This morning, I'm technically cleaning house, however I took a short sidetrack and ran down to the fruit stand, one country block from our house. I've been going there a lot lately. Fresh Cherries are in season, and we have already consumed our fair share.
Yesterday I was walking along the edge of our property where we planted a ornamental cherry tree that had attitude issues a few years ago.
Originally it had been planted along our driveway in Japanese Cherry Tree row, but it alone decided to neglect the flowers and sent out some wild branches. We uprooted the tree and planted it along side the ditch at the back with the other bushes and trees that have needed some time out from the general landscaped areas. This year I noticed that it must be feeling somewhat remorseful because it is sporting real cherries.
I tasted them and although they are scrawny and mostly pit, they provided a recent memory of the aforementioned fruit stand. I ran back to the house to get my camera to take a picture and gave the tree a cursory . ."well, that's an improvement over last year".
When I was little . .(I'm thinking I should have an abbreviation for that WIWL for as many times as you are forced to read that line) going to pick cherries was a regular part of our summer vacation. These two pictures are asking you to use your imagination, and yet I put them on because for me, they conjure up happy times of camping as a family.

I liked this photo. My dad is picking cherries and I think that might be my mom in the back side of the tree, but there are us kids, waiting for the cherries to be picked so the feasting can begin.
This morning I also stopped by my secret sour pie cherry house. I found it by accident last year. They have the most gorgeous dark red sour pie cherries. I was a week early. Good to know.
Last year I almost missed them. So, in a week or so, you will be treated to another one of my favorites. . . cherry perishky (pie by the yard). I could have convinced Terry to marry me on these morsels alone.
So, about the ice cream. Oh goodness, my mouth continually watered with the different suggestions. There are a few I want to try. We haven't finished our Rocky Road yet, but when we do, my ice cream machine will be churning up a storm. Hmm, where will I start?
Do you have a favorite cherry dessert?


  1. Is your Mom wearing a top that shows her midriff there? =)
    I love your old pictures! My parents didn't own a camera until I was probably a teen, so I don't have those kind of pictures ... only if my memory gets jogged. The "cherry memory" is one of a big Bing cherrie tree we had in our backyard. My brother didn't like cherries, but he liked climbing trees, so he would actually pick cherries for my sister and I. One of his rather rare acts of kindness.

  2. Anneliese, I think her midriff IS showing. I'm a little sad that she wasn't facing the camera with her face. I also see my cousin Carol so it may have been her mom.
    I just chuckled at the comment about your brother, oh boy.

    Wow, so you have no pictures of yourself doing things as a child, not birthday party pictures? That is so sad.

  3. The first time I picked a cherry was in Eugene Oregon when I was 16. Ruined me for life; store bought cherries are just, well, the pits. Son Jeff had cherry trees on his street, and I had a happy time gobbling cherries (all kinds!) on walk with him last summer. Forty years is a loooong time to go between tasting delicious tree ripened cherries.

  4. I love those pics...I don't have very many of me as a child either.
    My favorite cherry dessert other than eating them plain, would be cherry perishky...they are the best!!
    Never picked any off a tree and one day (I keep saying that) I want to go to "cherry country" and pick and eat to my heart's content!!

  5. Lovella, WIWL we had a cherry tree that had amazing cherries...Hmmmm, I wish I had some of them now. I'm with Jill, cherries are one fruit we never buy in the grocery store! Too yuck!
    Vic brought home a huge bag of wonderful cherries a week ago that he bought from a lady on the road side --she had just picked them herself that morning in the Okanogan.
    Cherry perschki- the best!

    You know, I thought that was your Mom in the picture but it could be Aunt Mary too...except I don't think Aunt Mary had that dark hair, did she?
    My mom would probably know which sister it was.

  6. I remember tasting cherries right off the tree when I was about 5 years old and we lived in Rhode Island when my dad was in the Navy. No more till we came to Canada in the summer of 2004 - a good 35 years or so! Now my daughter and I devour them every summer.

    My favorite cherry dessert is just plain old cherry pie - can't be beat with a big ol' scoop of ice cream on top!

  7. When I was little our whole family would go to a sour cherry orchard and pick usually about 100lbs of cherries. My mom would make a cherry concoction (sweet) with the whole cherries in it to sweeten tea (hot tea). We loved that cherry varenya. Your pictures remind me of our times under those trees! Blessings...

  8. We went camping once where some cherry pickers were staying. One of them stayed up partying all night (it was Christmas) so the other one gave us a small boxful of cherries to apologise. They were delicious. The best cherries I'd ever had and before that, I wasn't a fan of cherries.

    I do like this line: "This morning, I'm technically cleaning house, however I took a short sidetrack.." I think I've used it a time or 2 before. :)

  9. Cherries. Mmmmmm. I salivate at the mere thought of them. I have spent over $150 this season already in buying cherries. They are my favorite. The best thing about summers. I'd contemplate selling my first born for a bing cherry tree. No, really.

  10. Hi Lovella, thanks for sharing your cherry wonderful to live within reach of real cherries on a tree (are you laughing?) I once saw some cherry trees with ripe cherries on them while visiting my cousin in Washington state. They were so good. But for now I must make do with store-bought, sadly. Carolanne, for a second I was taken aback when I read your comment "it was Christmas" and cherries were in season; then I remembered you are in Australia. This opens up new possibilities - it is actually feasible to enjoy TWO cherry seasons in one year....! Yummy.

  11. I do love sour cherry platz!

  12. I'm amazed at the site of all those cherries dangling on the trees back then WYWL. I have had 2 mizzly cherries this whole cherry season and I love them!

  13. Wow. I've never had tree-picked cherries. List of things to do! YOu should definately add that to your "life resume!" Your whole life seems so idealic. If you needs an alternative blog title, it could be "Southern Living up North." Exquisite!

  14. Hi, Lovella. Love your site!!!!! Couldn't find the recipe for "cherry perishky (pie by the yard)". Could you post it, please. Thanks.


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