Happy Birthday Mom

Today we celebrate my Mom in law's birthday.
The pictures above are from last year.

To celebrate last year we took our family and Mom to Maui. We had such a great time together and she enjoyed herself . . .very much . . .I'm sure. I had her pose in her room and she was so fun to model wherever I asked.

The very first time that I met her I was just shocked at how young she was. Terry was her first born and I was the baby of my family so I kind of thought that most mom's should look a bit grandmotherly. Not this lady. People still are always amazed at how great she looks. She is the most put together Grandma I have ever seen.

Almost since I've known her she has suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has truly suffered with this disease but never complains. Only when I ask her how she's been does she ever offer information about her pain. She is strong and independent.

She loves her family very much. Honestly, if we wanted to take advantage of her, she would wait on us hand and foot. Every Christmas she bakes us up a storm of cookies and delivers them. When I have the family together she always offers to bring something. She is famous for her fabulous Potato Salad. I'm always so impressed with the way she dices her vegetables just perfect. I learned many of my cooking skills by observing how she did things. I played it pretty cool and not being entirely daft, I learnt a thing or two from her about cooking and baking and life in general.

Have a wonderful day . . .whatever you are celebrating. We're off to the beach.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom in law! I can see you cherish her and that is so wonderful!
    I am celebrating Saskatoon season and am hoping to get my hands on some soon. Nothing like a piece of warm Saskatoon pie w/a scoop of ice cream...mmm.

  2. Your mom-in-law does look great! I wish her many more years of God's blessing and much happiness.

  3. Happy Birthday to you mom!!! Wonderful! I had a friend also born on the 4th of July and for years her parents told her the fireworks were for her birthday. Parents! Gotta love them! (also, I finally posted for our day )

  4. What a sweet post!

    Aren't moms wonderful?!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mrs. S! What are "we" celebrating today? Anniversary #26! Isn't it kind of our friends in the south to set off so many fireworks for us? I see them from our deck, and "wow" are they grand! I bet some others are celebrating their "independence day"!

  6. OK, so you celebrate the 4th of July because of your mother-in-law's birthday!! How special, for a very special lady!!
    Happy Birthday, Pauline!!!!

    Isn't God good? He knew you would need a extraordinary mother-in-law because He was calling yours home much earlier than you would have wished!

    Have fun celebrating , and what a perfectly beautiful day to spend at the beach!!

  7. What a blessing to have a wonderful MIL! That cake in the bottom left hand corner of your collage looks fabulous. Did you make it?

  8. Happy Birthday Pauline. I have to agree with Lovella, you are the most put together Grandma. When I see you in town you always look so nice, and I enjoy our quick little chats. Looks to me like you and your family celebrated your 70th year well. Just think, this is the year you will become a great grandma. How special that is. Enjoy today and the coming year. Kathy PS what a great day for the beach!

  9. Thank you everyone.
    Ellen, I did make the round cake at the bottom. I had just finished a cake decorating course with my friend Kathy and was quite pleased at my attempts.(if I do say so myself)


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