Millin*ry . .sort of

If your thinking to yourself, did she just try to spell M*llinery and couldn't type right? Ah, not to worry, I can type better than I can make a H*t. I just don't want to attract any Google searches in Millin*ery to my site. No sense in attracting any further guffaws than necessary.

I've become increasingly drawn to the beauty of H*t making. After reading Jill's recent post where she had a site to see (so to speak) . .I was drawn in and mesmerized. See, I'd like to have the self confidence to wear *hats. Why is Canada not Ha*t savvy? Tell me? We used to be. My mom always wore h*ts.

Back to today . .. or should I say last night. We had a scorcher here yesterday and we did the only sane thing we could think of . . .we went to Walmar*t to cool off. We did this after we knew it was starting to cool and the chickens were safe.

I've probably told you this already but when we go there we walk in, synchronize our watches, make sure our cell phones are charged with the volume up and then we head opposite directions for an allotted time. It's just so interesting there. I could just sit on a bench and I'd be happy as a clam.

So, I'm wandering around and I spot the (cloche*?). aka . .Walmar*t . . . .hat. It was on clearance for $4. I snatched it up and sought out a mirror and tried it on and I liked it. My mind was racing with memories of Jill talking about a snippet of lace and I thought to myself, I could do that too.

I came home and opened up the little cedar chest that holds all the tidbits of lace and such from my Grandma and found these little round bits.

I found a matching button (Jill does this too) . . .( I keep mentioning her to bring validity to my new found fun) . . .then I took apart a leather belt to take a bit of trim . . .and badabing .. .

I made my first Ha****t . ..sort of.

I proudly tried it on for Terry and he asked if the decoration was a bulls eye. Hmm, this tempted me to think of something new to post today, but lacking some adventurous spirit as you found in my last post, I decided to throw caution to the wind and model and post it to boot.

Don't ever say I'm proud . .or not fun.

It's a scorcher here again today. It's 10 in the morning and we are registering 31 Celsius. Ah the poor chickens, I'm glad that they have a smart farmer that installed a misting system to keep them cool. Since it is date day, we are going to sneak off the farm for some lunch and then we'll come back here to keep a vigilant watch.

Have a wonderful day my friends. Be sure to go check out the Louise Green site that Jill featured recently. Such fun.


  1. Just to let you all know, before you say anything . .snicker . . .
    the bulls eye and the trim is off and I'm wearing the hat to lunch.

    so much for being brave. . . I'll wait for proper hat making instructions from Jill.

  2. Aww...Lovella, I was hoping you would wear your hat with your embellishment next time we have lunch!!
    We must NEVER let our husbands know how much power they have with their smallest remark!!

    Fun post!! I told Jill yesterday that maybe she could single-handedly turn the fashion trend toward hats...I think it has started!!

  3. You are fun! And cute to-boot! You're stylin, and I think you could wear the hat with the embelishments and feel confident.Enjoy the hot summer day and your lunch date. Kathleen Ann:)

  4. well . . .it would only take but a minute or two. The needle is already threaded .. . .

  5. Okay, Kathleen Ann, we are going to at the very least get your face on a blogger display name even if you aren't going to blog . .you need a firm identity to go with that name fit for royalty . .I love it.

  6. Lovella, you look very cute in your hat. I think perhaps a mister system just under the brim would be good for a day like today... why should they only be for the chickens? Enjoy your lunch ... hope you get lots of compliments on your new hat!

  7. I love the hat on you Lovella..and don't wear it just plain...keep embellishing it to suit your mood..I'll bet Terry likes it!

  8. Yes, the hat is very cute on you! Why is it that we can wear all kinds of new things and not worry about people looking at us, but when it comes to hats we don't wear them because we feel people will look at us? Or is that just me? I still like them and you make them sound like fun.

  9. I like the hat. And my husband would probably say the same thing to me as your husband said to you. Guys!

    Being from Texas, we're used to heat, but not this kind of heat with no AC (we're in North Van). I'm thinking I'd like to sit in your chicken house! LOL

  10. I thought you were kidding about the chickens!!!
    I do love the hat, and embellishing is half the fun. The attitude is the other half.
    Also, that tree is actually on Oahu, but I have another nearly identical picture of a tree in Maui, so maybe they are relatives!

