been proud to have her name attached to mine for she is a person that is well respected and loved by so much by many. When she got married, her husband declared Lorena to be her proper name but somehow my mom just never switched it over. All the other aunts and their family's call her Lorena and we call her Betty and we all know who we all are referring to.
Auntie Betty is my mom's youngest sister. My mom had four sisters and two brothers. I was my Auntie Betty's flower girl. One of these days I'll show you a picture of that . .

So, back to the recipe. The only thing that is missing is the amount of flour, and I was going to specifically measure it to add to the recipe but I got lost in my counting . .so if anyone out there that makes this knows approximately the amount of flour your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Napolean Torte (some call it Blatter torte)
Cake . .
3/4 cup cream
4 tbsp. soft butter
1/2 sugar
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
pinch salt
2 farm fresh eggs
Cream together the butter and the sugar until light. Add the cream and mix until blended. Add the two eggs and beat them in. Add the baking soda and the baking powder and a pinch of salt.
Now for the tricky part. Add 1 cup of flour, mix this in with a wooden spoon, Continue to add a bit of flour at a time until you have a soft dough, similar to sugar cookies. You should be able to put it onto a floured counter and give it a bit of a knead. Cover it up and put it in the fridge for a few hours. This will help to roll the balls out.
Take out the dough and divide it into 6 round balls, Roll them out quite thin, again like sugar cookies. Use a luncheon plate as a template to cut them circles into shapes, put them on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake them at 400 for about 10 minutes until lightly browned.
Let them cool on the sheet before trying to move them.
Meanwhile, you will make custard . .
4 cups of whole milk (you could use 2 percent)
4 tablespoons of cornstarch
1/2 cup of sugar
2 egg yolks
2 tsp. vanilla
2 tablespoons of soft butter
Mix the sugar and cornstarch together and add the milk and egg yolks.
Gradually add the milk and cook it in the microwave until it comes to a boil. Stir it every few minutes to be sure it doesn't get lumpy.
When it has come to a boil, add the vanilla and soft butter.
Put plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the custard.
Let this cool in the fridge until chilled.
Put all the layers on the counter and divide the custard between the layers and then put them one on top of the other until you have 6 layers.
Take the remaining bits that you baked, and crush them with a rolling pin and sprinkle them on the very top.
Let is sit 24 hours so that the layers soften and absorb some of the custard.
She has written at the bottom . ..Good luck and I agree.

Well, I'm off to work in my flower beds. Every thing is looking lush and green from all the rain, but the flowers have taken a really beating. I'll be spending the day cutting back the old blooms, in hopes that new ones will spring up for mid August when I have a house guest coming.
I'm sure you may be a tad curious who that might be. I'll let you ponder that for a while.
Have a wonderful day . .


  1. Once again, I could eat that torte right off the screen ... beautiful picture! Is it a 'birthday special' or do you make it for other occasions too?

  2. Yes, I agree, Auntie Betty or Aunt Lorena is an aunt in a million!

    And Napoleon Torte is a dessert above desserts! A little tricky to make -- I've tasted some really bad ones!!smile
    The trick is to get the dough the right consistancy - roll the layers thin, and make sure you add enough pudding!
    All the traditional recipes I have do not specify the amount of flour.
    It is left to the 'feel' of the dough -- soft, just to the point of it being easily handled.

    Oh, my mouth is watering. I used to make it regularly, but since I found out I am Celiac I don't dare make it - I doubt I could resist a piece!!

    Nice picture of Aunt Lorena!!

  3. PS. Have to add a comment about her handwriting - I too have admired it all my life and when I was young it was my dream to write just like her!! I don't think she has ever 'scribbled' anything in her life!!!

  4. Oh W-O-W!!!!
    (Licking screen)
    What a gorgeous picture too! I am assuming she is your only aunt now; or the only one likely to see your blog?
    I know what you mean though, I have a favorite aunt as well!
    Hasn't this been the rainiest summer ever? Poor UK.

  5. Great post, Lovella --- and what a lovely recipe! Your aunt sounds so precious --- you are blessed! Thanks for sharing with us.

    And I love the picture of you --- you know, we have nearly identical haircuts. Mine is just a little more stacked in the back, and a little longer (more pointed) in the front --- and my underlayer is brown and the top layer over the stack is blond. Hmmm, that sounds quite strange, doesn't it! LOL! But, I actually like it quite well --- and I like yours too!

    Enjoy a happy day! I'm off to take the dog to the vet and have a date with youngest son at Barnes and Nobles today. I love adventures with dear sons. . .and I alwys love a book store!

    :) LaTeaDah

  6. I've pondered long enough and have decided that it's Jill who is coming to see you mid August.

    Now, let's wait and see if I'm right or wrong! The adventures of blogging. . .never a dull moment!

    If it's Jill, I want to see hat creations that you two get carried away with while she's there! Don't be shy!!!!!



  7. That looks like a scrumptious dessert! I have printed this recipe. And your photos are beautiful. I too am cursed with practically illegible writing.

  8. Mmm..that is a scrumptious looking torte! How are the rest of us non bloggers supposed to rival that??
    I'm also guessing that your visitor in Aug is Jill...that's 2 of us now, will we be right??
    Didn't know we shared a name...neat-o!

  9. tee hee . .we'll just have to keep pondering a bit longer.

    betty r . .now don't you try to wiggle out of your favorite recipe for the non blogger event. If it's something not too fancy that I can manage I'll maybe try to make it and show my picture of it. . .how would that be? Still need your picture though.
    and yes we do share a name . .I never see yours without thinking my Auntie Betty.

    lah tea dah . .have a really fun day after the vet.
    Oh, I'd just love a glimpse of your hair . .guess you'll keep me pondering that .. :)

  10. Hey what happened to the pic you have of me...did you delete it or do you want a better one?? Hey that is as good as it gets!! lol Okay I'll send you a recipe and you make it, that sounds I thought I would have to figure that all out on my own...YES!!! When do you want the recipe?

