with the tie? or without?

As promised, a week ago or so when I showed you the B49 pattern and the fabric, here is the dress. The pattern says it is easy which it actually was.
I didn't really have any significant problems and I had a chance to try out my new invisible zipper foot. I'd show you the zipper and how well the attachment worked, but well, there is nothing to see, which is the whole point to the invisible zipper foot.

Now the pattern showed the dress in two ways, the first way was with the big tie in the front. The pattern said to attach this in two pieces on either side of the zipper. I opted to leave it loose, so that I could wear it either way.

With or without?
The bow is quite big, but I quite liked it. It made it a bit different than something off a rack.
If you know me well, you will have already guessed that I will turn up at an event with it tied around my waist, and then half way through it will become a wrap.
How handy is that?
Do you sew?
It suddenly occurred to me that I was being thrifty by sewing fabric that was half price. Oddly, I was thinking about these things as I was passing by the shoe store in the mall. Small coincidence? Perhaps.
I haven't worn anything patent in quite some time and these pumps . .well, I liked them before I even tried them on. I decided to give my toes a break from the pointy toe heels that I've been purchasing in the last few years.

It was a bit of fun, being a model for a fashion shoot . . .especially since I have such a thing for the photographer . . . I offered to make dinner for him later. Such fun.
Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. The pattern company should give you a ring; you look better in that dress than the models did on the pattern cover. BRAVO!
    It looks great both way, although a side view might tip the scales one way or another.

    You are brilliant to make the tie big enough to be either a tie or a wrap. Or if you find one of the massive patten leather belts, you could try wearing that and still have a wrap.

    Love heels, the rounded toe says "I'm so sweet and demure, this is just one teeny bit away from my old mary janes" then the heel says "NOT. Well, hello there, big boy! Wanna dance?"

    I can't find my invisible zipper foot. Need to go get a new one, so much easier to put in zippers with it. The tricky part is that sometimes it is so invisible if the zipper dangle matches too well, you swear the thing disappeared.

  2. I love it! The dress looks so good on you, and the shoes...SHOE LA LA!

  3. I am drawn to the first photo...but agree with Jill, the resident fashion diva...
    umm...me thinks you could wear a BAG and look fabulous, daaaah-ling!

  4. I think the dress looks gorgeous Lovella! And I prefer the tie used as a wrap. It looks much better! And more free and easy going. If it's tied it looks like you are more conservative and/or from the 80's or something.

    :)love the dress though!

  5. I love it either way - with the tie or without. I think it looks great and I so admire you for being able to sew the dress. I wish I could do that, and hopefully one day I will learn. I have sewn a few squares for my table, nothing to complicated, but its a start, right? I finally have computer access again, and let me say that I have been in withdrawal from your blog. I'm glad to be back.

  6. I like it either way, also. The pattern and style are good on you. My mother and sisters sewed but I forgot to learn to do that well...

  7. I keep thinking, I'm not always going to put in my two cents worth but you just make things too interresting. The dress looks like a fun dress to wear and you look great in it. Emphasizing the waist is coming back in! I had a bit of a funny thought the other day when I was at the mall, thinking, "I'm glad it happened before I hit my pudgy next decade -I can possibly still get away with this style that the generation before us enjoyed." Kind of fun to try a new look...now, about those high waisted jeans ... I don't know.

  8. My vote?
    I love the tie !! -- until after dinner -- then you take it off for comfort and wear it as a wrap!!
    You look lovely --- In the top photo I love how the wind is catching the tie and draping it for the photo!

    PS I agree with Jill...the pattern model had nothing on you!!!

  9. very cute and versatile - I like it both ways.

    you're clever - I can't sew at all. But I admire those who can.

    Your photographer is not too bad either :)

  10. Hey, I have been praying for those high waisted jeans to come back for last five years!
    My post C-section/hysterectomy tummy needs all the support it can get. Those low waisted numbers makes my abdomen pouch out like crazy.
    Let us all now bow our heads and agree in a quiet prayer for high waisted jeans to make a come back.
    Cuz you know, if two or more agree...

  11. Beautiful - you are an excellent model! I like it best with the tie, but it's a great idea to use it either way. I sew, but I have trouble fitting to my figure, and I have an odd figure! LOL

  12. Beautiful both ways, but simply divine with the tie!

    Love the shoes!

    I have new shoes too --- funky black sandals with --- "Nine West" (one of my fav brands) and so 'new' that they were still slippery to walk on and I had to scuff them up! Oh, did I mention? $3.50 at Goodwill! Yee-haw!

    I hope your date with the photographer was fantastic!

    :) LaTeaDah

  13. Gorgeous dress Lovella...either way you wear it...you look smashing! Love the shoes. Yes,that photographer deserves a special supper!
    Alas I don't sew..
    Jill I agree with you...high waisted (stylish) jeans should make a comeback for those of us with 'pouchy' problems!

  14. It turned out very beautiful Lovella.
    I'm currently trying to sew
    dresses for my daughter and niece for my wedding in a few months. I am not moving along as quickly as you though, as I have to alter an adult pattern to fit my daughter. My dining room has been turned into a permenant sewing room it seems.

  15. I think I can sew. I think I can sew. I think I can sew. Says FarmgirlCyn as she looks at her Goodwill purchased sewing machine. I actually have tried my hand at a couple of summer skirts which were, well, OK. This dress looks simple, yet fabulous on you. You go girl! And give the photographer a big kiss for taking such lovely shots of you!!!

  16. What a gift you have! Sewing and modelling. :) Beautiful dress and I love the shoes! Very stylish.

  17. Had to comment on the patent shoes! I just treated myself to a pair of new patent shoes. I haven't owned a pair since I can't remember when. I just love them - they are actually a black wedge with a strap and so comfortable! (From Famous Footwear)

    Anyway - I wore them today and I had duty at school. I felt like a princess as every single little girl commented that they LOVED my shoes and how pretty I looked. I felt completely on the level of my fellow ladies (to be) and yet, a lot like a proud 2nd grader with new shoes! It was a good day. :-)

  18. You look awesome in that dress Lovella! It suits you so well.
    I like with or without the tie... actually I'm being bold and leaning towards WITH the tie! I think it fits in with the fashion these days!
    By the way, those shoes are to die for... so cute :)

  19. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, I've decided I'm wearing it with the tie to the wedding in August, and I'll post a picture to prove it . . (with my man beside me) woo hoo.

  20. love it both ways...but the tie really shows off your teeny-tiny itty bitty waste!

    great job...though it looks hard to me.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    did the dress take long to sew?

  21. Oh thank you Kimmie . .I'm glad you can't look too close.
    It didn't take too long to sew, maybe and hour and a half cutting it out and maybe 4 -5 hours sewing . .I did it with lots of self made distrations in between.


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