  11. Lovella, I love your style.

  12. I am SO proud of you!!!! You are right, it is a very smart cloche style.
    You look fresh and neat as a flower, and totally fetching.

    I find husbands rarely like circles on hats, they seem to like asymetric designs, and it does take a while for them to get used to the amount of attention you get while wearing a hat.
    I personally think the lace and button was cute!
    Start slow, like you did with a simple hat, flirt with hubby shamelessly, and he'll get in the swing of it real fast.
    Changing trim is half the fun of hatmaking. A fussy bit of lace one day, a flower (fresh!) the next, an old pin, feathers, seashells with a hole...anything that is interesting can get stuck on a hat.
    I love Walmart! They have the best deals on hats. I could sit and watch in Walmart for hours too. The accents here are an added bonus...oh my, I should make a recording.
    Look out Canada...rejoice Machomenno, hats are making a comeback.

  13. Oh Jill, you kill me. Good to know the machomenno's aren't fond of circles. Who would have thought.
    Can't wait for the recording of Walmart in Texas, I'll try to discreetly make one too and then we can compare . could be like a meme . .

  14. It looks great, Lovella!

    I do like Jill's idea though of changing the trim every now and again - I'm just not that clever.

    I like temperatures around the low 30's. Enjoy! :)

  15. Lovella, you look darling in a hat! Definitely embellish it! There are so many things you could do with that hat; I know you will, too. I am looking forward to more photos of the hat and your latest trim ideas. By the way, that is an interesting hat stand you are using too! It looks suspiciously like a potted plant.

  16. I love your creation Lovella! And you know I went to Walmart last night too to get out of the heat a bit...I went straight for the wallets. And perused through the hats too a bit! Funny we didn't cross (I was a Cashier there from 2000 to 2006 (with a year break from 2004 to 2005) so you never might have been through my checkout before. Oh and how do you like the new self-serve checkouts??? I LOVE THEM! There so quick.

    (Oh I replied your comment on my blog btw.)

    and I really like what you did to your new hat!!

  17. that hats looks perfect on you!! You look super sweet. I often see hats, and think how cute I would be in them, only to try them on, and discover, I dont think I have the right head for hats.

  18. You look wonderful! And what do men know about hat design? Look at how they dress. However, that wasn't always the case (see the 40s).

    Confidence is the most important hat trim of all. You will find the more you wear your beautiful hat, the more confident you become and the more ladies in your circle will gain the confidence to wear hats. They are so much fun! Why not enjoy and protect your beautiful face from that hot sun too?

    Kate Q:-)

    P.S. To Lee: Everyone who has a head can wear hats. Keep looking for the right shape for your face. There's an infinite variety to choose from.

  19. The hat is adorable and so cute on you! I love hats too and have a small collection -- but am rarely brave enough to wear them 'out'. You encourage me!

    My sons bought hats last week. Real straw hats! Normally they would never been seen in such a hat, but they spent the past couple weeks installing irrigations systems in several pastures with Dad. It was about 100 degrees F. and they were working in trenches in hot dirt! The hats provided some respite from the heat -- and they are hooked!

    Enjoy a lovely (warm) day. They are calling for thunder storms tonight. Maybe you'll get some too and can cool down.

    :) LaTeaDah

    PS: Funny, and great idea about the * to confuse Google! Hehe!

  20. Awww, Lovella --- I just read that you took the trim off. Be brave, woman! It was darling! :)

  21. Your hat looks lovely on you Lovella. Your little trim is very cute... you should pin it back on. What do husbands know anyway?! hee hee!

  22. I thought it looked cute as a button.

    what do husbands know about hats?

    my sons' band is out your way - in all that heat - and they are wearing hats too.

  23. In your 'tell me' post #7 says it all about men and hats. I remember the day that was taken along with the other 2 biker dude's. All our guys looked so good sporting those hats. I remember how much you loved that hat on Terry:) You certainly are sweet on your guy!:)

  24. Lovella, you are too cute! I think that hat looks GREAT on you.


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