last nights star gazer

We sleep with our window wide open at night and are serenaded by our Columbia spotted pond frog.

I love the sounds of the night, when the busy road becomes quiet and there is silence except for Otis taking long swigs of water in the middle of the night. I would say he's worse than a kid, but he actually seems quite thirsty so what are we going to do, yell out the window . .Go back to bed? Poor old kook. Sometimes the next morning Terry will comment that Otis must have had a five minute drink in the middle of the night. He's not exactly light on his feet weighing well over 100 pounds, and he sleeps right outside our kitchen door on the porch. On occasion I've woken with a start to think that someone is coming to visit, but then I here the loud swigs and I realize it's just the hound.

A few weeks ago I was taking pictures of the flowers in the front yard when I saw this little green Pacific Tree frog sitting ever so still, hoping I wouldn't notice him. I did.

He sat remarkably still while I had him pose for a few ultra green shots. Isn't he just he cutest?

The frog below croaks his little heart out at night. Yesterday Jill posted her frog in her back yard and she was clever enough to put her hand by the frog to demonstrate its length. You'll just have to take my word for it, this spotted fellow was at least 3 inches not stretched out.

Perhaps we could do a frog show and tell, or at the very least, animal on your yard that isn't tame. Hmm?
Anything hanging out at your water hole?

The bonus shot today is our goldfish. They just kept swimming around, hoping for treats while I was doing my frog photography.

That's it, folks,
This morning we're heading out for a coffee just the two of us and then we'll come home to do the farm chores and I'll do some house work.
Have a delightful day.


  1. I like the snazzy eyeliner on your froggie. Frogs are so cool, their song, how they jump, their eyes...there was an exhibit of live frogs from around the world here that I missed. I was so bummed out.
    YOU HAVE STARGAZERS BLOOMING IN YOUR GARDEN???? That is awesome. Love how they smell, look, last in a vase.
    Glad to get an Otis update too. Enjoy your coffee date, I had mine by myself, with the new blueberry cobbler coffee creamer that just came out. Actually tastes really good!

  2. Jill, I do have star gazers blooming right now, they smell wonderful in the evening.

    I haven't seen the blueberry cobbler coffee creamer here yet, Who is it made by? Blue bell?

  3. OK, I'll neighbour and I enjoyed a 'litte resident' in our yard for about a week -- a Goldenrod spider who camped out on my straw flowers.
    I posted a photo on my side bar!

    Beautiful star gazer...and yes I love to lay awake at night and hear the night sounds...I can hear the babbling of our little backyard brook, and the evening star shines right in my pillow view!

  4. oooh I came over to check out your goldenrod Julie, it looks quite pretty for a spider. Are they common around here?

  5. LOVE that lily . . . not the frogs so much! LOL Living in the city, we don't get the night time animal sounds very much, but we do get the skunk smells. every. night. We live literally right by Hwy. 1, so we hear traffic all night long.

  6. Coffeemate makes the creamer. They are coming out with such interesting flavors, I loved their pumpkin spice at Christmas. I like their french vanilla or blueberry as a dollop in with the milk on cereal or over fruit, or added to sugar free jello as an extra treat.

  7. I don't know that they are was the first I had seen of one...but the Goldenrod spider is quite fashion changes it colour to match its flower!

  8. Hi Lovella,
    James Janzen here. I've been kinda keeping in touch with your life through your blog. I found out about it through Julie. I especially liked the bent quad rack and bruises to match. I've been doing a bit of quading myself. Maybe I should think about warring my motorcycle helmit. :-) Have a GREAT week-end!!

  9. Put that helmet on James. Terry has a dark bruise where his helmet pressed into his neck. Much better than the alternative bruise I'm sure.

  10. The cute green guy is my desktop wallpaper, I hope you don't mind. He IS very cute!

  11. What a great picture of the little tree frog! Just like you see in a nature magazine. Well done :)


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