  11. That looks delicious! I'm gonna have to give that one a try too! Everytime I feel like getting into the kitchen to cook or bake, I have to admit that I check here 1st. (Example: Yesterday I was here looking for a recipe with raspberries) ;-)

  12. I'm so glad I have a generous friend like you, perhaps I will learn to cook!

    I copied your Auntie's recipe and will try to do it when I come back from vacation...I am wondering if the 6 balls are about the size of a cake when you roll them...your slice looks like it was from a good sized cake??


  13. Kimmie, good question about the size. I should have measured that right aways, I did now and it would be an 8 inch circle. There will always be a little leftover when you cut around it, and some of these scraps will be baked and used for the top crumbs. You could actually make the torte probably 9 inch. There is some dough left over.

    I'll be interested to know if anyone else tries to make it.

  14. That looks absolutely delicious - good enough to eat!

    You're right - everything is looking lush and green. :)

  15. Your Aunt Betty's torte looks it hard to make? I'd like to give it a try but it looks a little tricky.

    Happy Belated b-day to Terry!! I loved the picture with the "boys" piled on top of him - add 2 more and a little girl and you have our family. I also stand back and yell "don't hurt your father!!"

    I notice that they are a little gentler - it must be something about hitting your 50s or the fact that his back isn't the best! They still jump and wrestle and make it look rough but one of them usually shields him from too much weight.

    Glad you got your rain - I think we finally have your sun and temperatures!!

  16. oh lovella that napolean looks absolutely scrumptious.
    my mom would make her own custard as well but my aunt would add whipped cream after the custard cooled and my brother loved it so now she adds whipped cream as well. either way it is yummy. this non blogger recipe thingy is great. ellie is leaving next week and i will have to take a pic of her and i together and then i will send a recipe from both of us. or maybe just the recipe since i am not fond of pics :o). NA NA NA NA i know who is coming and i am not telling tee hee

  17. Oh what a wonderful post. The picture of the torte at the top is beautiful. Blessings on your wonderful Aunt! Make sure you take some ibuprofen when you finish that garden task!

  18. Geez-Louize, Lovella...I'm trying to lose a few pounds here!!!
    Check out my latest blog've been nominated!

  19. re- size of circles -- I use a regular dinner plate and just cut around it!!

  20. Why does everyone think it is me?that's going to come visit??
    Texas is a looooonng way away you know.
    What would Tiggie think if I came home smelling like a Low German speaking german shepherd? Yish...

  21. Gasp! I've never heard of anyone else making that dessert. I used to LOVE it! My mom and grandma would make it on occasion but I haven't had it in ages! Yum! Thanks for sharing that with us. I may just go and make it sometime soon.

  22. I totally agree with all you say about aunt "Betty". She is one of the most giving persons I've ever know. It was quite a confusing time in my life when "Lorena" was tossed in there. My mom is one who switched to Lorena but to me she will always be "aunt Betty"!!

  23. My Tante Neta loved this recipe, and I didn't have a copy. Thank you so much for posting it. Miss Dyck

  24. Hi, I'm new to this (blogspot) but am a Mennonite girl, so here I am. Question: Can this be frozen? I would be forced to eat til it was gone if not. LOL

  25. I haven't eaten Napoleon Torte in years, and lately had been craving it...and your Aunt Betty looks so familiar to me! Abby area? Anyway, this is one recipe I'm putting on top of my recipe "to do" list.

  26. I just found your blog and really am enjoying. This tart is especially pretty and looks very yummy!

  27. I have stubbled across this amazing blog! I was looking through and thought this recipe looked really good and was needing a dessert to take out. It turned out amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your guys amazing recipes!!

  28. My European-born inlaws would often make "Blaettertorte" for Sunday Faspa. My family was Canadian-born so for me it became quite a favorite! I have made it on occasion, also.
    Lovella, I am wondering if you had a friend named Vonnie, also from Abby...?

  29. Lovely blog. Can't wait to stop by again and visit awhile when I have time. This recipe looks like it might work Gluten free since it only requires a cup of flour. I'll try 1/2 cup rice flour and maybe 1/2 cup of more corn starch. I'll let you know if I have success!

  30. Ooh I love Napolean Torte! I too like it for my birthday. We have a bakery in town call the Lithuanian Bakery.It's the only place I have ever seen this torte and it costs a fortune! I am soooo pleased to have this recipe. Even though I will have to make my own birthday cake it's worth it. :)

  31. Thank you so much for a perfect recipe! I made the Napoleon Torte and had great success with it. I tried to make it several years ago with a different recipe and was not successful. Your recipe is obviously tried and true. I especially loved to see the handwriting on the original recipe card. Again, thanks so much for sharing something so fine!!

  32. hi,
    i found you blog as i was surfing through patchwork and quilting blog...internet is really amazing...thanks a lot for this recipie, sounds very delicious. i´m going to prepare this for my birhtday :o)
    after i read your recipie i googled for german ones. so if you understand german, this page mage be interessting for you:

    greetings from germany

  33. I just discovered your Paska recipe. I will be using it this Easter. The Napolean Torte was something my husband's family introduced to me,and it is a part of the Birthday celebrations. Have a beautiful day. Ruby

  34. Flour- correct amount is 2 1/4 cups (560 ml)...from her recipe which was printed in a cookbook, exact measurements as u have it lusted, so I know it's the same recipe.


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