Ice Cream Weather

Yesterday was a scorcher by Canadian Standards. The weather temperatures were broken for this day in July dating back to the 1940's. Our thermometer registered 38 C in the shade.
I understand that for many of you this is not unusual but for us Canadians, our igloos have normally just melted and we've just moved into our summer huts . .(tongue firmly in cheek) The wonderful thing was that it was perfect weather to have some ice cream. Late in the evening we sat outside waiting for the house to cool. Rarely can we sit outside with a T shirt and shorts until 11 pm. Fabulous . .loved it.
Everything has a good side to it including scorching weather. It seemed fitting to break out the Ice cream Maker that received chuckles from those I love most when I purchased it last year. "Another Kitchen appliance eh?" they said. I love appliances. Such fun.

I made up a batch of Rocky Road Ice Cream for Terry. It's his favorite and he smiled when at 10:30 last night I brought us each a bowl full to eat in the cool of the evening.

I used . . . .

2 cups of heavy cream

1 cup of light cream

1/2 cup of unsweetened Cocoa

1 14 oz. can of sweetened Condensed Milk

2 teaspoons of vanilla

3/4 cup of chopped Fresh Walnuts . . .make sure they are fresh . ..rancid nuts are not nice

1 1/2 cups of little marshmallows

I I mixed the condensed milk with the cocoa and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then I added the creams and the vanilla. I put this in the fridge to cool really well . . .about an hour and then I put it in my handy dandy electric ice cream appliance and when it had nearly finished I added the nuts and the marshmallows.

I put this in the freezer for the appropriate length of waiting. The longer you wait . . .the less calories it has . ..giggle.

Tell me . . .what is your favorite Ice Cream flavour? If we find one that stands out . . perhaps, I'll whip a batch in your honour and post it with spoons to share . . .We'll have an online Ice Cream social . . .sort of. . .


  1. Yumm ... wish I was there to sample. Sounds delicious.

  2. I love ice cream...dangerously so. We now limit ourselves to a pint to share over two days every few weeks. Rocky road is one of my all time favorites. Around here we have Blue Bell ice cream, made in Brenham TX, and sometime in summer they release a batch of canteloupe ice cream. You have to be quick to get some in the stores, so I now am watching the ice cream aisle like a hawk. Even at best though, store bought doesn't hold a candle to the glory of home made any flavor.
    You are going to make a raspberry sherbet batch soon though, right?

  3. Would you believe Rocky Road is my favorite? I started drooling the moment I opened your blog! MMMmmmmmmm!!!! Savor a bite for me!!!

  4. yummmm....raspberry sherbet sounds good, Jill!!!
    I LOVE ice-cream, it is a staple in our house! I haven't made homemade in a while though-my ice-cream maker broke and I haven't bought another one.
    I love strawberry ice-cream, and O-Henry (Bryers) but always I come back to can't-beat-vanilla!!!
    Boring me! smile
    An on-line ice-cream party would be fun, no calories!

    my word verification word phonetically says, "Oh, phew, why you?"

  5. A treat to be sure...don't eat it much because then I wear it on my hips...but I LOVE strawberry....mmm

  6. Pralines and cream.....YUM!

  7. Mmmmm . . . homemade ice cream! It's been years since I had any. My favorite homemade flavor is strawberry, with banana a close runner-up. My dad is an expert ice cream maker - and eater! He once fell backward when a lawn chair folded up on him as he tried to sit down with a bowl of freshly churned ice cream. He turned a flip as he went down, but not one drop of his ice cream was lost! LOL

    Jill, we moved to Canada from TX three years ago. We've eaten many a bowl of Blue Bell!

  8. Ohhh an online Ice Cream social. Ok it's only 9:30 am and I'm drooling for some of your homemade Rocky Road!!
    Let's see how to narrow it down to a favorite. I like Jamoca almond fudge, I like baskin robbins chocolate chip, and I like orange sherbet...

  9. Mmm mm

    I can't think of of ice cream flavour that I don't like!! Homemade strawberry is extra delicious - and peach ice cream is good too.

    I'm not usre I like these virtual ice-cream parties though...

    They're just not the same as the real thing.


    Send us some hot weather will you? At least some sun - I went kayaking in the fog today - I'm determined to enjoy the sea while I can. Water temp was gorgeous for swimming though and I think the sun is coming out now...just in time for the beach wedding this afternoon!

  10. I've been thinking of taking an ice cream maker to Indonesia and I'm wondering what kind is a good one and does it weigh a lot? Dairy products like the ones in your recipee calls for, Lovella, are not always easy to get there but I thought that one could maybe make frozen yogurt. I have to check out some recipees.
    Now if I could only get a taste of that ice cream by licking the screen!

  11. anneliese, mine is an electric cuisinart. It might take up a lot of space. I used to have a small hand crank one that would be about the size of an icecream pail. This one always worked really well, i just lost the enthusiasm for hand cranking once the kids grew up. As long as they have a freezer this would be the way to go. Kids love turning the icecream.

  12. I love most flavors of ice cream but my very favorite would be vanilla...yeah I know,kind of boring.
    And you know I have never tried homemade ice cream! I think I may be missing out...

  13. mmm... strawberry or raspberry cheescake ice cream are my faves! Your rocky road creation looks divine too!

  14. Yes, ice cream would be a very good treat right now. Cheers to your ice cream! It looks delicious!

  15. Lovella;

    Yum...what great pictures of your yummy ice cream.

    Count me in for coffee flavour-not sure if its the caffeine that I think I am getting or the actual flavor ;-) It has been my favorite for years.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  16. I heard it was so hot up there the other day the hens were laying hard cooked eggs.
    (hee haw!)

  17. The ice cream sounds so yummy!

    I'm with Jill - if it has to be store bought, then only Blue Bell will do (four years after moving from Texas to Florida, Blue Bell finally followed us here...yeehaw!).

    I have two ice cream recipes that we love - one is Milky Way ice cream (yes - it has TWELVE candy bars in it) and the other is Oreo cookie ice cream (the base recipe for that one makes a great fruit ice cream, too...such as peaches!).

  18. Aunt Lovella,
    I have the exact same ice cream maker... I'm embarrased to say that it has never made an appearance out of it's box! It was a "must have" wedding gift- that never got used last summer. Good intentions...but now it's packed up till winter at least. I'll have to get some recipes from you! I was going to try to make itallian ice last summer with my friend Kelly after she came back from a trip to Italy... it just never happened. I'm sure I'll get use out of it eventually- Ken's got the sweetest tooth out of anyone I've ever known, and if our babe takes after his/her daddy- WATCH OUT!

  19. Yummy! I love the idea of an on-line ice cream social (no calories!). My favorite is double espresso with chocolate covered coffee beans crushed and swirled into it. You gotta eat it fast tho' as the ice cream gets stronger and stronger as those coffee beans do their thing. K Q:-)

  20. My favorite ice cream flavour is Bubble Gum!

  21. I noticed that there is no sugar in this recipe except for in the sweetened condensed milk. Is that correct?
    Also is there a reason you used walnuts instead of almonds in the Rocky Road? I know almonds are usually in Rocky Road ice cream.
    thanks for the wonderful ice cream...i just might make it.


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